Jun 25, 2012

Loving the prints & outerwear in Lauren Moffatt's Fall 2012 line....

As well as this amazing burned hanger from Burned Furniture. These hangers would definitely be something
to collect over time. Especially in different patterns if available.

Jun 22, 2012

Yesterday I got my haircut real short again, which I like a lot. But I was worried that maybe it would make me look older...anyways, this morning when Jesse and I woke up...he told me again how much he liked it really short. But  I did want to know his opinion on how it made me look age-wise. This was his response:  "Honestly Roxy, I don't think your haircut makes you look older, however I do think you look older when you are sad and depressed..but when you're happy and in a good mood, you look so much younger." I appreciated hearing that and I know I needed to hear it! Lately I have had some major downs...<- tis the season? Who knows, either way...being sad doesn't fix anything.

 I have been thinking about what Jesse said all this morning and realized that for me, being happy is the best beauty trick ever, it's the fountain of youth! And how quick I have forgotten that my favorite accessory one can ever wear....is a genuine smile. :-[)  I was also reminded of someone I knew growing up who when she was not nice, she looked so old and ugly, but when she was nice and happy.....she was the most beautiful lady. Perspective is so interesting huh....

So in honor of being happy, I thought it best to make some happy faces. And the whole time I was drawing them...I realized I was smiling. I love my husband! :))

Jun 20, 2012

I can't think of a better thing to build right now than a little free library! It reminds me of the mailbox that the March sisters shared with Laurie in Little Women. So you can see this over at Etsy and I bet you will instantly get that crazy leg a shakin...itchin to make it...yesterday! I know exactly where ours will go too, right next to the garden and the sidewalk. :) I really can't get over how brilliant this idea is....Hopefully you and I will see more of these pop up all over until they become a common thing, like a mailbox.

Jun 19, 2012

I love all these quilts stacked on top of one another. mixing different organic fabrics is so elegant, and then adding assorted patterns and stripes makes it more casual and fun. Plus, this looks insanely cozy and fresh. My favorite is the bottom quilt [currently sold out over at TOAST] that is made from two Ethiopian shawls. The pattern is very lovely.... and  I am also the placement of the little slips poking out under the bed. so cute.

Image found via Remodelista

Jun 18, 2012

This picture is currently hanging in one of our guest bedrooms downstairs, it's covering up a huge black spray-painted spot on one of the walls. I'd love to meet the person who decided to do that. Anyways, the quote from Jane Austen on top of the picture is a vinyl that I designed while working at Uppercase Living. Too bad they no longer have it. :( 

I wish I would have cut out more of my vinyl designs when working at Uppercase, because I want to put a quote over the top of this picture [below] that Jesse and I recently acquired. I'll just have to paint it by hand ...I am trying to find a nice saying to go with this one..any ideas/favorites?.....I also really love this Painting of Christ, it has kind of a "Sleeping Beauty" feel to it don't you think.... 

While unpacking more things the other day, I came across my beads. I love coming across old familiar things...even if it's been a couple months since you've seen it. Whatever it is, it usually feels brand new all over again. I haven't made myself some jewelry in awhile, and so I played with them for awhile and came up with some new ideas of what to make. The creative process is so interesting...because I went back to the beads again today and saw even more new ideas that I didn't see on Friday! 

I thought these designs would make for some cute barrette's. Although,
I am not totally sold on the mushrooms...those should probably just be strung.

These are my favorite though. I made the muslin pieces my Sophomore year of college when we started draping with the stuff at school. I got really obsessed with muslin, and the infatuation hasn't ended. It's such a fun, diverse and super affordable fabric to work with. These guys will be made into necklaces. The beads to the right on the muslin piece are from the 1930's. Pretty huh. :)


I mailed one of my Tilly Brooch's last week to none other than my dear friend Tilly.... whom my character was named after. :) And because I love to wrap gifts/packages and I love to see how others wrap things too, I thought it best to animate the process. A nice way to make a package feel even more special for your recipient: wrap in fabric! Especially when you find loads of it for next to nothing at the thrift store, AND in fun unique prints. 

Tilly Brooch Goes to the Post Office

Jun 15, 2012

My sister came over yesterday to hang out and with her she brought me these cheese collectors cards. They are from the Beehive Cheese Co. that she picked up at Williams Sonoma, because she knows I love cheese! :) lol I like the little packaging and how it opens up. I have been thinking about what I want to do for my upcoming 31st birthday next month, and I think I know now...visit the Beehive Cheese Co. , specifically to taste that smoked apple walnut! Anyone in the Davis/Salt Lake County or vicinity wanna come with? : [) Too nerdy?

I am sure you have already kick-started your summer reading.... mine officially starts tomorrow! One of my VERY favorite books that I hope you've read but still wanted to share, is "The Hundred Dresses" by Eleanor Estes and illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators Louis Slobodkin. It's about a polish girl living in upstate New York with her Dad and brother during the 40's and is based on a true story. Wanda [the Polish girl] is very poor and in junior high. The school girls always make fun of her because she wears the same dress to school every day, but then one day Wanda tells all the girls that she has 100 dresses....and that's all I am going to share. If you have never read it, I recommend buying it! It makes me cry every time I read it because of the sweet and honest story and because it reminds me of myself one time in junior high and when I spread a very mean rumor about a girl that I didn't like [this was because she was actually never nice too me...but still does not justify my behavior] and our whole class turned against her that she ended up having to switch classes. I never got over that until 9th grade when she and I became friends again...I still cringe every time I think about what I did. :[  But that is not the book I will be reading tomorrow...it is Eleanor Estes' other book The Middle Moffat which is book two of her Moffat series. :)

and then this book that I absolutely had to share: Making Faces by Norman Messenger. How funny and awesome is this? I can only imagine the fun kids would have with this book...perfect for church, car rides, vacations, doctor visits...you can get the "Famous Faces" version HERE for only 1 penny!!
Have a great weekend. :)

Jun 13, 2012

With Father's Day nearing, I have been thinking about what to get my Dad.
I will probably get him a book, but I wanted to include something unpredictable,
 so I did this little painting for my Dad of C.S. Lewis.

But guess what, you too can give it to your Dad!

 Its size is 5x7, just click on the picture and drag to your desktop. 

*Best to print it on some nice paper or even take it to the printers.
 Either way, I think your Dad will be happily surprised to get a little 
painting of C.S. Lewis..either framed or used as a card....that is, if he is a fan. :)

p.s. THIS book about a famous dad and raising his 5 kids sounds like a pretty funny read!

Jun 12, 2012

New Roxy Marj items have been added to my shop

Fabric envelopes! A couple more patterns and colors coming soon.

Brooch's that will make that outfit just a little more unique.... :)

and some pillows for your cute kids' bed....or you...
HEY! I don't discriminate with my designs, even if they seem childish.

So I recently switched back to Etsy from Bigcartel. As much as I like Bigcartel's more streamlined look, sadly it doesn't make up for traffic. Just these past two days of being back on Etsy , I have received the same amount of views of 4 months of Bigcartel! That's insane!

Annnyways...I love having items up in my shop, because that usually means giveaways! 

Check back soon. :)

Jun 11, 2012

This past weekend both Jesse and I got a lot done. Which was exciting because it means that the future weekends to come we will be able to do absolutely nothing if we choose... actually that will really happen once our roof is re-shingled. But other than that, we have the next couple years to work as slow as we want on our house now that the upstairs is 75% complete.

First though, Jesse and his brother Kyller built a picket fence around our garden using old fencing Kyller had found. I love it,  and I love how rustic it looks. The little gate is also a favorite. Part of it is the old window from our garage, Jesse knocked the glass out and voila...you got yourself a garden gate!


We acquired some chairs from Jesse's dad's house last week and I decided to recover them with my two Ikea rugs [$3 each] so they would have a hearty look and feel to them. I also liked that they already had red and black in them to tie in with our kitchen.

Side note: our friends Scott and Lyric brought us a little house warming gift the other day and I thought it was too cute not to share. Definitely framing this little print and putting it up in our kitchen! Scott's sister Lindsay drew this and I think sells them at the Farmers Market? You can check out her blog here. 

The office.....oh the office. I cannot tell you how nice it has been to finally have our office done. I was starting to feel like a hermit with being stuck in our bedroom all day with the blinds closed, so as not to put a glare on the computer screen...That was probably the hardest thing for me about doing this fixer-upper, was being stuck in one room all day long...and it doesn't help much when you get those nasty blues... :/  But it's done, and it doesn't feel claustrophobic anymore! :)

Keep in mind...each room still has some minor tweaks [like curtains, lighting, artwork & shelves hung] but overall the whole upstairs is starting to feel complete.  The desk below in our office was a fun little project to work on with Jesse. It's really neat to put our heads together and see what we can come up with...i've said it before and i'll say it again, I love working with my husband and learning new things from him. i.e. the metal hardware on our desk that we got was galvanized [very cheap by the way, at Home Depot] and to get that worn look, Jesse told me to sand the exposed sides down with our electric sander, dig a hole, bury them with water, cover with dirt and then wait a day or two to uncover...such a difference and I love the subtle look it brings.

Lastly, the living room. This room has taken the longest...and still has a little ways to go, but we were finally able to move the furniture in. Those floors are a little different than the hallway and office. We actually scrubbed those floors with brillo pads to take away the stain to make the floor look really old..it reminds Jesse of the way people use to stain their floors in the beginning with tar [?] <- I had never heard of that before, but sounds really interesting and cool!

You may be wondering whose dog that is... or not. :) Well as of yesterday this little guy is ours! His name is Harley and he has been Jesse's family dog for the last 10 years. His dad is moving down south to Provo and because Harley has a tendency to runaway a lot, they were afraid he would be gone for good...plus,  Jesse's dad and stepmom aren't as home as much. So when they suggested [or we offered? I forget] we take Harley both Jesse and I were totally on board! Today was his first day here and it was too cute and familiar of when I had my two yorkies years ago. I have missed soooooooo much having a pet companion. There is nothing like having animals around, especially the kind that follows you wherever you go in the house. Hilarious! They are such a comfort to the human soul!

Early this afternoon I walked into our bedroom and saw Harley laying on our bed in the sunlight and just had to take a picture of how cute that moment was. No, this blog isn't going to turn into a Harley loooove fest, however if there is an adventure that he goes on that needs to be shared...well, I don't really have a choice now do I? :-[) 

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