Aug 22, 2010

Friends & comrades! My boss Allison Dayton has yet again been chosen here in SLC for City Weekly's reader's choice for best jewelry designer! If you have not yet been to her site and checked out her items, I highly suggest you do! Her style is classic, cohesive and consistent, and there really is something for everyone and of every age! Allison truly is one of my favorite jewelry designers, and I am not just saying that because she is my boss! Truth!

So if you want to show your amazing support for Allison - please go HERE

Thanks everyone!
Last month, my things from New York FINALLY arrived!  I don't recall if I mentioned here on my blog about me keeping my things in storage for a year because I TRULY believed I would be back in NY after me year in Utah was up.  Well, if you can't tell from my blog posts...I have fallen madly in love with living in Salt Lake City and the people here that occupy this wonderful place! With that said, and thinking long and hard about my future, I decided to make a go of settling down here in Salt Lake City, at least for now.  So last month, I emptied my storage space at Manhattan Mini Storage and found some moving men [I can't remember the company's name now but I will post about them later, they were AMAZING and affordable for a cross country move!] and got my things to Salt Lake!  The day of their arrival was like Christmas! Opening all my boxes filled with all my children's books was like Christmas x 100! I have so much reading to catch up and my usual list of books that I started reading consistently every year 5+ years ago.  One of my very favorite author/illustrators is Beatrix Potter! I think it is safe to say she is a favorite among everyone! Right? I cannot imagine anyone not liking Beatrix Potter!  Well, once I got my bedroom all squared away and organized [pics of my gingerbread pad to come next week] I finally got started on my reading in the morning and at night.  First up, "The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter" book!  Starting Sept. 1st one of my most BELOVED books.... "The Little House in the Big Woods" <- THEE perfect quintessential book to start reading right as Autumn begins. ;)

Aug 21, 2010

Yeah.... so it is 2:27 am in the morning right now and I should definitely be in bed.  :/  Somehow I caught my second wind a half hour ago. Spending the night at my boyfriend Jesse's parent's place tonight and not too long ago we got here at 11pm and watched the movie "The World's Fastest Indian" ---well I should say Jesse watched it, I passed out in the first 10 min <- very typical of me.  However when he went to bed...I instantly woke up as soon as I entered the guest bedroom that I get to stay in every time I have spent the night. It has a fully functioning working computer with Photoshop and Illustrator! My computer is currently, yet again, on the fritz. Seriously, I cannot wait for the day when that is no longer an issue...basically I just have to get a new computer. My mac is 6 years old and counting... anyways, enough about that and back to me being awake right now.  Well as usual, I did the nightly checking of my email/facebook/blog run etc.  And on Once Wed I came across this super cute site Lovely Clusters and then through that site I came across THIS!!!!! >>> Romancing The Bling <<< First of all, LOVE THE NAME! Second of all, fake diamond jewelry anything makes my heart skip a beat!  How amazingly beautiful and fabulous are these ladies!?

p.s. Since I will be around a working computer this weekend, look for a couple more posts! Nighty! ;)

Aug 17, 2010

 New York wedding photographer! Joshua's images have this warm crispness and seem to grasp those real life moments in the best light possible! I love it when people hire true professional photographers for special events, particularly weddings, but it is even cooler if you can afford to hire someone to shoot less high profile events like a piano recital, first tennis match, a play in school, or just working on projects like building a custom bike or something.  Just a thought. ;)

Visit Josh's site to see more high res photos!

Aug 13, 2010

Recently saw on The Selby the home of writer Glenn O'Brien who is also a creative director,  Gina Nanni - a public relations executive and their son Oscar, an artist....of course! :)

They live in:


Their house is very modern inside and out. I prefer the modernity to stay inside for me with a Tudor/Bungalow/Cottage on the outy out.

There aren't a lot of interiors of homes that strike me enough to want to mimic everything...this home, comes pretty close.  My favorite interior color palette is white/cream/gold/silver/honey mixed with blond woods & THEN pops of muted primary colors!  This family does a terrific job of combining all those. A very modern Scandinavian aesthetic. My favorite!

White floors = swooning over here RIGHT NOW!

cool boys room!

I want to have a family photo like this one day. :)

One of the greatest things on earth.... being married to your best friend!
and an outdoor pool like this who could complain about that?!

Aug 12, 2010

Back in the year 2000, I started nanny for two AWESOME girls, Annie & Emily! They were 7 and 9 when I started. Here is a photo of Annie and I...this was the night of her first dance, I made that top she is wearing for her "special" night. hehehe lol...oh the days of first dances.

This past January, Annie and Emily's parents flew out to New York for a Christmas present to hang out with them. One of the best presents I have ever received! This is Emily, me, and Annie at Cafe Lalo on the Upper West Side!
Annie and I are now hoping on our bikes to cruise around Salt Lake City for the day!!! I think I should start giving tours of this city/no?

I think flowers and bikes go perfectly together, like in this photo here of these two girls. The cutest. Found via corbis

Aug 11, 2010

My friend Laura took this photo of me two months ago? Funny picture of me right? :/ Well, at the time it was fun...but now for some reason when I see this photo, all I can think about is how I have the worst tendency to ALWAYS take on more than I can handle. About an hour after that photo was taken, all those sparklers spilled out of my vest...go figure. This last month has been a huuuuge eye opener for me. Lately I feel like I have been disappointing people one after the other. And honestly, I have. It is weird, but somehow I could do soo much all at once when I was in school. I think it was because of the fear of getting flunked by my teachers. Even though Parsons fashion faculty will say that they don't weed people all reality they do, and they have to. I think having that fear always in the back of my mind somehow developed some kind of work-aholic adrenaline. All I know now is that I am now 29 years old and no longer have that crazy in the head stamina. I have thought about it long and hard these last couple weeks and have realized that in order for me to GET IN ORDER, I need to start saying no to a lot of projects, freelance work, sewing favors, etc. Yep...I think I am gonna start getting selfish pretty soon and start putting more efforts into my endeavors, speaking of which...a couple rough drafts I have for some childrens books. These guys aren't gonna go and publish themselves. So my friends, come Sept. 1st you will be seeing more of my bloggy blogness, more Roxy Marj items for sale, more random advice for free. Basically, you will be seeing a lot more of me. And that is a promise I WILL NOT BREAK! xo

p.s. any advice on multi-tasking for the non-diagnosed a.d.h.d lady? :(

Aug 2, 2010

Folks! My boss Allison's website Allison Dayton goes live tonight! We are soooo excited for her new site and can't thank miss Jenny Kwok of Cut x Paste for designing an AWESOME website! We love you Jenny, you did an amazing job! xo

Random fashion sketch for today...
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