Nov 21, 2011

I can remember what life was like before facebook...but etsy..ohh I shudder to think! :{) lol

Check out this amaaaaaaaazing phone from Freeland Studios! If Jesse had an iphone, I would most definitely get this for Mr. Barrus for matches his personal style to a T!


I saw this child's garden basket one day on Etsy, and fell in love with it because of the handle.
found via AGK's Basketry. Have you ever tried making a basket? I want to learn someday...

Ever look on Etsy for shoes? This is a nightly ritual for me it seems.
 One can find  some real fancy treasure for the feet there. Like these ladies:

leather oxfords & ankel boots via Pantofica

or how about these?  cork oxfords from August Ballerinas

or these sweet and petite flats from ele handmade

lastly, I have had my eye on these simple comfy looking Chelsea ankle boots from Golden Ponies for sometime now but can't get myself to make the purchase... in the photo they look great but then in real life? Plus they are only $55...not too much of a risk I guess...If you buy a pair before me, do let me know how they fit and look! :)

As well as this leather satchel...isn't the color pretty and calming? It could be yours for only $55!


jendar said...

I love etsy so much! which is precisely why I stay away from it as much as I can! btw, if my iphone had not died, I would totally get that phone! it's so great.

Shoko said...

Those red oxfords are stunning. Love, love, love!

ROXY MARJ said...

Jendar & Shoko...just now saw your comments...sorry for the delayed response. :/

Jendar, I wish I HAD an iphone just to use that phone. ironic! ha! lol

Shoko...the red oxfords new a mate, you would be a great companion. :)

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