Jul 11, 2016

This past Sunday, I spent a good part of my morning and afternoon listening to some inspiring and uplifting TED talks. I specifically sought out talks on creativity and education.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sir Ken Robinson

"Do schools kill creativity?"

"How to escape education's Death Valley"

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Diana Laufenberg

"How to learn? from mistakes"

Jun 9, 2016


Last night we met some good friends for dinner in Sellwood - we passed some pretty foliage on our way to the restaurant [Gino's...really yummy food!] I want to be more vigilant about sharing my inspiration here on my blog...like the Roxy Marj Blogger good old days... ;-P It's always fun to draw or paint flowers and leaves that you see, but it's also rewarding to use them as less literal inspiration, i.e. furniture or fashion design. Nature always amazes me, I see something new every time.

Caught Harley snoozing on our bed pillows. He actually use to do this ALL THE TIME when we first got him from Jesse's dad...and then he stopped all of a sudden when we moved to Brightwood [?] but yesterday I couldn't find him, and he snuggled his way in between our pillows, face covered, passed out. Harley will be 14 years old in Sept. or Oct. ? and he still has loads of energy! 

Last Saturday we made a day trip to Bend to look at homes, we were supposed to go this coming weekend but considering our house in Brightwood sold in just 4 days we needed to find something ASAP. Our realtor showed us homes all afternoon and then we found one we really loved, that night driving back home we made and offer and then come Monday morning Jesse and I had a pit in our stomachs about that not being the right house....SOOO..we called our realtor and asked if we could  retract our offer and drive back down [2 hr. drive] and have her show us some homes that afternoon...Gail, our realtor has been awesome! She welcomed our spontaneous decision and showed us more homes that afternoon...and we found 2 that were a much better fit for us with a better price point/ investment opportunity. We chose our favorite house and just to be sure of our decision, we stayed the night in Bend and did another walk through the following morning.  I love these two pics of Harley and I... I took them while we were waiting for Jesse... I feel like our expressions convey exactly how excited we are to move to a place that has a happy medium of mountains close by, great outdoor/art/dog lover scene and with some of the upscale city life that I have missed so much.  

We found out today that our offer was accepted and we should be moving to Bend by mid July.  The last 7 months living in Brightwood have been really hard for me. Lack of sunlight, 1 hrs. drive from Portland, not close to friends or good food/entertainment/shopping and then just getting anywhere you have to drive on Highway 26 which isn't bad when the weather is normal...but freezing rain during the winter had me cooped up inside way more often than I had hoped, and i'm a homebody!

However, with all that said...this year by Mt. Hood has been one that was supposed to happen...both Jesse and I believe even more now.  Bend was not on our radar whatsoever, and we feel that it took us moving to Brightwood to find Bend...so for that reason, I will always hold this place dear to my heart. Now, I know i'm speaking too soon considering we haven't even lived there yet, but when I fall head over heals in love with a place [like I did with NYC when I was 17] I KNOW I will love it.  It really is a gem of town that more people [like ourselves] are tapping into, and I'm really glad we're getting in while we can still afford it. :] Lastly, it's a place where I feel safe enough to ride my bike around and get a motorcycle to ride side by side with my husband... Yes i'm only 5'4", yes i'm petite, but if I can ride a bike in between cars in New York City on a regular basis, I think I can handle a motorcyle. ;-]

Many of the homes in Bend Oregon are soooooo sooo charming! And many of them are way over our budget! Ha! :-[) Like $,4- 500K over  but it's fun to dream and be inspired by the area that you live in.

The park downtown...and this river, yeah...you can float it on the evenings and weekends in your inner tube, or kayak, or paddle board, and it's clean..... see why this place is so charming?

We stopped by the library Tuesday morning to hopefully get a glimpse inside, but it wasn't open yet...however, Jesse seeing the fish sculpture....took it as a sign, he is meant for this place.

One of the best finds i've discovered close by [in Welches, just 10 min away] is the most amazing massage therapist/esthetician  Her name is Victoria Montgomery and she owns Glow "Mt. Hood Massage"  I've been getting facials ever 6 weeks or so for the past year and a half now, and you really can't help but compare each massage therapist/esthetician and Victoria is by far the best I have ever had [as well as her full body massage!] I plan on driving the two hours just to continue seeing her, that's how good she is.  Victoria recently introduced me to Evan Healy's product line, specifically her clay masks [what she uses in her facials] and I love that you use the tiniest bit of clay, add a tablespoon of water and brush it on, easy/effortless/chemical free.  Do this twice a week for a better complexion.

and lastly, relating to skincare....sunscreen. I did this illustration today out of a weird desperation to work through some artist's block i'm having on a couple side projects. I somehow was able to produce these new characters, which have nothing to do with what I need to be working on right now. :/ Annnyways, don't forget your sunscreen, take care of your skin, and go get a facial! 

May 29, 2016


One third of the way through this book: "How Artists Work - Daily Rituals" 

You get quick bites into the lives of some of history's most famous artists...easy read, odd and inspiring details and completely motivating for anyone who works in the creative field. 

Got a little bit of painting in the other day, redrawing some characters etc. Getting warmed up again after a few weeks break. It's sooo risky to take that much time off from something you love, at least that's my feeling. I don't like having to force myself "to get back into the groove" all over again, it's always so awkward the first day or two.  However, life happens and sometimes you're forced to take breaks...like getting our house ready to put on the market.

With that said, we FINALLY put our house up for sale this past Friday. I really hope our home goes to a nice owner who will make a good neighbor. I will be sad to say goodbye to our neighbors... the Timberline Rim community we live in has been nothing but good to us. You can view our house on zillow.com under Rhododendron, OR. It would make a wonderful starter/retirement/vacation home.

The other thing that has delayed work and social media usage was me and Jesse's trip to Hawaii. It was our first "real" vacation together, meaning we weren't going for an event, we weren't visiting family or friends...we went just for us. We both made a conscious decision to not be on our phones, not be on social media and not feel the insanely weird urge to share our trip, or how much we love one another.

Much of our conversation during our vacation [and still after] was about what kind of life are we living right now and are there things we can change to make it better, or why [seriously WHY??] like so many others, do we feel it necessary to share so much? Jesse and I both laughed at how silly it is that we feel like nowadays, if we don't share pics of the other on birthdays or holidays or vacations then oh my gosh, what will people think!? LAUGHING OUT LOUD RIGHT NOW GUYS!

And I confess, a huge part of me wanted to share pics of us smiling together on our hike, our kayak trip, swimming in the ocean etc. all because of whatever insecurity I have inside that feels like if I don't then everyone is going to think we didn't have fun, or that I don't love my husband or that my husband doesn't love me. ;-p Don't get me wrong, I understand that family and friends just want to stay in the loop and stay connected...as do I. BUT, before there was social media...it wasn't all radio silence people found ways to stay connected...rememeber? Yeah, i'm still laughing about how weird all of this is...

 So... like what many of my friends and some family members have already been doing, living life through life, not through their phones...this is now my full time pursuit.  Sure i'll still share snippets on instagram [my occasional blogging is not included]...it will mostly be work related stuff, but if you're dying to know whether or not I still love my husband not only on his birthday, or Christmas or our Anniversary then I guess you'll just have to call me, write me or maybe just maybe we can meet up for lunch and meet face to face and I will tell you all. Yeah? YEAH!

Because i'm a tease, here is one pic from our trip to Hawaii...this was our second day I think, just before the sun was setting... I'll let you decide our feelings for each other....and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Apr 29, 2016

Because I haven't done a "real" blog post in the longest time... and the reason being, I make excuses for not having enough time. Which is never true, we all have time for things that are important to us, which means that blogging has become less important over the years. However, in my heart and soul I still love it, I still want to do it, and because it has been a habit that I have broken...I need to figure out a way to get back into it without it being such an overwhelming ordeal. Overwhelming, meaning I make it take longer than what it really should. So I figure if I just write some quick bullet points every day, or every week on things that i've seen, heard, tasted, whatever...that's an easy way to get back into the swing of things. And this new print of mine "Haste Makes Waste" is a perfect platform to get the ball rolling don't you think?  I incorporated flowers in this illustration because flowers take time to grow, and I purposely flipped the S on waste - referring to going so fast on this design that I didn't even notice the mistake, but the mistake is there on purpose. Get it? When I explained it to my husband he seemed a little puzzled... anyways, that's my reasoning. 

So, the lately:

- We are putting our house up for sale [hopefully next week] and moving down to Bend, OR. 

- We want to be closer to good food, people, entertainment and lots of sunshine

- We have been binge watching Unbreakable, Kimmy Schmidt...trying REALLY hard to spread the episodes out this time. Ironically, the first season came out this same time last year [well in March] as we were getting ready to move here to Oregon, and finishing up some home projects on our house. So it's a little deja-vu to say the least. And I've woken up 4 nights this week in a row with the Unbreakable theme song running through my head, it's actually unbearable...and annoying, but the show is hilarious! :-[) 

- I've been off my thyroid [levothyroxin] medication for 9 weeks now and still feeling awesome! This is actually a whole week's worth of blog posts that will happen once I hit my 3 month mark of being off of medication. I've been trying many natural self healing methods and they have been working so well with almost instant results. I have been taking pictures of everything so when I'm ready to share my research, anyone dealing with similar issues will have a plethora of information to glean from. 

- Last night Jesse and I went and saw The Jungle Book [directed by Jon Favreau] the movie was fantastic and even better than I had imagined, brought back a lot of good childhood memories of listening to the Disney version on tape and jumping on my bunkbeds with my little sister and older brother. Kids jumping on beds is the funniest thing, how can parents ever get mad at that? :-p 

- This coming Monday I am launching my new Spring/Summer 2016 collection. I've worked so hard on this...I have so many ideas, I want to make all of them, but financially it's just not smart, so edit edit edit... which took me longer than I had wanted to...but the end result is a super cute collection! 

xoxo  Roxy 

Apr 28, 2016

So I am giving away another one of a kind quilt! Yeehaw! This design is inspired by my someday dream to own a cafe, I would call it Cold Cake Cafe, after my love for refrigerator temp cake. There would be a bounty of desserts supplied by different bakers, and the atmosphere would of course be cozy, with an Art Deco/Moroccan aesthetic, jazz playing in the background and the menu would be small, but every week it changed!

 Over on my instagram fee: @roxymarj you can find details on how to win this quilt. The deadline is actually tomorrow, but you still have time to dream up your cafe or bakery of your dreams. Use the hashtag rmsweetspacegiveaway for your entry. Judging will be based off of creativity. Good luck, and I hope whoever wins this quilt will take good care of it... I feel like i'm letting go of a child or something... I mean it did take me about 40+ hrs to birth the thing! 

This quilt was hand painted on muslin using my own illustrations 
with organic cotton batting on the inside. 

The illustrations of desserts include cake, ice cream sandwiches, pie, [all with cherries or cream on top]  hot cocoa/coffee and a fizzy drink AND oranges which happen to be silver on the quilt. 

cold cake cafe "bathroom" wallpaper 

Mar 22, 2016

G  -  I  -  V -  E - A - W - A - Y

up for grabs:

Roxy Marj hand painted one-of-a-kind Heirloom Quilt.

Since running my business full time for the past 4 years, we've accumulated quite the fabric scrap pile. Some scraps are just too tiny to save and do anything with, but the larger pieces need some sort of home.  I've been wanting to make one of a kind quilts and random plush items with the extra fabric, and finally I am making a go of it! I would love to make something special like the quilt below every few weeks and give it away.... here's to hoping I can keep this up. ;-p 

The pattern for the quilt was inspired by one of my spring 2016 prints I designed:

"Flowers in Pieces" 

The design was inspired by my childhood of picking my neighbors flowers with my friend Jessie Wells [if you're reading this Jessie, remember how we would pick all the neighbors flowers, then leave them on their doorsteps, ring the bell, run away and watch them open the door? :-[) We thought people would be so happy to see their flowers picked for them, but we soon learned that excitement was anything but... uh-oh! ] I love how children are instantly attracted to flowers, wanting to pick them and then pick them apart, the leaves, the stems, the petals and pollen... that childhood memory lent itself to this print. So something did eventually come from picking apart flowers. ;-p 

The quilt:

The front and back are both bleached white muslin. This will have a somewhat "rough" feel to it, but one of the reasons I love muslin so much is because just after the first wash, the fibers become so soft and the weave tighter, then it just gets softer and softer from there. You can totally wash this in your washer, DO NOT wash in your colors load, wash in your whites load. The paint will not come off and get onto your other items, it has been heat set. The trim of the blanket is a black stripe painted on unbleached muslin... lastly, the top stitching was done with some black and white butchers twine. Normally I used crochet thread for this, but I ran out...and the butchers twine ended up being a happy accident! The quilt is 36" x 36" square. I recognize this is a more "feminine" looking quilt, and so the next one I plan on making a more boyish design...and just going back and forth, or gender neutral...basically whatever the mood i'm in for. :] If you love this quilt as much as I do.... then scroll down to get the questions you need to answer to win this quilt! Good luck! 

To win the above quilt, you need to answer these 5 questions, 
and the answers HAVE to be in the order of the questions. If you know the answers already, then that's amazing and we should be best friends...or maybe we already are best friends? :-[) BUT, if you don't know them...you can find the answers on our website: roxymarj.com in some of the product listings...the answers will be in color. 

1. What year was Roxy Marj originally est.? 

2. What were my Alphabet Girls ABC coloring book inspired from? 

3.  On my 2008 Thanksgiving day blog post, I made a plush item. What did I name that item?

4.  I majored in Fashion at Parsons School of Design in NYC, but what was my emphasis?

5.  2 weeks after graduating from Parsons I moved to Salt Lake City, couldn't find a job in the design field....so I sucked it up, swallowed my pride and got at a Bed & Breakfast making $8.50 an hr. It righteously sucked...all my friends had these jobs in the fashion industry...and I was working at..... What was the name of the place I worked at for 9 months? 


1. When I moved to Salt Lake City, on the side of my retarded job, read above. I re-opened my etsy shop. The item below was one of the items I had for sale in my shop... if you can tell me the name of this plush girl, you will get an extra Roxy Marj item with the quilt...and trust me, it's pretty great!  <- answer="" be="" blog="" etc...="" etsy="" find="" gotta="" it="" my="" nbsp="" not="" on="" our="" p="" pinterest="" search="" this="" website...to="" will="" you="">

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