Nov 10, 2011

The NCFYW, makes me do this: 

Trust want to click on that link. Get ready to be inspired. 

I was telling my co-worker yesterday about Jessica Hische [a REMARKABLE young typographer/illustrator] and that her latest blog post appropriately titled "The Dark Art of Pricing" , gives great advice on how to price your work for those designers out there [moi] who constantly find themselves getting themselves in a financial pricking pickle when it comes to freelance work etc. The comments her readers leave are just as priceless. Even if you're not some form of a designer but are perhaps someone who does hire them for any would be good for you to read so one can get a realistic feel as to where the designer is coming from.  I remember Jesse telling me awhile back that it feels like our society treats graphic designers [for instance] as a dime a dozen, and that the majority of people take designing something for granted. Something to think about....agree/disagree?

Jessica Hische:
Isn't she cute?! Doesn't she seem so approachable and friendly? :)

I love this answer from Jessica in response to a question about what advice she can give to women starting out in her field. However, I feel her answer is applicable to everyone. 

"Don’t make very rigid plans for your career. It’s good to have a plan, just don’t ignore all the happy accidents. Sometimes little opportunities happen along the way that make a big difference in your happiness and put you ultimately where you should be in your career."

I tend to crush on designers and/or musicians who evoke happy personalities all the time. It seems within the design world, that many a designer is focused more on looking "interesting" or cool as apposed to just really really happy being in their career and making a good living at it!

Like this photo for instance of Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen..with whomever. 
Don't you think they would seem easier to talk to or at least look like a fun pair of girls, had they been smiling? The handful of fashion shows I went to while living in New York really irked me for this reason. Everyone is always sooo serious and rarely smiling. I was always busting at the seems with giddiness to see new creations. I really love happy smiley people and actively seek them out as friends! A new friend I made at work who wears one probably 24/7 is Sarah...she is just darling! You can see why when you visit her blog. :) She really brings a light into the office.

Anyways...perhaps smiling is for the less cool?Or maybe it's not in style yet...maybe next fall smiling will be the new black? Either way, my smile is here to stay... and whether I look nerdy or not, i'm having fun! :-[)


On another note...this weekend I will be adding many links to my blog [a VERY overdue task] and if you are a reader who feels I don't know about your blog and you would like me to link it...shoot me an email and I will include you. :) Family & close friends, you will obviously be added! xo


Sarah Larsen said...

Oh my Roxy, reading this seriously formed a little tear in my eye.

PS I stole a little drawing of yours from this blog and printed it out for my cubicle. Maybe I can buy the print sometime. :)

ROXY MARJ said...

Sarah, I hope you saved that one little tear... :-[) lol you're so funny! Which drawing? I'll GIVE you the print for free! xo

Aaron said...

Roxy! Sarah Larson is mine and kate's cuz!

Small world.

You're amazing.

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