Nov 30, 2012

This past week has been a really good one for me, and here are some reasons why: 

Yesterday my friend Laura dropped by to drop off the book that I loaned her [Animals in Translation] as well as a yummy salt scrub that she made! Thank you Laura! Then my other friend Lauren dropped by soon after to go over the essential oils she sells from Do Terra...and with her she brought homemade applesauce for me that she made too! I will be hosting a doTerra [pronounced dough terra] party at my house NEXT SATURDAY at 1 if you're big on essential oils and are wanting to make your body & home a more natural environment then you should come. Shoot me an email if you're seriously interested:  *This isn't something that you have to sign up for in order to get the oils...they have an online shop or you can order them wholesale directly from Lauren like I plan on doing. :)

I got my new rug cards [for packages] back from Alphagraphics... love them! 

I bought this awesome sweater vest at the thrift store last year even though it was gigantically huge on me. Just the other day it dawned on me to shrink it in the wash! [HELLO!] and voila, it totally fits perfectly now. I did do a little blocking to take some of the curve out and make it hang more straight. Just a hot tip there: buy huge old man's sweaters and shrink em. You probably already know this though huh and are thinking "ahhh Roxy, been there done that!" :-[) lol well, i'm sure stoked about it! Now I just gotta change the buttons. 

Last night Jesse and I had the pleasure of attending The Christmas Carol at the Pioneer Theater. Our neighbor had extra tickets and so we got to go with him. He [Blaine] works with the Women's Small Bussiness Center in Salt Lake and specifically invited us so he could introduce me to a couple people. Before the play they had food and drinks for the women who go to the center [catered by La Croissant..& SO GOOD!] as well as a raffle & I won the grand prize! Two tickets to a Jazz game and 2 night stay at the Radisson Hotel! I'm thinking double daaaaaaate night, woo! Thank you Blaine for taking us and Thank you Women's Business Center for the food & prize! Oh, and the play was awesome! I saw The Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden 10 years ago and honestly, it was just as good. Go see it and support the arts! :)

Lastly, the biggest thing of all. My mom has been over at our house three times this week helping me get organized. I had a little breakdown last weekend along with major anxiety [what else is new?] Well, Jesse and I were driving to downtown Salt Lake last Saturday to take a break from things and I just kept saying over and over..."I don't know what to do" well, no sooner did my mom call to ask a question and then asked how I was doing. In my quivery voice I said, not too well and then just started crying. I told her that I felt so overwhelmed and disorganized and didn't know what to do. Here's the funny part: my mom wrote a book on organization that was published by Readers Digest and then later by Barnes & Noble...HELLO, why am I not asking my mom for help? Well she offered to come help me get organized and she really worked her magic! This week i've hardly had any anxiety and have been more productive. I finally started responding back to emails from 2 months ago as well as wholesale inquiries. I've felt so good that every day next week on my blog is going to be dedicated to organizing and showing pictures of what my mom did with our office and my studio and hopefully get a couple videos of her talking about the process as well! 

The pictures below are a little funky in color because of our basement being really dark, so just work with me on those. :) I love seeing all my fabric nicely organized and in their own departments, funny how something as simple as that can make one feel so good inside. 

Double lastly, some great sites that mentioned my items this past week:

Design For Mini Kind - Thank You!

Rappimamma - Thank You!

To and From Magazine - Thank You!

Urban Outfitters blog - some of you may have already seen this on my fb page Thank You!

Miss Moss's Noir Gift Guide - THANK YOU...this lady always brings me an insane amount of traffic and buyers to my etsy shop! I just love her blog and need to send her something for always blogging about my items. :]

Have a great weekend!
 I'll see you on Monday with tips and ideas 
on how to get you organized and staying organized! :)

Nov 28, 2012

Okay, one more thing for today...and then i'll be back on Friday. 

Perfume: something I really stress about when shopping for. 

There are only a couple perfumes that I have come across [not that i've been on a long winded search] that I have absolutely fallen in love with. #1 Floret by Antonias Flowers  #2 Stella by Stella McCartney and #3 Peony Blossoms by Mi Spa  but lately i've wanted something a little less flowery and more...unique? So I found this shop on etsy last week: Firebird bath & body and ordered 3 perfume samples for only $5!!! Can we say perfect stocking stuffer?! Yes, we can say that! :-[) Well, I just got my samples in the mail today and tested black & mint and I am soooo in love!  So in love that my wrist and nose are now dating and i'm sure they will be engaged by tomorrow evening! Well, that's it...this little secret is out and now i've gotta get back to work! 

About an hour ago [while packing orders] my rock Lou asked if she could have her picture taken. "Right now? I'm packing orders Lou...can't it wait till later this afternoon? I say"  silence....and then a little whimper... can I just tell you that all my characters are a tad bit sensitive...actually, no..they are REALLY sensitive. So I stop what i'm working on and take a couple photos of Lou, this picture was her favorite.

well, right after I finished taking pictures of Lou, I got an email from my little sister Mari. She sent me this quote that is by Ira Glass [my radio crush] and said it reminded her of me... :] I love how true and right on it is. If you ever have self doubt...this is worth printing out and putting on your mood board. :) Thanks Mari for your support and encouragement, I love you! 

Folks! We're seeing advent calendars pop up all over  [tis the season]
and I'M SOOO LOVING IT!!! Bah! I Love it!

Here are 3 that really caught my eye and have inspired me to do something similar...
but for when the time comes that Jesse and I have little people running around.

A Merry Mishap: if you haven't already noticed, Jennifer comes up with some awesome DIY projects...she is inspiring...and I love that they are affordable and if done patiently...they look expensive. I have a confession [woop dee doo you say? lol :-[) ] annnyways, my confession? Ah yes...well, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a craft that looks shody. Many people use the excuse while crafting "i'm just not crafty" and in my head I respond...."no, you're just not patient enough" It doesn't need to look perfect, but making anything requires patience....and there's nothing wrong with going back to that project if it's a little frustrating, if it means producing something of exceptional quality then taking a break will be worth it....just a hot tip. :)

I love this calendar for it's masculine and simplistic qualities.

Now these girls: Elsie & Emma [such cute names] are the bloggers behind A Beautiful Mess and their blogger contributor Katie did a modern folkish/Scandinavian take on her Advent calendar that she shared on A Beautiful Mess:   

and lastly, from BABYCCINO advent book calendar! Mo [a contributor over there] talked about wrapping up her Christmas books for her children, so that each night they have a Christmas story to read. I absolutely love this idea for a couple reasons: #1 I have been collecting Christmas childrens books for many years now and so I have 26 books already...or errr close to 26 I should day. #2 Reading! And reading with kids is the best! #3 This would make a wonderful tradition! #4 I buy a lot of my books on Amazon [specifically vintage children's ones and I pay no more than $4 for a book...they are pennies on that site!] so this can be just as affordable as going to the dollar store for items...also, check your thrift stores for Christmas books! #5 this is great to do with any type of book...but themes are always fun! :)

Nov 27, 2012

What does this vintage cast iron lid...

and these sparkly leaf branches have in common? 

together they make a little dear named Hamlet. :) 

I saw this lid at the thrift store last week for 50 cents and instantly knew what I was going to do with that guy! When I brought it home, Jesse asked if there was a pot that went with it....I WISH, if so, there would be no Hamlet and instead there would be stew.... hmmm stew or Hamlet? Hamlet! This little guy was added to the few Christmas decorations I put up today...we don't have a ton, which I prefer... and it makes me feel like i'm living in Little Women... but cutting paper those are something you can never have too much of. My mom & stepdad's house has at least a couple hundred hanging from the kitchen/dining area, each year more and more are added...I must be sure to take a picture to share on here! 

p.s. I wrapped tissue around the lights and then glue-gunned white pom poms on the strand for a touch of whimsaaay. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Got my letterpress business cards replenished yesterday from the fantastic Zach Jones! 
If you're in search of someone local [in Salt Lake City] to do letterpress anything for you, I highly recommend this guy! Jesse suggested I use these cards to hand out for when I meet people and then just make separate one's to go in my packages that I ship off...

those guys look like this [below] and I will be picking them up soon from Alphagraphics. Excited to see how they turned out! I love this company and the service they provide. Not getting paid to say's just so nice to find people and or companies that work really hard to provide you a great product. :]

Nov 21, 2012

My book is now up in the shop! 

Alphabet Book

I'm done blogging for the week.... see you back here on Monday.
 And for those of you in the states...enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday....but even if you're not
celebrating Thanksgiving, it's always good to focus on what you have and show gratitude.

With that said, I want to thank anyone reading who has purchased an item from my shop. I've 
talked before on my blog about how grateful I am for the support I receive every day, and it's something I think about often. Thank you for all your sweet and uplifting comments, thanks for pinning or instagraming my items, but most of comes the cheesy bit....thanks for helping me achieve my dreams. I really feel like Roxy Marj has become this huge team effort of people trying to spread the word and believing in me. I will be forever grateful! And even if you're not interested in the things that I make, no worries...but do try and support independent designers and artists. :) xo

Nov 20, 2012

In 2008 I designed 26 girls with wonderful patterned outfits. Their patterns were designed from the letters in the alphabet...and then about 6 or so months ago I decided to make them into a coloring book which I named "The Alphabet Girls of the North Winnie Mountains ..there is a coloring poster as well. I have shed some happy tears these last couple days while laying out the final pages...of course listening to the Little Women soundtrack while working most likely contributed to that. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to finish this book, but who could have been a timing thing. :/ Tomorrow this book goes on sale, and let me tell're gonna want this for yourself or your daughter, granddaughter, niece...whomever...this book is magical inside!

Now....I gotta get to stapling these ladies and packaging them up! 

Nov 16, 2012

Okay okay...I gotta stop ending the week with "have a great weekend" when there's most likely gonna be another post a couple hours later. Like this one for example. HA! Well, I just came across  the blog Aurelie Aime and saw this video "Kid President" by Soul Pancake that she posted and about freaked! Where and how can I adopt this kid?! And how come he doesn't have his own show already? I would watch him 24/7!!! I just had to share this video with you THIS is the way to kick off the weekend! :-[)

These darling branches with black berries [I don't know what kind of bush they are] were brought to my attention by my friend Jordan. And this morning while heading outside to cut some, I was reminded of why I love collaborating with others. 

A couple weeks ago when Jordan was over to shoot pictures of my friends kids with my products, she wanted to take a couple minutes and get some shots of me.... and one of her first suggestions was for me to stand in front of our HUGE bushes with these berries! I was SHOCKED to see that this whole row of bushes had berries on them....somehow, the past month or so when they popped up I didn't seem to notice them... yet Jordan's eyes did...okay, this writing probably sounds cheesy..I really don't know a cooler way to tell this. Anyways, I was so so happy to see these little guys and so happy to have had Jordan point them out to me. Honestly, had we not collaborated together...these berries would most likely still be outside waiting for their owners to notice them....and, it probably wouldn't have happened. :/ Embarrassed to admit that? Nah...but wish I was more observant...but then again when I was thinking about that earlier, I thought to myself "NO! Roxy, this is the whole reason why it's so great working with others! 2 pairs of eyes is better than one!" :-[) 

So, with that said...this post is dedicated to any of those out there who love to work with others and see the importance and strength in bouncing ideas off of one another! Now I have a lovely center piece on our console to look at while I go sweep our floors! Thanks Jordan! :-[) 

p.s. here is one of the photos Jordan shot of me. I really like this image a lot because I feel like she captured my personality right on! Someone who likes to have fun, doesn't take herself too seriously, slightly awkward while trying to be classy like Claire Huckstable [of the Cosby Show] all at the same time.  I'll keep saying it till i'm blue in the face, Jordan is a fantastic photographer! :)

OH!... And have a great weekend! 

Nov 15, 2012

I was recently introduced to the lovely site IHOD, from Anna the owner. She asked if she could include my spotted cardstock envelopes in her 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, and I couldn't be more pleased! There are a lot of great gift items [for all year long] and cute tutorials as well. Bottom of this post is a coupon code for the envelopes...and  below is a picture of Anna w/ her cute kids and the cover of her mini magazine.

I also loved this peppermint truffles recipe in the guide from OH MY VEGGIES! :)

Nov 14, 2012

My newest winter wrapping: just some of the designs to expect when you purchase a clutch and or accessory from me! :) I hope someday to have my very own line of wrapping paper that anyone can buy.... too many ideas/designs too little time. I vote that we extend our 24 hr days to 48 hrs! Anyone with me? :-[)

1. Home Cozy Home  2. Winter Star 3. Old Man Wendell

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I am currently reading Martha Stewart's "The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for achieving success as you start, build, or manage a business"   which is pretty good....not loosing sleep over it, but I do think that it's helping me become a more business savvy lady. :) Also, I find this book a little interesting for one main reason: I can't help but wonder if she really follows these rules she talks about. I've had some friends who have worked for her in the past, and they didn't have a whole lot of pleasant things to say....however, perhaps that was before she served time? :/ Anyways, this book is a good one to pick up if you've got a lot of polishing to do [like me] and if you just like Martha Stewart in general. I do. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to have an empire like hers....maybe not like hers, but I would love to have my illustrations on everything you wear, sleep on, eat from, drive in..... and the list goes on! :-[)

Nov 13, 2012

I am waaaay too pooped to pop. :/  I need a nap. right. now!

I finally FINALLY have my heirloom bear blanket up in shop.... this lil item was designed some time ago, but only actually made till recently..... my goal is to get many of my kid's items in ABC Carpet & Home in NYC someday...their Children's section is out of this world amazing.... on the pricier side, but items that will be passed down from generation to generation. I love that. I am also on the look out for a few select boutiques in Australia, France and Scandinavia...if you have any suggestions of places that would fit my aesthetic...please do tell. :) 

My very talented friend Jordan Huntington took the below photos - I highly suggest hiring her! I was literally blown away with how good she is at getting kids to smile and be photographic, she is a talent! And a great example as to why you should always hire someone better than you!  And the ADORABLE kids are not mine... I wish they were though! Many thanks to Jordan, Kim Nelson, Tara Nelson, & Ashley Tingey for loaning their cute little ones to help me out!  

Nov 12, 2012

Oh! I almost forgot.... 

new items being added to my shop all this week 
new posters, clutch's, baby items etc.... 

plus pouch

Oh man....oooooh man! Ever get that warm giddy feeling in your tummy when you come across something new that makes you so happy? :-[) This happens to me with magazine and books! I hoard magazines...but not just any magazine. The kinds that inspires, the kinds that teach me something intellectual that doesn't have to do with "how to please your guy" and the kinds that have  creative spreads that I want to tear out and tape on my wall!

Well! I came across two magazines that are new to me. And they are worthy of seeking after folks! I love this first one "The Simple Things" yes! It's about time there's a magazine dedicated to the hundreds of meaningful things that make life better instead of focusing on subjects that make people even more narcissistic.  The Simple Things is a cozy magazine, and I can't wait for the next issue!  Natural Child World is just as sophisticated, modern and thoughtful. The stories, products, clothes are well curated and leave you contemplating about stuff that matters, as opposed to "what's the latest trend that I should know about"  something that we read and hear 24/7 .... I hope there comes a day when people will make purchases based off what they like, instead of what the media, magazines, blogs etc. are telling you to buy and what is hot for the season.... with that said, if you read my blog in the hopes of getting some hot trend tips... :/ you might wanna stop reading my blog... because I would be telling you to dress like a Gibson girl when everyone else is gonna tell you that "Jackie O" is in style... anyways, that rant is for another day.

*both magazines found at Barnes & Noble

 below images from The Simple Things

Below images from Natural Child World

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

A couple weeks ago I did a trade with a cute girl : Amy Rowan of Art School Girl and Click and Pixel - both are great sites with lovely things for your home. I love the package that my little items came in....felt like I received something straight from the North Pole!  And why are little things like small brown wax bags so special? :)

Nov 11, 2012

The snow is not stopping and I am SO OKAY with this! I was going to post these pictures tomorrow but just couldn't wait. The sun is now out and everything is sparkling...I just pray it all stays for a very long time! Note to self: go to the thrift store and get snow pants ASAP!! :-[)
There are snowmen to be created, forts to build, and snow angels that need wings! 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
But first ... I gotta go make waffles with strawberries with homemade whipped cream 
for Jesse, me, and Harley [our dog]... he loves to eat strawberries and lots of them!

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