Nov 23, 2011

Before I put my gratitude list out there into the blogosphere.... here's something to wrap yourself in. If you like Hudson Bay Blankets, then you'll most likely appreciate this collection of outerwear found via FFFFOUND!

It's hard to top those coats, BUT this handknit Hudson Bay inspired blanket is worthy of swoonage. This is a project I am definitely going to tackle! Found via PurlBee - If you don't know how to knit or crochet and have been wanting to learn for a long time but have never had someone in your life to teach you...may I suggest <- This was THEE BEST resource for me during my senior year of college. I was knitting a dress for my senior thesis and there were so many times between 2 & 4am that I was feeling delusional from lack of sleep and needing major to the rescue!

Nov 21, 2011

Love "I didn't see it coming" by Belle & Sebastian:

But I love it EVEN MORE in this amazing & fun animation by Lesley Barnes! 
Lesley, I want to be your friend! ;)

I Didn't See it Coming from Lesley Barnes on Vimeo.

more work by Lesley, found via Handsome Frank

I can remember what life was like before facebook...but etsy..ohh I shudder to think! :{) lol

Check out this amaaaaaaaazing phone from Freeland Studios! If Jesse had an iphone, I would most definitely get this for Mr. Barrus for matches his personal style to a T!


I saw this child's garden basket one day on Etsy, and fell in love with it because of the handle.
found via AGK's Basketry. Have you ever tried making a basket? I want to learn someday...

Ever look on Etsy for shoes? This is a nightly ritual for me it seems.
 One can find  some real fancy treasure for the feet there. Like these ladies:

leather oxfords & ankel boots via Pantofica

or how about these?  cork oxfords from August Ballerinas

or these sweet and petite flats from ele handmade

lastly, I have had my eye on these simple comfy looking Chelsea ankle boots from Golden Ponies for sometime now but can't get myself to make the purchase... in the photo they look great but then in real life? Plus they are only $55...not too much of a risk I guess...If you buy a pair before me, do let me know how they fit and look! :)

As well as this leather satchel...isn't the color pretty and calming? It could be yours for only $55!

Nov 19, 2011

Thanks to Dominique [who left a comment] from Buenos Aires for introducing me to France Gall's "Ella Elle L'a!!! I have now listened to it 10 15 times straight, and still going! :-[) Thanks girl for sharing your favorite 80's song! The coolest thing about listening to this song was reading the youtube comments below the video...most in french, but there were two in english that explained the lyrics of the song: It's about Ella Fitzgerald's life. Which I new nothing about till last night. Her story is pretty amazing, check it out here.

Love this photograph of her. The hair, dress, and crown pin are fabulous.


I just recently came upon this watch by Uniform Wares via Esquire. 
Only $600... I just shed one single tear.
If I had $1,200 I would buy not one but TWO of these. 
One for me, one fore Jesse. TWINSIES! :-[)


On a waaaaay less exspensive note: Still loving my job! Did you just say to yourself "uhhh well I didn't really ask if you're still loving your job..."  *silence* mmmmm blushing embarrassment.... Well, let's just pretend you did then shall we? :[) Still loving the job and..

This glitter flower wreath vinyl is my latest vinyl I designed, this is soo addicting. I say this a lot: "I can't wait till we get a home of our own"...but really I can't so I can go to town with the vinyl decorating! Especially for a kid's room.  And yeah, colored my hair! I texted a pic of it to my little sister who already has this color and she texted back "welcome to the dark side, mom is gonna freak out!" lol Mom, please don't freak out. I say this because when I was 14 I dyed my long dirty blonde hair for the first time to a bright red/orange while my parents were in Hawaii. My mom was FURIOUS! I was now officially an "alternative" teenager! hahaha lol My parents had arrived back at the house from their trip at 4am in the morning. I remember this because I didn't fall asleep till they got home. I purposely put the hair color box on the kitchen table so my mom would have a reaction before actually seeing me.....oh did she EVER have a reaction. She literally wailed! Had I known my hair was that precious to her I totally would have buzzed it and sold it to her for $200! Anyways, come 2 hours later, 6 am in the morning...she barges into my bedroom and barks an order at me to come into the living room where she scolded me for an hour.  Moral to this story? Don't sweat the small stuff...because it's all small stuff. I can't wait to see what color m kids will put their hair [if they want to] because I will be right there doing it with we can be alternative together. Ahhh my poor mom.  Any freak out stories about your parents to share, or are you a parent that does freak out on little things? 

Nov 16, 2011

You know you're a dork [me] when you get goosebumps and cry a little every time you hear  O.M.D's song "Messages". I can't believe this song is 31 years old! What's your favorite 80's band or song???

and then "So in Love" ahhhhhh words cannot describe the passion I felt every time I blasted this on our huge gray boombox in the backyard while jumping on our trampoline and doing flips! I wish I was a teenager when this song came life would have been soo different! :-[) hehehe lol 

Holiday is coming....know what you're buying and/or making for everyone? I had mentioned that my friend Tilly and I are turning my apt. into a 1 day open house boutique. Here's some items to look forward too!

Birthday candle holders would make a fun little gift for your friend who likes to celebrate parties all the time! The would also be cute to get in a stocking if you ask me. :)) They are soooo easy, fun & inexpensive to make! To make about 10 takes 20 minutes. I forgot to mention in my tutorial that once you have made your little candle holder... BAKE THEM at 350 degrees for 15 min... AND THEN spray paint!

Nov 15, 2011

If you're an Arrested Development fan, nuff said!  
found via : le litter box

Last night I started painting a portrait of my friend Josh Brown. If you remember me mentioning Josh awhile back, it's because he was our wedding photographer. As a gift to him for Christmas I am painting and framing his portrait...[still a work in progress] - Portraits make some of the best gifts I think...where am I going with this? :-[)  If you want to give a special gift this year to your loved one, why not commission moi to paint it? My prices are simple and friendly:  $50 for a 5x7 and $75 for a 8x10. Animals definitely not excluded! :)

Nov 14, 2011

Always loving Kate Spade. :)

Nov 12, 2011

Nov 11, 2011

Just found out about this book "Roam" from Daily Candy this morning.

I am so intrigued. 

"Nelson is a three-legged beagle/poodle who travels the country on a quest to find his way back to previous owner Katey, the great love of his life. Alan Lazar, a platinum-selling musician/composer slumming as a debut novelist, writes in a way that is as joyous and sorrowful as a song.Original music from the author accompanies the charming portrayal of one loyal dog’s grand adventure — but he had us at beagle/poodle.

A story accompanied with music is such a neat idea.
It reminds me of They Must be Giants Book "Bed Bed Bed" that I gave to my friends years back when they had their first comes with four stories to read and four new songs... This came out in the songs are a little old now. :) BUT, click on the link above and you can get their book on Amazon for as little as a PENNY!  Which translates to, you could easily afford to buy 10 of these as Christmas gifts! :-[) 

 *p.s. the illustrations by Marcel Dzama are a favorite... Most of his work is pretty morbid [to me] but
I do love how his imagination works and the slight simplistic distortion of his characters.

Images found via Night Out with LHNA and Quimbys

Nov 10, 2011

The NCFYW, makes me do this: 

Trust want to click on that link. Get ready to be inspired. 

I was telling my co-worker yesterday about Jessica Hische [a REMARKABLE young typographer/illustrator] and that her latest blog post appropriately titled "The Dark Art of Pricing" , gives great advice on how to price your work for those designers out there [moi] who constantly find themselves getting themselves in a financial pricking pickle when it comes to freelance work etc. The comments her readers leave are just as priceless. Even if you're not some form of a designer but are perhaps someone who does hire them for any would be good for you to read so one can get a realistic feel as to where the designer is coming from.  I remember Jesse telling me awhile back that it feels like our society treats graphic designers [for instance] as a dime a dozen, and that the majority of people take designing something for granted. Something to think about....agree/disagree?

Jessica Hische:
Isn't she cute?! Doesn't she seem so approachable and friendly? :)

I love this answer from Jessica in response to a question about what advice she can give to women starting out in her field. However, I feel her answer is applicable to everyone. 

"Don’t make very rigid plans for your career. It’s good to have a plan, just don’t ignore all the happy accidents. Sometimes little opportunities happen along the way that make a big difference in your happiness and put you ultimately where you should be in your career."

I tend to crush on designers and/or musicians who evoke happy personalities all the time. It seems within the design world, that many a designer is focused more on looking "interesting" or cool as apposed to just really really happy being in their career and making a good living at it!

Like this photo for instance of Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen..with whomever. 
Don't you think they would seem easier to talk to or at least look like a fun pair of girls, had they been smiling? The handful of fashion shows I went to while living in New York really irked me for this reason. Everyone is always sooo serious and rarely smiling. I was always busting at the seems with giddiness to see new creations. I really love happy smiley people and actively seek them out as friends! A new friend I made at work who wears one probably 24/7 is Sarah...she is just darling! You can see why when you visit her blog. :) She really brings a light into the office.

Anyways...perhaps smiling is for the less cool?Or maybe it's not in style yet...maybe next fall smiling will be the new black? Either way, my smile is here to stay... and whether I look nerdy or not, i'm having fun! :-[)


On another note...this weekend I will be adding many links to my blog [a VERY overdue task] and if you are a reader who feels I don't know about your blog and you would like me to link it...shoot me an email and I will include you. :) Family & close friends, you will obviously be added! xo

Nov 9, 2011

Last night I broke out my annual winter reading material : 
Meaning, they now reside on my nightstand instead of on the book shelf out in the living room.
Little House, Little Women, & Jane Eyre are my very favorite "lady" books to read when old winter
comes a' creepin on in... I also fancy the Charles Dickens.
I wanted to share some of the book's illustrations...aren't they enchanting?

After pulling my books out, I then attempted to organize my work space yet again. <- This is a weekly ritual of mine since I am a professional mess maker. : / When organizing the desks, I put aside this special little treasure the sweet Vivi sent me [among other goodies] a few months back.  I know exactly what I will do with these friendlies... stay tuned! 

 And this little "remember" book is a favorite keepsake of mine. Full of random jot-downs, I was so happy to come across it again last night...I somehow managed to put it away in a box that hardly gets open...well you're back my friend..and just wait, tons of randoms will be entered in you shortly. :)  * p.s. that recipe was taken off a program [I forget which one] from the Food Network...sooo yummy! But to wait till summer to try that one....


Speaking of food:

I meant to blog about this a couple weeks ago. My girlfriend Angela got me this book as a belated birthday present. I LOOOVE IT! Aside from all the recipes that look so scrumptious to try, the photography is just as interesting and beautiful. You can pick one up for yourself HERE, and just starting at $11.40. Hot Dang!

But, Angela got this for me because I had mentioned wanting to do some canning with her...which I have only done with my mother growing up and didn't seem to absorb any of the process. This book, for me, takes away any of the high maintenance assumptions one might have about canning, making jams and chutneys. This holiday I am going to start with something simple and attempt the preserved lemons below. If you try it for yourself please tell me how it turned out! :)


and on that note of trying something new: 

+ this was one of the fonts/designs I created for Uppercase when applying for their graphic designer/illustrator position. 
It has become a favorite of mine. :) +

Nov 8, 2011

I have recently been obsessed with two things: 


You have probably heard of him: 
Ernest Greene of Washed Out - my favorite song:  Dedication

when you push the play button...wait about 5 seconds.

 and 2.

A look into many stylish ladies homes & closets... complete with question-ares. 
 I confess...I would love to be featured on this site.. :-]
It also makes me sooo excited for when Jesse and I have our very own house someday. 

A couple of my favorites...honestly though, pretty much all of them are favs. 

I love this one below because of her personality expressed...and her cute red lipstick! Reminds me of my 
funny friend and intern Tilly! <- Speaking of which...Tilly and I are working hard on a Christmas Pop-Up shop [ in my apt.] next month with awesome goodies to buy for holiday. Save your pennies folks!!! Srsly! :)


and finally: 

Last week my mom took my brother Paul and I out to dinner since he was in town, he lives in Jackson Hole, WY.  I suggested we go to Sea Salt, one of my favorite places to eat here in Salt Lake City.

This is what I ate...and shared the gelato with my brother...I can still remember the flavors of everything!

Nov 2, 2011

The design team and I at Uppercase Living, took some flying photos....mine is more like falling. :)

Nov 1, 2011

My moon costume: This was a lot of fun and a lot of glitter! There is glitter EVERYWHERE in our apt...and I am still finding it in my hair from Saturday and yesterday!  I wore my costume to work yesterday...most everyone was dressed up which made the day even more fun. Then a lot of my co-worker's kids came in late afternoon for trick-or-treating....the teeny tiny kids were so confused by what I was supposed to be. It was hilarious. One little girl thought I was a unicorn... so cute she was!  *p.s. Jesse says I was the night sky, since I wore a cloud and stars... I like that. :)

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