Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Me and my bike are off to the Bed & Breakfast now for a 10 hr. shift :( Anyways... I hope everyone has a fun & safe night tonight!! BE CAREFUL!

Oct 29, 2009

Feels like forever since I have made any digital artwork...here is one for today :)

And if you happened to miss my Q&A with Eva over at SYCAMORE STREET PRESS from last week, go check it out if you have a couple min. to spare, or at least just to see Eva & Kirks letterpress site...their work is so classic and beautiful! ::: for my Q&A scroll all the way down to the bottom, it is from last Thursday...meant to post about it earlier. :/
One of my favorite children's movies is "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" there is a line in there that cracks me up every time I hear it...Paul the little blonde boy says this when asked what he has in his pocket: "a piece of blue glass, lovely bit of string, horse shoe nail…" I relate all to well with paul... :) part of my little oddity collection below reminds me of that movie :)

Oct 28, 2009

One last thing for today...made a new playlist --- scroll down to the very bottom of my blog.. 20 songs... one of the songs on there is "A wink and a Smile and a Flower" by one of my favorite singer/songwriters >>> Harry Connick Jr <<< ... + enjoy +
Spent the night in Alpine Monday night because yesterday I went and got my wisdom teeth taken out and cavities filled [my dentist is in American Fork] ...next week I go back to get Invisiline put on... in a year from now I will have perfectly straight teeth...weird to think. On my way back to Salt Lake City my mom and I stopped at the D.I. [thrift store] real quick today ...found this fabric, bowl, spoon, books...

this bowl and spoon called my name...$2.00 worth of name calling..

The Bookshelf for BoysandGirls book! Solid Gold Score! The pictures inside are so beautiful and it has music in the back as well...love that.

adorable book! The second picture sold me AND the illustrations oddly remind me a lot of the illustrations for one of my books I am working on right now...

and once arriving home...saw that I received my S.C.A.D book in the mail today <> looking into their online illustraion M.A. program actually... + don't judge + I need choices right now... due to my post graduation pre-mid life crisis I am having.... :/

Oct 26, 2009

>>> SUNDAY BEST - look #2 <<<

Oct 24, 2009

This film looks fantastic! Found via JENDAR

love love loooove El Perro Del Mar! Saw her a couple years ago at Bowery Ballroom in NYC... her voice is like an angel. :) She has a new album out titled "love is not pop" Below is one of her songs "change of heart" + enjoy +

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Oct 21, 2009

The summer after my freshman year of college, my mom, sister [Sarah] and I went on a fantastic road trip from Utah to Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming... our first stop on the trip was Pendleton's Woolen Mills!!! I grew up 50 miles from Pendleton Oregon and have been to the mills a hand full of times, but it was that summer that was the most memorable since we went on a tour through their factory... It was sooo cool! A little something that I have noticed in the past year or two with fashion, is the shift in people's interests towards classic American style and more and more people are becoming nostalgic for what was once common before exporting took over... Pendleton hands down is one of those labels who has been consistent with their design aesthetic from the beginning, still successful and still made in the good old U.S.A! And now they have a special line with Opening Ceremony! Their Parkas... are you kidding me? Those are the cats MEEEEEEOW! ugh! It's official... I need to be rich...this girl has way too expensive taste and my Bed & Breakfast salary just isn't cuttin it anymore! :-p

this was later that evening when we finally made it to our destination for the night : Levenworth, WA..a super cute littl town designed to look entirely like a Swiss village! Goats and all... :) Random pic I know..but too cute, just look at that goat!

So yes, I am sitting here droooling over this Parka from Pendleton.. Opening Ceremony

darling long sleeved onesie...

Sam Miguel Blanket.... looove this pattern..but prefer it in their usual grey and red
Finally >>> FINALLY got my sketchbook covered! Bummed about no longer having access to the amazing printers Parsons has..would print all sketchbook covers there..the quality is pretty professional...and so that of course went and made me a sketchbook cover snob... + kidding + but I don't care for the quality that kinkos offers...need to find another source.. till then, I happily made a cover out of my Whole Foods grocery bag and painted some little details on it...and in the end, I like it so much better than the digital covers. :) Below that is one of yesterday's drawings.

Yesterday was my stepdad Rich's birthday. My sister Mari got him his favorite desert/treat from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory... WHITE chocolate/caramel/cinnamon covered apples...she got one for she, my mom and I to share...this thing is RIDICULOUSLY AMAAAAAZING! Especially since I have never ever liked white chocolate...but this...this is good!!!

A friends birthday today <> Gabrielle <> she turns 21...painted this for her. :)

Oct 20, 2009

Meant to post this on Sunday....going to start documenting/illustrating my Sunday ensembles for the next year, appropriately titled "Sunday Best" <> each look will be posted a week later.

Oct 18, 2009

I loved this movie ---- the music and cinematography is sooo beautiful along with Keat's poems.....

Oct 17, 2009

2 favorites >>>-<<< via The Sartorialist
The whole ensemble! l<>ve

In l<>ve with this couple's complimentary style.

Oct 16, 2009

New kicks over at TOMS, however >>> I think their new men's shoes though are much cooler! Click HERE to see....
Dolina Cordones $69

Poe Toms $54

Oct 14, 2009

saw this vintage wool Indian blanket Chimayo jacket on ebay the other day and wanted it sooooooooooooo bad <> but knew I would not win the bid ... the winning bid = $222.49!!! >>> totally envious of whoever won it! But it has inspired me now to find a similar wool blanket and make a jacket for myself. :)
>>> beauties! <<< shop HERE

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