Sep 29, 2011

Wednesdays are officially me and Jesse's "date night" as of right now... so last night, we stayed inside rather than going out to dinner and a movie to save money.  Jesse had a great idea of "making something out of nothing" for dinner <- HA! Brilliant! :) So he sauteed up some red peppers and onions...mixed some pesto in, and then we took the quick bake pillsbury biscuits..smashed them out, put some cheese on top then the sauteed mix, more cheese, and topped with another biscuit, took the fork and sealed the edges.... They surprisingly turned out really good...I think making some with smoked gouda, mushrooms and asparagus would be sooo good!

Then I made a spice cake from the box...nothing special, but the homemade butter/cream cheese frosting was pretty good....and then for kicks, I added the gold sprinkles on top...It actually added the perfect little texture crunch....

Then tv shows later yeah, we RARELY watch tv show's together as a "date"..actually last night was a first..but I really wanted to watch Suburgatory [which was pretty funny] and then came Modern Family and Happy Endings?  We laughed a lot...but I do admit, I felt like an old fart afterwards...  Our night ended with us skypeing with Jesse's bro and wife and while on the side I was also making more painted paper pics.. :)

I am way behind on making my yearly tradition of a fall playlist for the best friends... here are some of the songs that will be on that need to be made mix.

picture take from Pigeons & Planes

-----------  Lastly ----------

A fantastic remix of Coldplay's "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" by Avicii
picture taken from Pigeons & Planes

Sep 28, 2011

Sep 27, 2011

When I am feeling un-inspired....I like to play with shapes....

Sep 22, 2011

This painting by Amy from Cake With Giants has me sooo inspired and excited to get to bed tonight early so I can cuddle up with one of my children's books. I love paintings of night time's that show the moon and stars. :)

My friend Valerie over at Lovelier Seas makes beautiful clothing using Liberty of London fabric. And now she has clothing for kids too, also made from Liberty. But the best part is is that she has the perfect little model now to showcase her pieces...her ADORABLE son Alden! I love these photos of him...when I first saw them I instantly thought : "modern day mini Gustav Klimt!" :-[) based off of his little tunic he is wearing....

but it get's better....mother and son sewing together as well! I cannot wait for Jesse to get home so I can show him this photo. The wooden sewing machine is GENIUS! And boys who can sew... make my heart pitter patter!! The night before me and Jesse's first date, he sewed a seat cushion to go on his motorcycle for me to ride on...I was soooooooo impressed and totally in love!

Sewing machine is from Wood Clinic...only $50 you guys! This would make thee coolest gift ever for a child.

Sep 16, 2011

Today, Jesse and I are going to look for the second time at a little fixer-upper home in Bountiful [15 min north of Salt Lake]. I honestly couldn't imagine myself this time last year even thinking about owning a home. It seemed at least a couple years off, but with how cheap homes seem to be right now, and the interest rate being so low...the timing seems to be really good right now. The thought of buying a fixer-upper scares some people but when Jesse and I think about turning something ugly and boring into beautiful and quaint home, we get so excited. Plus, we work really well together and luckily trust one another's opinions with design ideas.  I am looking forward to this new adventure that we may soon be embarking on...and to having our very own yard to do whatever we want too and build a TEEPEE in!!! :)

I came across this fantastic neglected schoolhouse turned home, that is featured on Country Living's site.
I love what these two gentlemen have done with it and how cozy it looks inside and out. Plus that yellow door! Ah... I can't wait to have a yellow front door! ;-[)

I love their kitchen so much, and how they exposed those beams. It adds such charm and warmth to any home. I was getting a little worried at first over this house we are looking at thinking "oh my, will it be too cramped?" It is only 1,500 sq feet [it has a little downstairs] but this school house is only 900 sq. feet w/ an upstairs!

check out some of these other beautiful photos found via Country Living that are just so inspiring. 

Kitchens :


Bedrooms :

I have a twin four poster bed that looks almost identical to this one, but it is oak and not painted...After seeing this bed I I think I am going to paint mine a glossy black like the one shown to put in our guest bedroom. 

If you live here in Utah or are ever visiting, you will always be welcome at the Barrus B&B! :) 
Luckily, Jesse loves having guests visit as much as me... and I really love playing hostess! 

You think I am kidding about this invite? Just you wait and see!!! :-[)

but most importantly...

I cannot WAIT to start decorating the bedroom for when we have kids someday! 
I would love to be an interior designer for children's rooms only! And I would do it for free!!!

But really, how adorable is this "little home" ?! :-[)

Some of my favorite designers from Spring 2012 NY Fashion Week:

via Style


I am not much a + glamour + lady when it comes to fashion, BUT...if there is sparkle, then you have my attention. These dresses from Naeem Khan are absolutely gorgeous!

Lovely 40's inspired pieces from Vena Cava
I especially love their color choices for next spring!

3.1 Philip Lim & lovely silks!!

Two favorite fabric's of mine to wear during the spring and summer seasons is silk...and RAYON!
I loove rayon so much because it has that same appearance as silk, but keeps the color looking the same from
the very first day.  Perhaps I have had shoddy dry cleaners, but every time I have gotten a silk piece of mine back, it now has this chalky shade to it!? It drives me nuts! It's one thing if I buy it like that, but to loose the color....sooo frustrating. Regardless, I still collect as many silk pieces as possible...but rayon...oh rayon. ;)

The colors in this look are fantastic!

and these silhouette's below... super sexy but sophisticated!

Didn't care for Gap's collection [for a runway show]...
but did care for their adorable neckerchiefs!

Sep 14, 2011

I just love Kate and Andy Spade! LOVE THEM! :) I would say my style is more similar like Andy's, I really lean towards vintage masculine boyscout-esque styles soothed over with a cozy feminie touch...but my colors [especially orange/red] are more in tune with Kate's.... Such a cool couple with a cool eye for design and these:

and how cute is this video? :)

now what could be cuter or cooler than that animation? Yeah, this seat and satchel!!!

found via .kara.

 & these brown or white Ines leather gloves would go so perfect with thee above.

perhaps you prefer something more cozy or rustic than the polished? Try these then:

But more importantly [at least for me] I am in dire need of a new helmet before shopping for bike gloves..This leopard print helmet is too cute to boot! I normally shy away from animal prints unless they are true vintage...but this cute lady for my head? You betchya! And then I would gather some vintage rhinestone broaches and cover that brim galore, as well as the straps! :-[)

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