Nov 11, 2011

Just found out about this book "Roam" from Daily Candy this morning.

I am so intrigued. 

"Nelson is a three-legged beagle/poodle who travels the country on a quest to find his way back to previous owner Katey, the great love of his life. Alan Lazar, a platinum-selling musician/composer slumming as a debut novelist, writes in a way that is as joyous and sorrowful as a song.Original music from the author accompanies the charming portrayal of one loyal dog’s grand adventure — but he had us at beagle/poodle.

A story accompanied with music is such a neat idea.
It reminds me of They Must be Giants Book "Bed Bed Bed" that I gave to my friends years back when they had their first comes with four stories to read and four new songs... This came out in the songs are a little old now. :) BUT, click on the link above and you can get their book on Amazon for as little as a PENNY!  Which translates to, you could easily afford to buy 10 of these as Christmas gifts! :-[) 

 *p.s. the illustrations by Marcel Dzama are a favorite... Most of his work is pretty morbid [to me] but
I do love how his imagination works and the slight simplistic distortion of his characters.

Images found via Night Out with LHNA and Quimbys

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