Aug 31, 2008

School is starting in 2 days and I am only 1/2 way done with my summer thesis homework. Basically how it goes is..summer before your Senior year you are to design 3 collections with 40-50 croquis [figures/and flat sketches of clothing] and lots of treatments, [stay tuned for pics of that] and everything needing to be fully painted... a lot of work, but so exciting. So when we start class on Tuesday, we will present our collections to our teachers and then they with our critic will help us decide which collection we are going to make for our Senior Thesis Collection! Pretty exciting! :)

Freelancing for Fred Flare has been such a blessing. To be able have a job that you absolutely adore is heaven! At the beginning of the summer I did this cake project for them where I had to illustrate the pictures and decorate their Devils Food Cake. SO MUCH FUN! Anyhoo...they had it recently featured on Design Sponge where in my mind is a huge deal considering I find Design Sponge to be the #1 resource for all things...Design! :)


It is weird to think that this time next year
I will be in Grad school... and I don't know which
one... :/ these are the schools I am applying to
all in the order of first pick. I guess I should say
this time next year I hope to be in Grad school! :)

1. Royal College of Art
2. Central Saint Martins
3. Rhode Island School of Design
4. Pratt Institute

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