Dec 19, 2008

huge fan of Henri Vibskov... wish i could buy everything of his... :/

Dec 17, 2008

Dec 16, 2008

One of my good friends Erin owns a great boutique in Brooklyn called Sodafine... full of unique clothing and accessories. Erin is a huge advocate for all things organic and does a awesome job at stocking her shop full of organic/sustainable items. One of my most favorite things she has there, which by the way I am going to go buy this Friday, is her all natural scented perfume oils, my favorite is peony... shop HERE to see what I am talking about. :)

Dec 15, 2008

Last year I scored myself THEE cutest little, well not little..big little red wool vintage Eskimo jacket, with a coyote fur trimmed hood to boot. Super cute seal and Eskimo applique all around the coat. One of my favorite things that I own in my wardrobe. But.. I was just now surfin ebay for any of you out there who would want a cute Eskimo jacket as well and I came upon the gorgeous one pictured above.
You can snatch up that coat on ebay at Desert Vintage, I just checked and it is still there for only $68 or Best Offer!!! good luck! :)

Dec 5, 2008

Dec 4, 2008


Why haven't I seen these guys in concert yet?!?!? :/

leggings <3 :)

Dec 3, 2008

faces come out in the rain - The Doors

looooove this guys shirt....just came across this image from one of my old magazines...and this picture instantly struck me. I am finishing one of my wool jackets right now for my thesis collection and luckily the muslin of it has turned out so well that I can wear it for myself...I think I gotta incorporate this look somehow into it.... to be continued.... :)

random doo daa

* tsumori chisato *

Dec 1, 2008

Nov 29, 2008

Ahhhh...haven't really posted so much this week so I am gonna do a GRAND SLAM all at once of everything I meant to post. :) YEE HAW!

My sister Sarah just got back from Arizona and brought back these two Abuelita items! She scored them at the Walmart there, of all places too! I loove the Abuelita chocolate for making homemade hot cocoa that comes in the disk shape...The family I use to babysit for introduced me to it years back...but my favorite way to use it is in cookies!!!! :) heee!

found this book in an antique mall back in Sept. while visiting family in Utah... cute story and cute pictures, would make a great gift! :)

Something else I picked up at that antique mall was this precious old photo of this couple! I have it taped up on my wall above my just warms my heart.. :)

Lastly, some teeny tiny little patches that I have added to my etsy SHOP They are made from leather... and seriously, so cute! hehehe lol and the patch that says "Loup De Maman" means mama wolf in french! A nickname that I have independently given myself...yay!;)
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