Nov 30, 2009

Just finished painting this portrait of Bjorn the Woodsman and a coupon for tonight's service auction that I am going to held at my church. Donating the painting and a custom self portrait. :) I like the painting a lot and think I may use it for my Christmas cards this year.

Nov 24, 2009

Just finished my cottage series for my portfolio... Each painting is up for sale in my SHOP >>> Heading to Alpine now for Thanksgiving! :) Everyone have an awesome and safe holiday! xo >>> roxy <<<

These redesigned shoes by Zana Bayne are sooooo fabulous!!! I am truly inspired!!!!
>>> All for the Mountain <<<
love their jewelry, love their advertisments.
found via sailorette

>>> Devendra Banhart <<<
>>> this guys got some good taste <<<

Nov 23, 2009

+ This is the Armstrong Mansion Bed & Breakfast, my place of occupation as of right now. Yesterday I had to work at the B&B [which was the total pits! I DO NOT LIKE WORKING ON SUNDAYS!!!] and miss going to my ward at church... however, to make up for my sadness...It snowed a heavy snow + it was soo pretty! My bitter feelings towards the mansion quickly dissolved once I stepped outside and admired its night time beauty. Doesn't this place look so cozy? It is. :)

+ Next morning >>> 7:00 am of pure white goodness! I looooooove Utah in the winter!

+ to commemorate this morning's snowfall, I made some "Gourmet" Stuffed French Toast! This was my first attempt and it turned out sooo good! Having Stuffed French Toast with just cream cheese is just as good, but I decided to go all out today.

+ mix 2 eggs and 3 tablespoons of heavy cream in a dish large enough to fit toast for dipping. Sprinkle in some pumpkin spice and/or cinnamon >>> dip the toast : all sides too!

Nov 21, 2009

Portfolio hiatus : so far so good. I feel like I have accomplished a lot in this past week. Here stands my "Traveling Salesman by Day / Gold-miner by Night" character that I finished painting yesterday... I still have not found a name for this guy...any ideas? Keep in mind, he is from Eastern Europe, has an accent and talks with a lisp!

Last night I was painting a mini mural of some mountains to go above me and my sisters bed [below is a picture out of my recent book purchases from the thrift store " Scenic Wonders of America" which gave me most of my inspiration]...this was getting me so excited for the real snow to come... Last Saturday, Salt Lake City had its first snowfall >>> and I got a little footage of it...

Nov 18, 2009

One of the artists on my 50 song play-list is Willie Nelson. :) Love him love the song "The City of New Orleans"

Nov 16, 2009

Today I officially started my month long hiatus from the "Social" world... I have a lot of work to complete for my portfolios for grad schools and want to spend as much time on them as possible! All through school I had 1-3 month music obsessions where I just listened to a handful of songs over and over again.....and so now when I listen to certain songs I am instantly taken back to the season, smell, & feelings I was going through at that is amazing how music can do that! So I want to do the same for my hiatus...I want to look back a couple years from now and be completely reminded of the apt. I was living in, the clothes I was wearing, the bodysoap & perfume I was using and especially what was going through my mind while working on my art right now. I have made a substantial play-list for myself and will only listen to these 50 songs over and over again till Dec 19th, and I have included it for anyone else who wants to join in as well... :) +enjoy+

Music Playlist at

Nov 13, 2009

Last night when riding my bike home from work I stopped at Smith's grocery store to get some toilet paper. But let me rewind a couple hours back first. Picture me in the Bed & Breakfast kitchen making cinnamon rolls & getting irritated because of the INSANE draft that is in the my "bummness" kinda starts a trail of "feeling sorry for myself thoughts" which then makes me think of my best friends back East and how I miss everyone and wondering when will I see them again.... okay, now back in Smiths, got my toilet paper and as I am going to pay for it, I pass the magazine isle... I decide to stop and look through some magazines but hesitate because it is 11:30 pm and I NEED TO GET HOME! But I stop, and pick up Dwell... I quickly flip through it and come across an advertisement that caught me eye. This advertisement is for Parsons School of Design... Parsons is not what caught my eye because I just graduated from Parsons in May, it was the picture in the background! The picture is of a black organic pod formation that my best friend Ken came up with for this project that his architecture firm he works for called Matter, was doing for the ICP [International Center of Photography, in Manhattan] There were other pods throughout the ICP, and set up in a way to seem like they were seeping out of the walls. What is cool about this project though is that that is how Ken and I met, over 3 years ago. I helped make those pods. :) I am assuming that Parsons has permission to use that ad because Alfred who is co/owner of Matter Practice teaches in the Architecture dept.

So Best friend sighting #1 happens...and then after deciding to purchase Dwell [I don't think Ken knows about his design in the magazine] my eyes behold the last copy of Surface magazine! Robert, my other best friend told me a week or so ago that a couple of his pieces would be in this month's issue! Best friend sighting #2!!! Life is so funny, and random! How is it that I am standing there in the kitchen at work, sulking, missing my friends and then 3 hours later "run" into them in the magazine isle...even if it is in paper form. However, I still am wondering when will I see them. :)

also: Bessie Afnaim who is also featured here, was in me and Robert's class of 2009 graduates as well. Her work is really beautiful and since graduation she has been working with Donna Karan, which is perfect for her because that is always who comes to mind when I think of Bessie.

Ken's organic pod formation, this also got some great recognition in the New York Times!

Nov 12, 2009

These last couple o' days have been a little stressful. I will be going on a month long or more hiatus starting this coming Monday. I have 2 months to get everything done for my portfolio for grad schools...and I have decided that the best way for me to do that is not go out [except for work, church, grocery, post, Alpine] for awhile... sooo I have been trying to get super organized this week in preparation for next. While going through everything I found one of my mole skin sketchbooks that I started back in the spring....this drawing that I did back in May made me laugh. :)

Nov 10, 2009

Lovely Swedish band

Music Playlist at

I have a new blog folks: for kids only though....sorry guys :/

Poco Rojo...which means Little Red in spanish...someone already has ownership to :( anyways "Little Red" is dedicated to all my children's books that I have collected over the years...and then there occasionally be my children's illustrations as well. :)

Nov 9, 2009

Just found out about Imogene + Willie now via Secret Forts <> listen to the song below <> Loving that more and more shops like these are popping up everywhere!

I want this lil kid's sweatshirt! I love plus signs and love drawing them. :)

Imogene & Willie from johnmoessner on Vimeo.

Nov 8, 2009

Trying to figure out the right kind of cottage Gold-digger should be living in... I like these so much that I think I will do a gigantic painting of all the cottages, and in this color palette.
This past Wednesday I got to spend the day in Provo with my friend Greg <> together we are working on a having a joint show for spring 2010. Before arriving at Greg's ceramic studio, I caught my shadow.

In studio...after a long days work. I think my face looks funny in this picture and I don't recognize this "new" look I am giving...that is because earlier that morning I got my invisalign put on... I now have tons of new facial expressions to show off, but for now - they're in my back pocket.

Had to do some preliminary sketches of Gold-digger before actually painting him on the bowl...forgot what he looked like.

For those of you who know me, you know I like beards and mustaches and gapped teeth...I combined the two loves and gave Gold-digger a gapped beard! Brilliant, no?

One of our pieces before getting fired.

Nov 6, 2009

JUST finished painting >>> I am behind on a lot of painting lately...been working the B&B here folks :/

Nov 4, 2009

Beautiful handmade rug : found HERE

Nov 2, 2009

I NEED me sum o' dees! +++++

AND Yeah... I need to start having children YESTERDAY for this very reason! This piece of cuteness can be found HERE

I dunno why I dunno why BUT... I WANT THIS!!! >>> HERE <<<
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