Jul 30, 2009

working on a series of bird paintings right now...

Jul 27, 2009

Something nice to think about today. :)

Jul 25, 2009

Yesterday was "Pioneer Day" here in Utah [a state holiday] met up with some friends at night and watched some great fireworks in Liberty Park, then afterwards we rode our bikes to Denny's... When riding back home after "dinner" I was trying to think of the last time that I ate at Denny's....it was 6 years ago when Hiro [my ex-husband] and I were in Japan! Their version of Denny's is A LOT different than the states...and the time before that...was 3 years back >>> when I was living in Provo..my roommate and I use to go there often for late night breakfasts! ohhhh...Utah. :)
I love lions and tend to draw them a lot...probably because of their mane? Anyways, here are some images that are beautiful graphically AND have lions in them!

Jul 24, 2009

Got to see M.WARD perform last night at Salt Lake City's Free Twilight Concert Series [Land of Talk opened for him] Ward's performance was AWESOME! If you have the chance to see him in concert, I suggest you go! :)

Jul 22, 2009

Pieces from Philip Lim's Resort Collection that I am in love with....along with the backgrounds for Peter Jensen's :)

The background reminds me of Judith Viorst's "Alexander" books

Jul 21, 2009

oof. I need more dresses in this 100 degree weather! :/ Spring Sale over at BUILT BY WENDY

Jul 20, 2009

Jul 19, 2009

Browsing CORBIS this morning and came across this lovely painting by a 19th-century American Painter :1860: [doesn't say who] :/ >>> did my own digital version of it.... would like to be wherever this is right now, eating my weight in fruit!... another 99 degree day ahead of us!

Jul 17, 2009

Last week was the kick off to Salt Lake City's >>> FREE <<< Twilight Concert Series! Bon Iver and Jenny Lewis played! Both were fantastic! :) Did a lil "drawing" of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver below. Last night's concert was Human Highway and The Black Keys!! Both were awesome and next week is M. Ward!!! :) Soo excited!

Jul 14, 2009

Two of my favorite things coming together >>> David Hockney & Children!
Spring 2008 Milk Mag. [Japanese]
Love this spread >>> colors, clothes, display etc.

Jul 13, 2009

Roxy Marj prints digitized. :)

Jul 10, 2009

New ROXY MARJ items... Click HERE to shop.

Jul 8, 2009

Just found this photographer ABBY TRY AGAIN via BEE DESIGNS via COLOUR + SOUND >>> in l<3ve <<<

My art show that I had at the end of May in Prospect Park, was 50 paintings of different characters I have come up with in the last year or so... one of them "The Traveling Salesman by Day/Gold-digger by Night" is one that I am starting to elaborate on more right now. Currently in the process of working on a new show that is centered mainly around him and his daily travels, finds, sales, schemes etc. oh, and also he has a lisp..which makes him even more endearing! :)

Jul 7, 2009

Got this book yesterday: inspired and in looove! The colors, basic shapes, and silly projects are all so great!

new cards in the house! :)

Jul 6, 2009

Riding my bike without my helmet is something you would have NEVER seen me do...in New York City...however, since moving to Salt Lake..there has been a change..riding around is so much freer and faster and smoother..so I stopped wearing my helmet..but then last week when riding my bike home from the movies after a crazy rainstorm..I hit some rocks mixed with wet roads while looking at some cool shops which ended in me almost getting into a horrible crash. Lesson learned. :(

My sister Mari and I went on a bike ride last night up around the Avenues. Gorgeous. The houses are sooo gorgeous, my pictures don't do them justice! Looking forward to going on walks around there once Fall arrives. :)

this last photo reminds me so much of the movie "Benny and June" which was filmed in Spokane Washington [2 hours from where I grew up] the lighting of that movie was an exact match of the lighting last night...sooo pretty..you know how fonts have names...I think lighting should have names too.... :)
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