Mar 31, 2010

Here is a little something I did back in the summer with my sister Mari and good friend Jenny ----> this is part one! Sit back for a couple might wanna grab some cookies and milk while your at it! hehehehe lol

Underarm part 1 from ROXY MARJ on Vimeo.

Isn't she lovely? :) via Sartorialist
Thank you everyone for your super SWEET comments about my project & words of encouragement! They all meant a lot to me! :)

Last Spring, just before moving out here to Utah, I saw this awesome mannequin head in the window of "Beauty Bar" I stood there for over 5 min. wishing I could buy it! The place was closed/shut down? Anyhoo...thought id put one of my signature beards on this lady today... ;)

Mar 29, 2010

Since January I have had two interviews with Anthropologie for their "Display Coordinator" position. The second interview, I was given a project: to design 3 displays that are small, medium, & large. I can pick my theme and I could only spend $15 on everything. Luckily I already had a lot of the materials so I was able to stick to this budget quite easily. Anyhoo...this job position was for their Boulder, Colorado store, which I have to say I was really stoked about considering I just recently found out that Boulder is #1 in the United States for biking!!! Annnnyways, after 3 long weeks of wondering whether or not I got this job, I finally found out on Thursday that I didn't get it. :( I was so bummed when I heard the words "they decided to promote the visual sales associate to display coordinator" My heart sank, I had a good cry [5 min. worth] picked myself back up and started thinking of all the things I do have rather than the things I don't: i.e. an amazing job with Anthropologie. And I confess, I was really looking forward to writing on my blog "I GOT A JOB WITH ANTHROPOLOGIE DOING THEIR DISPLAYS!!!! HIP HIP HURRAY!" But for some reason, I am not supposed to have that job............right now. Honestly, I think it is a timing thing & I really truly believe that I will get this job with them sometime soon or with an even cooler company! The only thing about this whole process that leaves me confused is why interview me again & assign me a project? I mean, it makes sense to promote someone in store. Sooooo... why even bother with me? That has left me a little confused. But moving on, I wanted to share my project that I did for them for two reasons. #1 because I am absolutely in looooove with it and possibly it will give any of you out there some inspiration of your own crafts and what not... #2 Because if you happen to see this exact or similar design in any of their stores, then just know it came from me. I am a little worried about the fact that they took pictures of my work and I didn't sign any type of contract. My hope is that nothing will get ripped off.... :(

This is a book that I made to show how I imagined the displays in their store setting would look. I went with a Native American theme because that is one of my favorite design styles mainly because of how graphic their patterns are, and because my two favorite shapes are triangles & diamonds and any excuse to use them in my work I will! :)

click on the picture below to see it better. :)

My small scale display. Spray painted Mason jars with moss stuffed inside, branches, masking tape leaves etc. I imagined these displayed around the registers.

A miniature version of my large scale display. The first thing I am going to do once I finally get my own place is make a life size tee-pee!

Actual size & look of how the print would turn out. I made a pillow cover & printed this ontop.

close up

Found some postards of Native American Chiefs. Blew them up and copied them onto cream paper. Rubber cemented those onto craft paper and then made boarders with my masking tape and tinfoil. <- I used my fringe scissors to cut the foil. CAN'T WAIT to frame this!

Drum shade made out of masking tape. The tape is covering my oatmeal container.

I had to take pictures of my process to prove that I obviously made it, and I guess so they could see where my thinking was? This is one of the pages of me making my paper-mache butterfly garland.

Mar 28, 2010

I LOVE SUNDAYS & I LOVE GOING TO CHURCH! Also, Sundays=rest and this I love. Even if you aren't religious you should still rest on Sunday...or one day of the week because it is good for the mind! Flush out all the mental toxins, get inspired...let your body re-energize etc. I SWEAR, sooooo many of my ideas come to me on Sundays! I AM NOT KIDDING, and that is ESPECIALLY why I loooove Sundays! :)

Mar 26, 2010

Hope you all have a great weekend & have some fun things planned &&& laugh a lot. <- that is the fountain of youth! xo

I am in love with Ray Lamontagne. His music makes me feel better/good :)

Mar 24, 2010

My ward at church made a movie for our Stake Film Festival. Basically for those of you who aren't Mormon, a ward is a district i.e. in Salt Lake City... and then a stake is a clump of about 5-8 wards...depends on the size. There are anywhere from 100-300[?] people in a ward. ANNNNYWAYS... the theme for this film festival was fairy tales! This couldn't have been any more perfect since I had been going through a mad gypsy/Genie craze I had a lot of the props already. Below are pictures from our 1 day of filming and then at the end.... THE MOVIE! ;-[) Had sooo much fun working on this! I can't wait to make another movie with my very talented friend Jon the Director p.s. AND I got to do the the illustrations for this! YEE HAW!!! 8^[)

<> <> <> TA DA! WORLD DEBUT! <> <> <>

Mar 22, 2010

Met this guy Scott who is the designer/owner behind URBAN SPECTACLES about 6 years ago [?] when Brooklyn had the Renegade Craft Fair for the first time. SUUUUPER humble and very friendly guy!

To read his bio and see some of his men's frames, click here

And check out these baby specs! :)

Mar 20, 2010

The story below that I read in The New York Times "Style" section today, touched me in so many ways. 1. I am envious of anyone who has a father like that of Mr. Brozina! 2. I hope to marry a man like Mr. Brozina! 3. I wish I could have done an awesome tradition like this when I was younger. 4. I can't wait [as always] to have kids of my own, who would hopefully want to do something as cool as this...fingers crossed! 5. This article made me think of my own relationship that I have with my dad... :( which sadly, is pretty null - my eyes are watering right now just thinking about it again. Back in November I got in a "discussion" with my father over the phone on the subject of what I think it is to be a parent. He told me parenting stops once a child turns 18 and leaves the house. <- that statement made me sooo angry and left feeling extremely hurt! Even though my dad has not been in the picture pretty much since my parents divorce back when I was 17 [almost 12 years ago] and me and the rest of my siblings really have been fatherless...and have learned to deal with it. Still, there is this unsettling feeling of knowing that he is here, alive, and makes no attempt to be truly involved in my life, or my brothers and sisters, yet does just enough to touch base... or whatever you want to call it. Now, on the other hand, relationships are never one sided and I think for my type of situation in particular, there needs to be a lot of pride swallowing on my part AND the level of expectations needs to be lowered. That sounds bad, I be like "I gotta lower my expectations that I have of my dad" BUT for me and my emotional/mental/spiritual longevity... I HAVE TO! And then I think over time things will start to heal in the way that they are supposed to. I hope. ahhh...well...soo moving on, and onto a lighter note, the last reason [6.]that this article touched me was because of the devotion that both Mr. Brozina and his daughter had towards one another! Think about the long term affects this "streak" had not only had on Mr. Brozina but his daughter as well! Her self-esteem, friends she chose, and choices she made, I am sure had plenty to do with the "streak tradition"! This story, seriously, SO NEAT!

A Father-Daughter Bond, Page by Page By MICHAEL WINERIP
Published: March 18, 2010

Mr. Brozina, a single father and an elementary school librarian who reads aloud for a living, did not want the same thing to happen with his younger daughter, Kristen. So when she hit fourth grade, he proposed The Streak: to see if they could read together for 100 straight bedtimes without missing once. They were both big fans of L. Frank Baum’s Oz books, and on Nov. 11, 1997, started The Streak with “The Tin Woodman of Oz.”

When The Streak reached 100, they celebrated with a pancake breakfast, and Kristen whispered, “I think we should try for 1,000 nights.”

Mr. Brozina was delighted, but what he was thinking was, a thousand nights?! “I thought, we’ll never do it,” he recalled. “And then we got to 1,000, and we said, ‘How can we stop?’ ”

For 3,218 nights (and some mornings, if Mr. Brozina was coming home too late to read), The Streak went on. It progressed from James Marshall’s picture books about George and Martha (two close friends who happen to be hippos) to middle-school classics like “When Zachary Beaver Came to Town” to the 14 Oz books (which they read four times each), to Harry Potter, Agatha Christie, Dickens and Shakespeare, continuing on, until Kristen’s first day of college.

In those nine-plus years, they survived many close calls. When Kristen was still in elementary school, her father and older sister went to Washington. “The phone rings at 10:45 at the hotel and it’s Kristen,” Mr. Brozina recalled. “She says, ‘Dad, we forgot The Streak!’ Fortunately, I always travel with several books and we read right then and there.”

As Kristen got older, she was active in community theater groups that would rehearse late, and a few dozen times, Mr. Brozina turned up and read to her between scenes. One night, a rehearsal for “I Remember Mama” was supposed to end at 11:30, but the director, upset with the performance, was yelling at the players. “Our rule was we had to read before midnight and it had to be at least 10 minutes,” Mr. Brozina said. “It was 11:45 and he wasn’t letting up.”

“Dad took me off the stage,” Kristen said. “I was 17.”

“We sat in the auditorium and I read to her,” said Mr. Brozina.

Their shared reading provided a shared language. When Mr. Brozina asks if Kristen’s absolutely sure, she’ll answer, “Certain there’s a jertain in the curtain” (Dr. Seuss). If Mr. Brozina orders a hamburger, Kristen will say, “I am a great eater of beef and I believe that does harm to my wit” (Shakespeare, “Twelfth Night”). By high school, Kristen had a busy social life. “I’d be out with friends, and say, ‘It’s 11:30, we need to stop back at my house.’ A carload of teenagers would come in. They’d play some game or cards in the living room. I’d go upstairs to Dad’s room and he’d read to me.”

to read the rest of the article, click here

Mar 19, 2010

Happy Friday friends! Heading to the post now to mail some letters, buy stamps, and then get some new sunglasses.... sadly, I have lost my darling tortoise shell pair a couple weeks ago. Honestly, I think she hit the highway, has better things to do than hang around with me protecting my eyes from the uv rays.... she is probably down in Mexico partying it up or something... anyhoo..isn't this chicken great!? Who wouldn't want this fine creature for a pet? SIGN ME UP!!! found via Global Envision

Okay, fashion stuff: This image is seriously THEEEE CUTEST! I LOVE this girl's teeth! I WANT THEM! I confess, I am a little bummed now that my teeth are moving in the direction of straightness.... so long cute crooked teeth... :( really, I am going to miss them...anyways...on a happier note? AHHHH CHANEL! HOW I LOVE THEE! These two wheat accessories are truly to die for! I would give my first born for them. I would! I don't think I have wanted anything as bad as these items, especially the necklace. Okay well that is not true...recently I have been wanting a dog & red truck [Toyota Tacoma<- don't ask] REALLY bad..... and perhaps a couple other things! Oh yeah...New paint brushes... I tend to want lots of things all of the time.. ha lol!



LOVE LOVE LOVE these slacks! Especially since I have almost the exact same pair that I got at the thrift store a couple months ago for work at the B&B. At work I feel like a total lame-o-muffin wearing them with my "Armstrong Mansion" black polo [Armstrong Mansion said sarcastically while rolling my eyes] nothing like an ill-fitting CROPPED polo to mess up a fabulous pair of pants/ensemble! :/ BUT...this image has lifted my spirits + looking forward to wearing those slacks with ONLY my silk tops!

Okay Summer! Meet ch'ya on the corner in 5!

all the images above, minus the chicken, found via SO-EN magazine
I have never read this book, nor have I really had the desire too...even when I would see at least 5 women A DAY on the subway reading it when it came out a couple years ago! [Seriously, EVERYONE was reading it...I think that is what made me not want to read it] BUT after watching the trailer [below] I think I just might need to check out a copy at the library today! Plus the cast alone...can't wait to see this!

+++ Julia Roberts who gets to act along two HANDSOME fellas!

<<< Javier Bardem!!! >>> +...SWOON...+

<<< James Franco! RAR! >>>

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