Mar 31, 2011

 Found these fantastic items over at Design Squish
which they found via Autumn Workshop

+ swooning+
Band of Outsiders Reconstructed Chino Jacket 

Andrew Wyeth - American Realist painter 1917-2009

His work is so inspiring - warm - and always has me longing for his 
interior & exterior spaces.

Mar 30, 2011

Wish I could go to this opening at Gallery Hanahou - one of my favorite artists: Marcus Oakley 
 [see pic below] will be in their Hanahou's new upcoming show "Prints & Pages" 
 Opens April 7th 2011 and goes till May 6th 2011

Read in The New Yorker this morning about Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis's collaboration tribute 
to Ray Charles. They have just come out with a  new album titled " Here We Go Again"  that is a recording of their live performance at Lincoln Center's Rose Theatre.  I just went and listened to the album on Amazon, and it is FANTASTIC! Do go and take a listen for yourselves!  Don't you just love the cover design?! 


Just read this fun "Featured Seller" article over at Etsy about Tony, the owner of Rocky Top Soap Shop Tony and his girlfriend make some fantastic looking soaps - I say fantastic because they look so nice I would display them as works of art on a shelf [like how they have pictured] in my bathroom. 

+ making soap sounds like so much fun.+ 

go read about Tony


A fantastic DIY project found via Madame Herve' which can originally be found

Mar 29, 2011

some quick morning sketches today 


Mar 28, 2011

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :) 

I got to go to Twin Falls Idaho for my husband's cousin's reception.  That was so much fun seeing Jesse's family and his Grandparents! Get to see them again this coming weekend for General Conference! :-[)


On Friday I came across this fantastic Etsy shop : NancyIllustration that sells prints of her graphite drawings of 50 high school seniors from a 1960's high school yearbook.  I love how precise her lines are with each stroke. Plus I love graphite, one of my favorite mediums!

The portrait to the left reminded me soooo much of Jesse! 


One thing I don't really talk about much is my job, not because I want to keep it super private [well yes, I kind of do actually] but because this blog is mostly about design : all sorts.  However, this past Friday, something to do with my job involving design did happen.  When I started at DownEast Outfitters last summer, I was actually hired as an assistant designer. I now work on the home side [long story] - but within those few short months that I was with clothing, I got to design some prints for their newly acquired swim line Modbe. Here are the swimsuits, with the prints I made, now in stores and soon to be available online. :)

 <><><> lastly <><><>

I am sure you have all heard by now the new Broadway play about the Book of Mormon - created
by the creators of South Park. With that said, you can tell that the play is obviously a mockery of the book. 
When the LDS church was asked to give a statement regarding this new play, this is what they said:

"The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people's lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ."

I LOOOOOOOVE being part of the LDS institution for statements like that!  The media wants sooooo badly for the Mormon church to get annoyed and respond back with a snotty reply or whatever, but they always keep it classy! 

If you are interested to know why the LDS church makes clear and concise statements as such, go read this  article titled: "The Publicity Dilemma" [ I just came across this right now] This article will help you be politically correct regarding the LDS church, if you wish to do so. :)

To end: This video makes me cry every time I see it.  For those who are reading this who are not LDS [Mormon] and just don't get the LDS religion. That is okay, I am never going to try and convince anyone to join ANYTHING that they don't want to but I will try and help those around me with different faiths or non-faiths understand what it is about this Faith that I love so much.  And it is exactly what the LDS church said up above "it will change lives forever" <- and it is a good change.  :) 

Mar 25, 2011

Free Download - just click on image to enlarge and print out. :) 

Roxy Marj "Polar Party" 

>>> always, thanks for not copying. <<<

Mar 24, 2011

Some prints I made a couple months ago. :) Thanks for not stealing/copying.

Mar 23, 2011

+   inspired   +

these native american girls have an amazing sense of fashion!
i could dress like them every day.

Mar 22, 2011

Mar 18, 2011

 Heading to Park City here in a bit, with the husband.... for the night! :) yipee

Have a great weekend!

For you all : 2 free Roxy Marj desktop "rug" designs.
Just click on the rug and drag to your desktop - then upload.

+ enjoy +

Mar 17, 2011

A favorite designer of mine: Sonia Delaunay
I love how graphic she is and her eye for colors.  It really wasn't until 
I came across her work that I really started to play with color and break away from
the traditional idea of "which colors compliment one another"
  b. 1885 d. 1979
She was one of the co-founders of Orphism Art Movement, which was known for their
geometric shapes and strong uses of color. 

>>> Sonia <<<

Mar 15, 2011

Saw this cutting board over at Design Sponge which can be purchased at Fine Little Shop >>> how fantastic are these leggings. I would pair these with my moccasins and Jesse's oxford shirt. :)

The leggings and this fine print can also be found at Fine Little Shop  reminds me a lot of  Ansel Adams  and my brothers. I have 4.  Would make a great birthday gift for either of them.

Saw this wall paper 
in my issue of House Beautiful this month. 

and lastly: paper horse and rabbit. If I knew sculpture, I would try and make enlarged versions of these in cement for my back yard and garden. Found via Small Happy Crane  These would also make for
a fantastic children's mobile. no? :)

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