Oct 29, 2011

"One can never have too many house slippers" - ME! <- ya, feel free to quote me on that.

Our home is a no shoe household...but it didn't dawn on me till the other day
 that I need to be collecting slippers for our guests...
.here are a couple items that I fancy found via Baltic Frog.

for the ladies:

for the gentlemen: 

I wish this guy was wearing jeans with these slipps : / not really diggin the bare leg look....

and then for our friends with children, webbed feet slippers & an owl cap! :)

or...if our friends happened to come over with their naked behbeh's,
 then I would just put them in these awesome knitted get-ups! 

I am so excited to show you all my costume when it is finished!
 This is one of my favorite costumes I have made thus far...
here's some sneak peak pics. 
I just scored those leather boots at the thrift store earlier today for only $6. 

Oct 28, 2011

My costume for 2011 is inspired by these 3 above.....

I love the moon and how it is always changing shape, its warm glow in a dark sky, and how it is like a lighthouse for the world.  There is something magical about the moon, hopefully I can capture it in my costume this year. :) Speaking of moons, have you ever seen the movie Paper Moon with Ryan & Tatum O'neil? If not, it is a must see/must buy film! So well written that you forget the characters are not real. 


When Jesse and I move into a house someday, I plan on making a permanent moon to go in our home...just like the ones in these photos. How fun to take photos with friends and family on the moon.

Oct 27, 2011

It's official! I LOOOOOOOOVE my job! 
Well, I knew I would love it based off of my interview, but I love love LOVE it.  Yesterday, Scott, one of the other graphic designers/illustrators taught me how to use the plotter and do a test of one my designs I made. Voila, a gold bearded man in vinyl that you can stick on pretty much anything! Family and friends, you now know what you'll be getting for Christmas: Roxy's lil characters in vinyl. :-[) hehehehe lol


Have you seen this video!?? :-[) Jesse showed me all four "mini" episodes of it and we couldn't stop laughing!


Lastly, my sweet and super creative friend Lindsay from Run Lucas Run asked me to make some forest themed cake toppers for her little boy Charlie. It was is first birthday. These are some of the photos she took. Isn't her little guy adorable! That jacket! <3 :::: Lindsay, your photos of the party are perfect. :)

A couple years back when her son Lucas was turning 3 [?] she had me do some toppers for him as well: Native American themed. :)

Oct 25, 2011

This is incredible...the song yes, but the twin boys!
Found via hardfeelingsblog

Oct 24, 2011

Hey Monday! How goes it?

Check out the craft dept. over at Martha Stewart! How fun would it be to work there?


Wish I could have been in this!
found via honestlywtf


Baggu has a new line of leather bags. They are so simple & PERFECT! 
found via LushLee


Lastly, some lovely hammered brass from The Vamoose

Oct 23, 2011

My children's blog "Little Red" is back and much cleaner looking.  Off to the right is the button that will get 
you there. :)

Oct 21, 2011

I look up to my husband in so many ways.

Earlier this evening I was in Bountiful helping Jesse, his brother Kyller, and their friend Adam with a huge window display project they have been working on for a company in downtown Salt Lake. I am not allowed to say what it is since they signed a disclosure. However, if you are in Salt Lake City for black Friday, you might wanna hang around the City Creek area...that's all I'm gonna say. :)  

I took this photo earlier tonight 

Anyways, on my way back home, I drove in silence. I was thinking about Jesse and all the wonderful things he has done for me since we met. One of my most precious memories to date is the day he took me on a looong long drive last month.  I was having a really rough day and dealing with some depression due to still not finding a job.  I couldn't stop crying and just felt so....lame. :( Why couldn't I find a job? I hadn't left our apt. in 4 days and really didn't care about a whole lot. Sooo, Jesse came in the bedroom, layed down next to me, held me in his arms and said "I'm taking you out to lunch, and then for a ride".   I pulled on a sweater and put on a hat and away we drove. First, we went to Ruth's diner which is in Emigration Canyon. Afterwards we continued driving... & drove for over an hour till we came to a very secluded lake. It was so peaceful. There was a huge rock that we layed our blanket down next to.

I was starting to feel better.


I love this photo of Jesse, and plan to enlarge it for his office someday. 
While on that rock, he played his harmonica for me...

We lapped in the sun, and Jesse talked to me about needing to have faith. Needing to believe that the right job for me is out there, and that God [or whomever you dear reader believes in] has not forgotten about me...this can be a hard thing to believe sometimes.  It is so important in a relationship to never have both partners be in the slums. Otherwise, who is going to bring the other out? My old boss Allison told me this one time. It is so true.  The drive back down was a lot prettier than on the way up...I kept thinking about the story of Rip Van Winkel and how much the scenery reminded me of that book. 

I eventually got out of my sadness...and tried working harder at trusting and believing that there is a job out there which is specifically tailored for me.  


Wednesday, Jesse brought me home a money tree as a gift for landing a job I wanted so bad. 
Thank you sweetie, I love you soo so much!

On Monday, I officially start working at Uppercase Living doing graphic design & illustration! Want to know the best part about this job? The Creative Director of this company is my very favorite old boss Allison Dayton !!! If you've followed my blog, you know who I am talking about and how much I adore her! What's even better is how much she adores her staff and all the employees there! This makes me even more excited to start work on Monday. A huuuuge difference compared to my last job.  It is sooo funny how things work out. I interviewed with some pretty great companies for some really great jobs, and was so sad every time I didn't hear back...but now none of that matters. I am looking forward to being happy at work again, just like when working for Allison! 

Here is a video [Allison is the one making the jewelry and behind the scenes in the photoshoot's] for Uppercase Living's new line of jewelry U Blume that she designed. This video gives me chills and makes me teary-eyed every time I watch it because the song matches exactly how I felt every day when working for Allison... 

Oct 20, 2011

Oct 19, 2011

This weekend, Jesse and I got together with his family to do their annual tradition of pumpkin painting. I was channeling Nightmare Before Christmas... everyone's pumpkins turned out great! 


Then last night, my mom took me, my lil sister Mari and our cousin Jessica [who was visiting SLC from Oregon for work] out to dinner. We ate the top of the Joseph Smith building in the Garden restaurant [?] Their food is nothing to rave about...but it is fun to be up there to see the view of the Salt Lake City Temple [pictured behind us] and then last night around 2 am in the morning I came down with a mini case of food poisoning that didn't go away till just a couple hours ago. :/  But if asked to do it all over again...I would. It was a lot of fun seeing Jessica and being around her bubbly personality! We hadn't seen her in about 20 years...so it was a fun little reunion! :)

[me, Jessica, my sister Mari, and my mom]


So yesterday when my mom came over before going to meet up with Jessica and Mari, she pulled out a book that she found for me which she said reminded her a lot of me and my paintings and love for prints.  I had never heard of this illustrator but I am in looove with this book's illustrations! You can easily find it HERE ON AMAZON starting at just $2.38! 

Don't you just love her cloak!? I am going to make my own little version of this once I get a couple projects out of the way....


Here is another book that I want to share with you all. I recently found this book at one of my favorite thrift stores.  It is always so exciting when you come upon an amazing score. This, book and a few others are definitely my scores for the month! You can also find it over at Amazon just starting at $3.59! 

What I love so much about this book Ilenka, is the color palette and the limited use of color. I am attracted to vintage children's book's for this reason. 

Isn't this page so cute. The animal head masks have me wanting to make my own!


Lastly, with the little amount of energy I had today...I made these two little hanging items from my painted paper.  I love making things like this because it just proves that one does not need a lot of money to be creative. A lot of my friends [AND JESSE] often here me say that if I ever have to go to Jail [I actually had a freak out 2 winters ago thinking Sallie Mae was literally going to take me to jail] then all I need is a lot of paper, my muji pens, and hopefully some paint if they allow. I would really be content. :-p

* This craft seems pretty straight forward [to me] on how to make...but I will have an upcoming tutorial in a day or two on how to make your own version of these. :)

Oct 15, 2011

Have you seen this video of the surprise these parent's did for their daughter Lily? It's moments like these that get me soooo excited to have kids someday.


on another note... how fantastic is this dress, this sold out dress... 

and this top....found at 212 ::: I love the side stripes running down
the sleeves, along with the enlarged keyhole detail on the right.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a "real" shopping experience...where money wasn't an issue, and I could buy what I wanted right then. This excludes thrift stores of course, because out here anyone can afford to shop at the thrift store. For example, I got thee cutest leather purse last week for only 25 cents! 

Anyways...the other day I came across this girl's blog [sadly I can't remember the name] that is solely dedicated to her yearly $600 clothing budget. Totally inspiring. 


& a really cool tip I learned from my sister-in-law Megan's makeup night she had recently:

Baking soda is great to use for cleansing the face, not too abrasive...and truly leaves your skin feeling squeeky clean. I used it yesterday morning and was astounded at how it made my skin feel. Just mix it with your face wash...it's so affordable, you almost cannot afford to not try it. Cornmeal also works amazing for both face and body...best to use it in the shower though.


I want this mobile...NOW! You don't need a behbeh to appreciate this cuteness! & One could definitely make this using femo clay if they didn't have access to a pottery clay and a kiln....like moi.

and lastly...if you have a blouse or blazer that needs a little extra something something...what about a broach from this cute little seller in Paris? Found at Hello Possum  Plus, it's a good way to show your autumn pride..no?

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