Jun 30, 2011

Two things:

1. It is one of my best friend's birthday today: Ken Kinoshita... HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY! I miss you!
PAAAALEEEASE come visit Utah again, and let's ride bikes. Especially since I think I may have a good chance at kicking your bootay this time [high altitude ma friend!] lol

* This picture was taken at my art/going away party. I moved to Salt Lake City a week later....

#2  Which is in relation to Ken.  Last Saturday, Jesse and I went with some friends to hear Ira Glass speak at Kingsbury Hall. It was such a fun night. Back in 2007, Ken introduced me to the wonderful world of podcasts, mainly This American Life & Radiolab. THANK YOU KEN!  Two AWESOME programs that you will instantly get addicted to. Ira Glass is the creator and host of This American Life. If you have no idea what I am talking about, do take a listen - you will become entranced! Plus, you can listen to all the episodes for free, and they started in 1995!  And don't forget to listen to Radiolab as well!

* After Ira was done speaking he opened it up to the audience for questions. I was lucky and was the last one picked. :-[) I asked him if he could play his "This American Life" music while I asked my question. Everyone in the audience laughed really hard as well as Ira and he asked if I wanted romantic or somber. I chose somber. The music started playing, I waited 3 seconds and then asked "Do you cry a lot?" The whole audience broke out in laughter. My question was actually serious though. Half the time I listen to T.A.L. I cry. The stories are so touching that it strikes a chord in me, and this was something that I wondered about Ira himself. His response... he is not really an emotional guy BUT you wanna know what movies do make him cry? PAUL RUDD MOVIES! Jesse and I almost fell off our rockers. We both can't stand Paul Rudd! lol We all laughed so hard.


This morning I recently came across music podcast by the New York Times. Excited to get my listen on today at work! Peace out my friends. :)

Jun 27, 2011

Last week, I had the opportunity of driving to Idaho Falls for work. Since Jesse's Aunt & Uncle and Grandpa & Grandma Barrus all live in the Idaho Falls vicinity, Jesse decided to come along on the trip. We only spent one night there, but in the that short time we seemed to see/do a lot.  After I was done with work for the day, Jess and I headed to Idaho Fall's little downtown for dinner. They have quite a few old buildings with some great typography. The same night there was a beer fest happening, so a lot of people were scattered about.
We saw an AWESOME Indian motorcycle - see Menfolk for up close pics of that, and then we came upon what seemed to be an fantastic looking thrift store....sadly, the only thing fantastic about it was the sign outside. However, we did find a wonderful restaurant to eat at, The Snake Bite...where both Jesse and I were savoring every single bite of our meals! My grilled salmon sandwich had a yummy dill sauce inside, along with sprouts & cuc's that you can see. Their Italian sodas.... HALLELUJAH  MOMMA!  And then to top the night off, we spotted a neat tee-pee mural that I tried really hard at taking a serious picture in front of. :-[)

The next day after work again, we packed up our things and headed towards Jesse's Grandparents house for a quick dinner before heading back to Salt Lake City.  Ironically right after taking the photo of us and the humongous cloud, 5 min later happily driving away, we see papers, back pack, cell phone etc. flying in the wind. Yep, I left my backpack on the roof of the car. You can actually see it in the photo below.... luckily my camera wasn't in there. This happened on a pretty one of their rural roads...so no cars came whizzing by smashing everything. That didn't damper the trip what so ever. We laughed, sighed [my cell phone is pretty banged up now] and drove onward.

I always love visiting with Jesse's Grandparents. They have sooo many stories to tell about their little farm they had, and all the fun activities Jesse and his siblings and cousins did together. They used to have ho-downs in the barn with all the cousins and everyone would wear western costumes that Grandma Jo made! HOW FUN!  Before leaving, I asked Grandma Jo if it was okay if I took pics of some of the photos they have hanging on their wall. I especially love the one of Grandpa Barrus and Grandma Jo. Earlier, she had showed me photos of her mother and Aunt. They are so endearing.... I could just look at them all day long. :)

Jun 26, 2011

A lengthy post - but one actually worth ready.

Little late bloomer here. I am assuming that most of you reading this right now has already seen the trailer for "The Help"? I just now watched it a second ago, and typical wee wee wee I cry all the way home Roxy now has to go blow her nose. Pretty much, my most favorite movies are the ones so inspiring, that they will literally get me throwing fist air punches all over the place yelling "YES" to the character who finally stuck it to the self centered jack ass!  That said, I CANNOT WAIT to see this movie!  "The Help" brought out some funky emotions in me due to being "the help" a couple times in my life. While living in New York, before my 3rd nanny job [that I often mention in my blog with sooo many fond & happy memories] I worked for two other families in one year. The first nanny job I acquired upon my arrival in Manhattan, was stationed on the 36th floor of an amazing high rise building whose space was shared with the likes of Howard Stern, Regis Philbin, Liam Neeson and many many soap stars. My bedroom window which happened to also be the office window had thee most amazing view of Central park. That job lasted 2 months.  Then I was off to a 52 min commute every day in Long Island, no longer doing the live-in thing, but yet again getting tricked into a job that seemed to good to be true. I was this family's 14th nanny in 2 years - why I didn't see the red flags still confuses me to this day. However, I am one of timing's biggest supporters and it wasn't till 6 months later that I got fired [THANK YOU FRENCH FAMILY IN LONG ISLAND!!!] and then wisely chose to go through an agency the third time around. If you are ever considering being a nanny...GO THROUGH AN AGENCY! The majority of crazies do not go through an agency because 1. They are cheap 2. They don't give a hoot about finding the right nanny/caregiver for their children & 3. They aren't going to pay you well, which also means they are going to cheat you in every direction, and they don't want an agency calling them or YOU asking about how your experience is going so far.  I finally went through an agency - and yes, there was a couple of wack-job families that I interviewed with that I did NOT feel good about. Here's a tip: if you are interviewing for a nanny job with the mother, and her "precious" son comes up and asks for a toy to play with and the mother says "not now son" and little precious doesn't like that response so decides to slap her [he is around 5 by the way] and she laughs it off..yeah...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE...no matter how much money they offer. Get out of there! When I was in the middle of this experience and witnessed just what I had told you all... I kept thinking to myself "lawsuit..lawsuit...lawsuit" It's parents like that who will believe their 5 year old child over you - you will always loose. After landing my most favorite job to boot, I had witnessed that type of scenario take place with a couple of my other nanny friends in New York. It was sad and so humiliating for them. :(

I would say that most nanny's in New York are in their late 30's to 50's, sometimes illegal and typically from Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, Thailand, and Singapore. With that said, this puts them in the "I will get taken advantage of category". After being a nanny for many years, I saw plenty of racism, but it was more watered down. I remember hearing story upon story of all the ridiculous requests these entitled employers were asking of their nannies. One of the most famous one's I heard was from the nanny who worked in the same building as me. Almost every Wednesday for a couple years we would meet in the laundry room to do the wash together... one week she was livid..her best friend who was also a nanny just a block away, had recently been TOLD by her new employer that she was to wash this ladie's panties, separately....and by hand. Another pit in my stomach had formed. I have said many a times that I got lucky with the last  family I nannied for.  Never had I been asked to do something that the parents themselves wouldn't do. In my interview I was not asked if I was cpr certified. That was my "make it or break it" question. Once that question was asked I new that it would not be a fun job. So many parents will require this of their nannies, but they themselves are not cpr certified.  I think they feel that having that requirement makes them a better parent, but not realizing that what is even better is if the PARENTS are actually cpr certified...anyways my long winded point I am trying so hard to make through all my web's of syntax is that "The Help" looks AWESOME. And hopefully...just hopefully it will open employers eye's  who do have housekeepers, nannies, or both and perhaps need a good teaching to. Even though this movie takes place in the 50's [?] that kind of "I am better than you" behavior still exists.  Lastly, if you are someone who has some help around the house and thinks that you don't fit into this category...well then ask yourself this question: If your adult daughter or son happened to be working for another family doing the same job as your hired help, are you honestly okay with them getting the same pay and treatment that you give your help? If the answer is yes, I totally respect you.... if it is "uhhh not really"...
:( please change that.

Jun 24, 2011

And the winner is.............. :-[) Ha! You gotta watch the movie.  Disclaimer: This was a 1 take video and I am aware of my purple biker shorts, and that they may not be thee most fashionable item. Jesse said I looked like a dork this morning --- I laughed so hard! However, I love them...and I love riding my bike in short skirts and not having to worry about whether or not creepsters can see my underwear. :)

Continuation of last giveaway's reader's comments --- of favorite blogs they like...and the rest will be added when I get off work, As well as the winner of my Roxy Marj patent leather tote will be announced today around .....5pm  so, there is still a little time left to enter folks! :) 

Jun 22, 2011

When I had my last giveaway, I asked those participating to list off their favorite sites/blogs. This morning I have a couple of those sites for you [handwritten & pics are taken from the actual sites] - I will do the rest of the list this coming Friday morning since I am leaving for Idaho in an hour for work & I don't have a whole lot of time to post.  : /







Jun 21, 2011

Hey friends! Up for grabs is one of my patent leather totes!As you can see it is without a liner. You [the winner] can choose to have it sent raw as pictured or I can make a liner with a drawstring closure...either way, it's a pretty fantastic tote! Super hearty, waterproof, hand stitched w/ suede cording and an overall classic look. This giveaway is open to all readers, international and beyond :-[)

How to win: 2 things! 1. Follow my blog 2. what book are you reading this summer, if nothing...how come? 

Good luck! 

Jun 20, 2011

Tomorrow I will roll out my giveaway that you don't want to miss - was supposed to be last week, some weeks it is so hard to find time to make/sew big projects when one is working full time as well as keeping an orderly house and being with friends and family. But...the item is almost complete.

Till then,check these lovelies out:

Loeffler Randal Shoes! found via Refinery 29's pictures of NYC's coolest dads! 

Gioia Mignon Sandals - perfect for summer, and by the looks of the soft cording...there would be no "breaking in" to these ladies....

Blaise Flat Moccasins - don't you just want to rub them? These ladies or from his pre-fall collection

and then the best looking bucket bag evah...from Steven Alan - look how hearty this is, definitely would not
be falling apart any time soon! 

and oh oh oh oh if I was in New York right now I would be hitting this up Lauren Moffat's 
sample sale tomorrow! That dress...I have to say, that is the most perfect dress for someone born on the 4th of July!  :-[)  But you guys don't care about all that.... you just wanna see the giveaway! Well I don't blame you!

Jun 16, 2011

Good morning - good morning! I have lots of fun things to touch on today. Guys..errr Ladies [?] if you are itching for another easy design project, need some graphic design inspiration, or would like to know of a new band? Today is that day. Actually, I do try and make every day that kind of day for us all...but today is especially chock full of design funness! Let's begin:

My tutorial I promised I would post a couple days ago - see directions after the photos :)

  • Take a photo of your silhouette. 
  • Open your photo up in Photoshop. ::: If you do not have Photoshop on your comp. no worries. Simply take the photo of yourself/husband/child - print out and make a B&W photocopy [enlarge if needed] then using your light box or window, put the sticker paper over photo and trace the outline on the sticker paper. 
  •  Photo is opened in Photoshop. Now go to Image > Grayscale > Discard :::: Then click Filter > Sketch > Photocopy :::: play w/ detail and darkness. Detail should be under a 5 and darkness around 50
  •  Print out on sticker paper - if you are using words, MAKE SURE THEY ARE REVERSED! :)

  •  Take a cotton ball and dab some surface conditioner on it. Just like when you are using nail polish remover. Smear your plate with the cotton ball making sure the entire surface is covered. A light coat is all that's needed. Wait about 5 min or less to dry. REMEMBER:  you have 4 hours to paint your image on your plate before having to condition it again.

  • With a dark pen, trace around silhouettes making sure to emphasize the small details. Using your tiny sharp scissors, cut from the inside of silhouette out :::: remember, you are making a hole. Some people forget this and cut around the silhouette if that makes sense? 
  • Place sticker paper on plate [Also, make sure that the silhouette fits the size of the plate] and with your finger nail go over the inside edges real good. 
  • Using a nylon brush, paint from the edges in. Try to use thin even coats of paint...this helps in preventing your silhouette for getting a bubbly line. Wait about an hour for the paint to dry completely. Peel off sticker SLOWLY and then using the same nylon brush [make sure to clean with cold soapy water after applying paint] paint over silhouette with glaze. Then wait 10 days for plate to FULLY dry. Plate should then be dishwasher safe.  Surface cleaner, paint & glaze can all be found at Michaels.

Another thing I am really excited about and looking forward to getting back to is my man blog : Menfolk! 
November was the last time I posted anything due to trying to plan a wedding/reception. I have given him a little facelift, where I will be continuing to work on through the next couple weeks and adding back all my favorite men's blog links to the side.

So if you are a little tomboy like me or an actual man, might I suggest taking a look at today's post? It is all about my favorite men's magazine:  "Free & Easy" - if you would like to read the post, click .HERE

<><><> Lastly <><><>

I came upon this interesting looking book last weekend. Besides the awesome graphic design inside...I love that what IS inside doesn't match the cover at all....very misleading, but in a good way. So this book is a collection of all the Friend magazines from 1956. 

I opened the book and saw all this! Love the graphic design so much, that when Jesse and start a family someday I want to cut these out and frame them to go in our nursery. 

These are just some of the cute activities, poems, and stories that can be found inside.

And when I came across this little story "Old Sockeye" this morning, I almost choked on my cereal from laughing so hard. 
"Peeved" ?!?  lol - I find it funny because these old magazines are from the LDS church publication offices [if your are Mormon, did I word that correctly?] and I doubt you would peeved in any of the Friend magazines today. Sooo funny!

<><><> VERY lastly! <><><>

A new band [Miami Horror ] I came across via my friend Riley's blog : Keepin it Epic

Jun 14, 2011

It is always my luck when I write something on my blog like "check back later tonight for my tutorial..." Well I couldn't find my sticker paper last night to document the plate tutorial for you all...and I tried looking for it this morning but no luck till 5 min ago...and now I have to get ready for work. Anyways, long story short : That tutorial is pushed back to tomorrow. For now, I have a super easy and quick project for those of us who have radiators in our homes/apts. and don't have them covered.  Since we are renting and plan on hopefully buying a little house this year, I couldn't justify actually making some hardwood radiator covers. So till that happens, I just covered them in fabric.


There are just a coupl things about living in Utah that I struggle with. My main item would be the lack of "designer" resources here in Salt Lake City... you would think for all the people out here who sew & quilt that it would be a mecca for all things fabric, thread, accessories hardware, body forms etc... but it is slim pickins my friends. There are so many things that I would like to make [accessories-wise] and wish I could just hop on over to the garment district in Manhattan, but alas...not right now.  I have been drooling over a couple items from Toast - These ADORABLE and non-cheap looking striped espadrilles...and their canvas haversack, an item I would like to make for myself this summer...but where to find that hardware? Well, in situations like this - Thrift Stores act as a saving grace, and for a bag like this: Army Surplus stores. I usually end up buying an unattractive bag at the thrift store just for the hardware, and most of the time, this ends up being cheaper than the hardware itself that I would purchase in Manhattan. Turning lemons into lemonade. One day at a time. :)

<><><> Lastly <><><>

Totally random but sooo soo funny! Forgive me if I have already posted this on my blog, but I can't stop watching it ~ especially when I need a good laugh! May I present to you: SEXY SAX MAN!!!!

Jun 13, 2011

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was pretty relaxing and productive. I have a some easy design projects coming up TONIGHT and for Tuesday and Friday. Also this coming weekend I will have FABULOUS giveaway that is perfect for summer!

Tonight's tutorial will be about how to paint a silhouette on a plate. I just finished this one for my co-worker Jamie. It is of her and the husband. I also did a little one of their son, Drex, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Then, our friend Josh came over to show us the wedding announcement that I designed for he and his fiance Emilie.  Me and Josh's friend Colt did the text and then designed the temple insert card. Colt also printed the announcements since he and his wife own a letterpress machine. I think they turned out so great! If anyone needs some cards/announcements etc. designed, just hit me up! :-[)

On Saturday Jesse made a suuuuper good breakfast! He is such a good chef that I have considered secretly creating a food blog about him. :) Friday night he made us burritos and sauteed sliced apples to put in the mix. SO SO GOOD! I wish I had taken a picture of that! Oh, we also went and saw Woody Allen's new film "Midnight in Paris" sooo good sooo Woody Allen, I could see it over and and over again! Have you seen it yet? What did you think? 

Jun 11, 2011

and...real quick before I get back to my weekend:

How lovely are these stairs? That would make for the sweetest welcome home surprise ever! Pic found via: Ada and Darcy and the photograph was taken by photographer Polly Wreford. <- Do go to both sites, but especially Polly's, she has such an eye for photography. disclaimer: don't be fooled by Polly's site. It is a little dated looking but her photos are not.

To all my readers [hopefully I have more than 10? ; -/) eek! ] who live in the states:

I just read  on Jordan's blog from Oh Happy Day that she is giving away a trip for 2 to PARIS!!!! And the contest ends June 20th! Go enter my friends while there's still time, and if you win - send me a postcard? :-[)

Jun 10, 2011

AHHH!!! I would like to quickly interrupt this Friday morning with one more caaaaaaaaa--uuuuuute thing!

How darling is this outfit?!? I'll wear it all! :[) found via: The Sartorialist

Dear Friday,

I love you! 

Guys, this post is geared a teeny tiny bit to those who live here in Utah.  DownEast [where I work] is still having their tent sales. Currently they are at the Orem, Ogden & Logan stores and end TOMORROW! I should have mentioned this days ago but I have just been forgetful as usual. I mention the tent sales because there are DEALS to be had my friends! Yesterday I was helping out with Orem's tent sale and out of the corner of my eye I see a pile of dark denim on top of all the clothes [All DownEast Basics are 2 for $5 and everything else: Diesel, A&E, J.Crew etc. are $5 a piece!] I somewhat quickly [yes you have to be super speedy here] and moved in that direction, picked that pile up, and found myself an AWESOME pair of A&G coveralls! They are so cute with all it's little details.

I would say that my specialty in fashion design is in denim, outerwear, and accessories [mainly bags] and one of my very favorite clothing items is in fact a GOOD pair of overalls. In the last decade I have owned about 8 pairs and ironically all but 2 were from H&M! I don't know what it is but they seem to have the overalls perfected. They are clean, streamlined, and perfect silhouettes. A tiny little tip that I am going to assume you all already know: AVOID buying ANY denim that has obvious faded makes in the front/back [the ones that look like you peed your pants] tons of goobly gock hardware and crazy thick top stitching. With denim, just keep it simple and classic. :)

My overalls: sadly, I am not that tall so there will be some shortening and some taking in of the sides.

Other great pairs of overalls/coveralls:


Fun side note: Last week was Jesse's birthdaY as I had mentioned in one of my posts. Well one of the gifts I got him was this replica of a vintage Mercedes [he is a vintage car/motorcycle buff] at this cute little home decor shop Emilie Jayne [pic via Ashley Winn] in my neighborhood. I just noticed the other day that it has ROMa written on the license plate! It was meant to be! :) 

Have a great weekend! 

Hope some of you get to be doing some of this [below] and if so...Jesse and I are living vicariously through you!

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