Apr 30, 2009

One of my best friends from school [Robert Fitzsimmons] received the Womens Wear Designer of the Year award last night at Parsons Benefit Fashion Show, which was held at Cipriani down on Wall street! The event was sooo much fun, pictures and video soon to be posted, but for now, Roberts Collection. Also, a photo of he and I back in our Sophomore year together! Congratulations again Robert! Love you!!! :)

Apr 8, 2009

A good friend of mine requested some cake toppers last week for her adorable little boy who just turned 3! :) THIS was a project I could do...along side thesis work... Did someone say cake toppers??? mmmmmhmmmmm OH YEAH!!! I went with a "Wild Indian Boy" theme, which Lindsay played off of that and created a spectacular party for her son! If YOU or anyone you know would like some custom made cake toppers, give me a holler! $30 for 6 toppers and a boarder or $40 for the same but laminated. >>> shipping included <<<

I can't remember if I posted about this already, but these are the cake toppers I did for Fred Flare this past summer, which was a project they did for Design Sponge with the "In the kitchen" series.... these were put on a Devil's Food Cake!!! HELLO! YUMMY!
Today feels like Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is when our thesis collections are due!!! And I CANNOT WAIT! ahhh!!! :[) I am soooooooooo excited to hand my collection in and present next week during Thesis week, and talk to the judges about my inspiration and design aesthetic! I looooove designing and making clothes, especially jeans and outerwear! I swear... hands are the most amazing tools ever created!!! I have learned sooo much this past year and have literally worn myself out to the max, but I have weirdly enjoyed every minute of it.. [excluding the sick days of course!] Below is a shot of me and my model Hannah, which was taken the other day by my good friend and AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographer Kah Leong The photo shoot went sooo well and was such a fun and amazing experience...that I would highly consider being a photographer's assistant as a profession!!! :[) So my loved ones, please do wish me luck for when I present next week! Hopefully I won't fumble upon my words and will be able to speak eloquently to the panel of judges about my Thesis Collection. Stay tuned for more pictures of my full collection, those will be up next week!!!

Apr 2, 2009

My neighbor Berton, just emailed this photo to me! How pretty and inspiring is this!!??? And, I actually just picked up an old book at the Strand on making crepe paper flowers. One of my "I'm free from school and can do whatever I want" summer craft projects! ;)
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