Jul 27, 2010

I will now be weekly guest blogging over at Stacks of Style, my latest post is about the Saami people aka Lapps! :) See you there! xo

Jul 22, 2010

Gosh....can you believe I have not posted in almost a month??!!! True Hollywood story! :( I wish I could say that I have been out to sea looking for one of my friends Salty Bear...but no... or that I hopped on a plane to Dubai  to snow-ski at the world's largest indoor ski resort [I recently heard about this amazing phenomenon] or that I have been attacked by killer ladybugs and am in bed with the polka dots... but none of these stories my dear friends is the reason for my absence... There are actually quite a few, and legit they kinda are!  I would say the main one has a lot to do with me liking a guy. And not just any guy, but a real good one! Even though I have a blog, and will blast loads upon loads of information about myself on this here thing...one thing I have been pretty discreet about is the guys I have dated since my divorce... I think for obvious reasons. But Jesse [the fellow I am dating] has won me over, so much so that I forget my blog exists some days... he is quite special...and I am looking forward to tons more adventures with this guy...which I will share on here from time to time. :)

Recently I mentioned my best friend Sarah coming to visit me....Which was a BLAAAST! Here are just a few highlights from that visit:

First day she arrived, we rode bikes to the Salt Lake City Arts Festival... Here she is about to get on my bike....

10 minutes later, I kid you not...she crashed! Even though that isn't a funny thing to laugh about...it actually was quite hilarious! In the process of crashing Sarah somehow broke her sandal and then twisted the handlebars....She is telling Jesse and I what had just happened...we all couldn't stop laughing. 

Later that evening, Jesse and I were doing some serious airplaneing! This game takes talent folks! That's right, TALENT! I don't wanna brag or anything, but i've been know around these parts as someone who knows her stuff when it comes to doing the airplane! Just saying....


The next day Jesse, my good friend Megan and I took Sarah on her very first camping trip in the Uintahs! It was AWESOME!! Before setting up camp, we made a pit stop at the nearby nudist ranch...that's right, we got our nude on! 


Later that night around 11 pm-ish...we took some fantastic photos with Jesse's camera...he did a long exposure which made the sky light up as if it was morning..but it wasn't. Can you see the stars in the sky? It was one of the coolest things ever! Plus, we got lucky and camped on a night with a full moon...it shone so brightly on our campsite that it kept me up most of the night!  

In the afternoon we drove around and did some sight seeing, found a lake [I forget the name] and Jesse attempted to do some fishing...but no catch..we think it was still too cold.
Here is a photo of me in front of Provo Falls [? correct] I post this just because my boss Allison had asked me to design her daughter's stake girls camp t-shirts! HECK YEAH MAN! So this was the design I came up with [they came up with the saying] and then the girls all tie-dyed the t's....so so cute!

So later that day we then surprised Sarah and took her to her first rodeo! YEE-HAW! [more pictures/video of this experience to come!] :-[) It was so neat! I love myself a good rodeo. I do I do!

The next and last day was spent up in Alpine at my mom and step dad's house. We took a scenic drive back to Salt Lake and got some wonderful photos of the Salt Lake valley and sun setting....

This Saturday, Sarah moves back to Lebanon where she is from.... I am going to miss her soooo much! :( I was just in New York this past week and a half and got to spend a short amount of time with her again before she leaves.  She was able to stay a night with me at my friends place... that was fun, as always.  However, I was trying really hard to keep myself from crying. I will miss her so much... and can't wait till we see each other again... Best friends are the absolute best! That is why they are called best friends! Ha! lol I am a cheese ball tonight - but it is 3:20 am in the morning right now and I can't very well expect myself to be saying hip things right now.  >>> Off to bed my friends...more to come, for absolute sure of the sureness! <<< Nighty!
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