Nov 8, 2011

I have recently been obsessed with two things: 


You have probably heard of him: 
Ernest Greene of Washed Out - my favorite song:  Dedication

when you push the play button...wait about 5 seconds.

 and 2.

A look into many stylish ladies homes & closets... complete with question-ares. 
 I confess...I would love to be featured on this site.. :-]
It also makes me sooo excited for when Jesse and I have our very own house someday. 

A couple of my favorites...honestly though, pretty much all of them are favs. 

I love this one below because of her personality expressed...and her cute red lipstick! Reminds me of my 
funny friend and intern Tilly! <- Speaking of which...Tilly and I are working hard on a Christmas Pop-Up shop [ in my apt.] next month with awesome goodies to buy for holiday. Save your pennies folks!!! Srsly! :)


and finally: 

Last week my mom took my brother Paul and I out to dinner since he was in town, he lives in Jackson Hole, WY.  I suggested we go to Sea Salt, one of my favorite places to eat here in Salt Lake City.

This is what I ate...and shared the gelato with my brother...I can still remember the flavors of everything!


Vivi said...

I love Closet Visit, such a great place for inspiration, the pictures are beauuutiful and the interiors, oh the interiors! Sure your future interior will be as nice if not even nicer!
(oh and, Ernest Greene = <3)

ROXY MARJ said...

Weeee! :-[) mee too! I would LOVE to see you on there Vivi! I bet your space is sooo lovely. :) xo

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