Mar 21, 2013

cue the slow life: 


all of these done very slowly, calmly and peacefully . . . . . 

This coming Tuesday my ceramics class finally starts. Been anticipating this forever it seems... And next week Jesse and I will build our garden boxes... I am eager to get back working on our yard again, put up a fence, plant some bushes and trees for more privacy and see how last years flowers will look this year! Even though I worked a TON outside last summer and moving into a new house and fixing things I feel like this past year I have been online way more than I would have liked... which basically means to me: my life has felt a little off balance. I'm pushing the restart button friends [ever done that? ] and welcoming the slow life back ... You will see less of me on here, as well as FB & Instagram, but when I do post I hope that the quality will override the quantity... and hopefully that will make up for my absence. :) xo

Mar 15, 2013

Howdy there! Jumping on the blog train today before the weekend starts! :) 

Some things lately :

my breakfast! :-[) because you care sooo much! lol this picture is actually for me really and not anyone else...unless of course it inspires you to go have the same breakfast or something!
 So it will start like this... oh and I will be talking to myself right now: Roxy, remember how you keep eating your home made granola with diced canned peaches and heavy whipping cream?  Yessss? Ah... why, what's up? STOP eating that!!! Eat something different for crying out loud! 

i'm always on the look out for inspiration... 
and luckily I always seem to find it just around the corner :)

wire bicycle - [Jesse's...doesn't know where he got it from] 

the other day when I was making a sandwich and starting to cut into the onion, it's entire peal came off in one piece...and then another, and another.... well my mind quickly forgot I was hungry and instantly thought "I wish this was some sort of flower...WAIT, I still have that little bouquet in the living room...let's play around" so here are a couple photos I took of the styled peels. :)

the other day when I was at the thrift store I saw this stone trivet and was so inspired! And I cannot WAIT to show you what it is that I will be making from my inspiration... and I hope it turns out the way I imagine it to be in my head... :/ sometimes there are flops. Even though the trivet was only a $1, I didn't purchase it...another man's treasure, but felt that taking a photo of it was all I really needed. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And now for a little story I created this morning... 
which does not have a title...suggestions?

Three girls are on their way back from picking some flowers, up ahead they see a lion coming towards them and the smallest girl [the little Native] quickly hides them inside her blanket. They then come closer to the lion, and meet face to face.

The little girls are eyeing the lion, and the lion is eyeing the girls. The two girls in the back are quite scared...they've heard stories about lions gobbling up children particularly cute wooden ones! 

But the little Native girl isn't scared... she's the bravest of bravest and she has a plan!

She turns to her two wooden friends and says: "I know how we can keep this lion from gobbling the 3 of us up!" "HOW?!!" Asks the wooden girls... "We will give him our flowers" Says the little Native girl. The wooden girls think this is a brilliant plan, and feel so lucky to have such a brave and smart friend!

So the little Native girl pulls the flowers out from under her blanket, turns around and shows them to the lion. The look in the lion's face instantly turns from "hungry".... to "something smells fragrant"..

She sets them down......

The lion bends over to smell them and thinks to himself "mmm, i've never smelled something like this before! How thoughtful of these girls to give me their flowers, my lady will be so excited to see me come in the den with a lovely bouquet!" 

and off walked the lion back home, with a pretty bouquet of flowers for his lady. The lion and the girls never exchanged words... They did however assume: the girls assumed that the lion was going to eat them and the lion assumed the girls gave him their flowers just to be sweet.

 Moral of the story: always try to assume the best in everyone and everything ... even if you feel you might be gobbled up by someone or something... you never know! :) 

Thee End.

Have a great weekend everyone, I hope you enjoyed my lil story!! :-[)

Mar 6, 2013

super quick giveaway for two of my new Spring 2013 24" x 36" coloring posters
ends tomorrow [Thursday 3/7] at 9am! ENTER on my instagram @roxymarj
and tell me who your favorite actor or musician is [why's are always fun to read]...
AND there will be another lil surprise for the winner that has to do with his or her answer! :[)

G O O D   L U C K ! 

Mar 4, 2013

Last week's giveaway with one of Marta's necklaces from her shop Lana Pelana was really great, and loooved reading about everyone's favorite flowers...and some of you even writing as to why...really interesting. Loved it! :) Thanks again guys! Want to know who the winner is? Scroll down...

  F L O W E R S  -  F L O W E R S -  F L O W E R S

Last week, Jesse bought me these bouquet of flowers... it was such a sweet surprise since i've never had flowers delivered to me before.... I didn't get a picture of them when they were in full bloom...but I actually kinda like them a little drooped over.  Husbands, men, teeny bopper wanna cheer your lady her flowers and write the sweetest note ever! 

Been struggling lately with going to church...YES, there I said it.... and guess what, I don't feel bad about it... it is what it is...Last night Jesse and I were talking about these struggles of mine, went to bed a little unsettled I guess? And woke up this morning forgetting about last night, but when I was looking up flower quotes to paint...I cam across this one... and it reminded me of our conversation last night. Isn't it such a beautiful quote? I've never read it before, and find it to be so touching...and quite useful for my life at this moment... 

and... lastly...

Augustina, can you email me your home address and I will forward that to Marta! xo :)

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I hope you all had a great weekend! I am doing another giveaway on Instagram on Wednesday for
2 of my coloring posters. I do "quick" giveaways over there [they last an hour or less] and it will
be in the morning... like today's. :)  @roxymarj  #roxymarj

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