Jan 27, 2009

Jan 22, 2009

Came across this Swedish band the other day! Every single song on their latest album is absolutely wonderful...so much so, that I was excited to wake up today to listen to it again and again! :)

Jan 21, 2009

Found this book at Anthropologie the beginning of Dec I think. Soo soo cute! The illustrations and story is completely adorable! ;)

Roxy Marj flower decals >>> $12 for a pack of 5 <<< shop romawinkel or go to Sodafine Boutique in Brooklyn!!! :[)

a favorite thing of mine to do is making mixes for friends and family!!! Back in my groove again.... :)

Jan 17, 2009

My good friend Erin [pictured], who knits and crochets very well and who is also the owner of Sodafine Boutique here in Brooklyn, is helping me [ A LOT!] with one of my pieces for my thesis collection. It has been great working with her and listening to the feedback she has been giving me that will make my jacket look even cuter! Cannot wait for when we complete it! Thanks again Erin! xo :) check back for more updates on this project!

Jan 10, 2009

Jan 7, 2009

click on Valentines to make larger! :)

click here for fred flare

Jan 2, 2009

I remember when Simple shoes came out and really liking them...I was 13 or 14 ? but after a couple years they started to look really gimmicky and bulbous to me... and still kinda do.. :/ BUT! I just ran across these two pair that caught my eye... "simple", clean, nice color palette. :) shop HERE

Jan 1, 2009

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