Sep 23, 2010

Excited about this Fork Fest next month, NOT excited about this poster's design! Yuck! :/ sorry.... Anyways, all you Utahn's should come and show some support - this seems like it will be fantastic!


Seriously, I can't get over how much the design of this poster drives me nuts.... I officially confess that I am a design snob...BUT A NICE ONE! [those of you who don't know me, MUST NOT take what I say seriously and taken all my criticisms with a grain of salt - really I am just being silly] I think most people don't realize how big of an impact typography can be, to the point of it turning into a make or break it kind of thing...something to think about.  I think someone should make a reality show of about fugly things [i.e. this poster] and then have designers [well known] on there redesigning the object, logo, brand etc. and then having judges etc.  Well, I can't just end this post on a sour note now can I.  Want to see a fantastic children's photographer? See below.

a commercial kids photographer takes some awesome photos! Totally hilarious, fresh and well styled. Seriously, how fantastic is this photo?????!!!!

Also, just wondering....but when's the last time you wrote a love letter/emai?l  I was thinking about that yesterday and decided to write my b.f. [boyfriend] Jesse a love email.... it went something like this :  "Dear Jesse, I love you so much etc. etc.  also, you are one of the funniest people I know and THEE funniest guy I have ever dated!" <- true story! He is off the charts funny....and someday if he is really cool and keeps up the funny then I think I will hand write him a love letter. Someday. ah wink wink <>  Really, though <> don't wait till Valentines Day to tell the one you love how much you adore them. Even if it isn't someone you're dating or married to.  There has to be at least 5 people you love - tell them today! :)  Now how beautiful is this letter below? :)

Sep 22, 2010

Sep 21, 2010

Cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about Toast's new Men's collection! It is a good thing I am not a man, because I would highly consider going into debt for some of these pieces. My favorite thing about their collection? That they used an OLDER model! I love that! I would love to see more older male and female models in magazines on and offline. There is something sooo beautiful about an older person who has gone through life without plastic surgery and has aged well i.e. lived a healthy lifestyle. Anyways, check out this fantastic classic collection!

Sep 18, 2010

Wondering what to watch this weekend?  Why not Annie Hall?  Great movie for welcoming fall and getting some styling, Woody Allen is a total crack up in my book.

Before I go...Just so you know - Payless is hittin it up with designers these days, and I think they are doing a pretty good job.  check out these guys...

Lela Rose - Suede Chop-Out Shootie - only $45

 and these cuties:

Aemilia Chop-Out Flat - only $35

Have a great weekend everyone!

Just saw this on The Sartorialist!   LOVE looooove this photo! She looks so put together... I also adore her hairdo. I wish I could pull that off!

My friend Juidiith Clawson showed me the latest cover of Pier 1 Imports catalog last week! Such a great cover, no?  Juidiith was saying how this would make a great Halloween costume, I couldn't agree more.

I love drawing foxes. period. nuff said. 

   But I also like paper mache foxes!  I made this "Fantastic Mr. Fox" last year in commemoration of Fantastic Mr. Fox coming out and for my first dinner party I threw out here in Utah. 

I was so in love with how he turned out that I decided I needed to make a mantel for him to hang above.  So I made a paper-mache fire place mantel as well.  One of my favorite craft projects thus far!

Gosh I LOVE fall and nature! That wreath above the mantel was easily made
from twigs just tied together and simply hung. Then I took my red maple leaves that I had collected and dried days prior and glue-guned a tiny drop of glue on the twigs and stuck the leaves on.  So simple and delicate.  It was great for last years fall... 

Ta Da! Thee finished product.   Click HERE  to see the original post on my MAN blog MEN FOLK  

This was in the apt I was living previously before the one I am in now. :) I just realized my new place doesn't have a fireplace..... :(


Sep 16, 2010

Sep 14, 2010

Two of my very good friends Jenny & Erin teamed up to redesign Erin's website Sodafine! It looks fantastic!  If you have a second, stop by and check it out OR if you live in the New York City area DO NOT HESITATE to go visit Erin personally in her shop in Brooklyn! I am a big supporter of shopping independent designers and Erin's boutique is always chock full of just that.  Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry and clothes that I own and ALWAYS get compliments on are from Sodafine!

For kicks, I found this photo of us girls at New York's first Renegade Craft Fair, back in 2005?  Good times....good times!

Here is what you can find online and in the store... but do make a personal visit if you want to shop more independent items.


Also, you can find beautiful handmade items from Erin herself... I love her small painted "not plants" plants. Would love to start a collection of these!

Sep 13, 2010

Hey friends! Hope you had a great weekend! .
So last Thursday I went to the Utah State Fair with my boyfriend Jesse.  
Second year in a row, and was not dissapointed! ;) 
 Here are some things I saw:

The farm animals [especially the baby pigs] were so funny!

It was neat to see children with their animals and taking care of them.

Then I almost cried [happy tears] when I saw the kids section of artwork... all the drawings totally cracked me up!  There were some impressive works of art for sure [bear pictured] but my favorite one of all was this self portrait!  A famous fashion illustrator someday! I hope! :)

Since moving to Utah I have gotten to see 3 rodeos! Yeah, I love them... I can totally picture myself as a cowgirl wearing a sparkly cowgirl hat, and entering in the barrel races!  The music they play as the ladies race around make my heart beat so fast....I feel so inspired when watching them, I can only imagine the adrenaline they must feel when riding that fast! Reminds me of one of my favorite movie's "Blue Crush" and when Kate Bosworth's character is in the huge surfing contest at the end of the movie...makes me want to take up surfing....but then a week goes by and I get back to my quiet drawing self. :)

Seeing the cowboys with their hats over their hearts made me cry... :/  I love living in America!


These past couple o' weeks I have been dipping tons of sticks and branch disks in paint!
I have currently become obsessed with dipping things... I had a funny idea the other night: It would be fun to open a boutique one day full of things dipped in paint! I'd call the boutique dipped...and I would
do custom dipping! Come one come got it, i'll dip it! 

I have also been covering leaves/sticks & pinecones in glass glitter. OH MY GOSH, the sparkle that glass glitter produces is just insane... You just gotta get your hands on some of this picture sadly doesn't show the kind of twinkle that I see in real life... 

After getting home from work today, my very creative + funny + inspiring & giving friend Juidiith Clawson came over... I am helping design her website.  Jude brought me some cherry tomatoes, pears and peaches from she and her husband's home.  After she left I went in my kitchen and saw that she had lined the fruit up! I cracked up and had to take a photo! If you have a lot of the same thing, try lining them up one day...things look pretty in a line, no? 

While Jude and I were working on her site, we were eating some of the cherry tomatoes and admiring their adorable cuteness! Their tiny star leaflets! These would make fabulous earrings if covered in gold! The stems could be the posts! Just a thought.  We didn't get to talking about pears and their bellies of sweetness...but if we did, we would have so many good things to say about them!


Fashion Week Favorites:

Band Of Outsiders   Spring/Summer 2011
[ I always want to say Band of Horses! ha! lol]

I seriously could buy a collection every season of color blocked pieces.  I don't know why, but they never get old for me....

mkay...this lady needs to hit the hay now! See you tomorrow. ;) xo

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