May 21, 2010

HAPPY FRIDAY! A good mix of randoms for you all! Weather is so so here in Salt Lake City... did some sunshine chanting this morning & starting to see a glimpse of the sun's cheeks! COME OUT COME OUT YOU BIG BAFOON! OH MY GOSH! I KID YOU NOT! A burst of light is now pouring into my window.....oh wait....ohhhhhh.... I think I spoke too soon.... :(

Moving into my new place TOMORROW!!!!!! 8^[) TRIPPIN OUT! Over here folks! TRIPPIN OUT!!! This picture found via Ad Lads

One of my very favorite poets is Emily Dickinson. I could get lost in her poems all day & every day! I have made a pretty little design to go around this special poem of hers, and if you click on it, it will be large enough for you to print out and hang up if you like.

Currently on exhibit right now, and not running for not very much longer is Emily Dickinson's Garden at the New York Botanical Garden!!! If you live in or close to NYC, YOU SHOULD GO! I would loooove to go to this show just because the NYBG is that gorgeous! I went to the orchids show there a couple years ago and was blown away, sadly I don't think I had my camera with me that day. :(

Sneak peak of what you will see at the New York Botanical Garden... Seeing this photo, makes me want to start pressing flowers again...

Emily's house that she grew up in...

these two pictures were found via Bonya

Was recently introduced to this artist Judy Kaufmann. I love these three paintings of hers, this style reminds me a lot of one of my favorite artists William Kentridge.

May 20, 2010

+ I woke up this morning & instantly thought... "I have to do fashion illustrations every single day!" + >>> Illustration #1 <<<

May 18, 2010

Interesting news: High fashion model Karen Elson has turned her attention towards music! Models turned something else always raises a brow for me... BUT, Mrs. Elson's [she is Jack White's wife FYI...Jack White of the White Stripes] new album is sure to impress! I have just taken a listen to her song The Ghost Who Walks and I am IN LOVE! She's got talent! She reminds me a little bit of Mazzy Star

Images found via:

Zimbio 2nd to the last photo is Elson with designers Laura Mulleavy and Kate Mulleavy backstage at the Rodarte Fall 2008 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008 on February 5, 2008 in New York City.

Tammy Manet
Riddle me this: What is in New York City, chock full of fabulous design & ends today???? THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE FAIR! OH.MAN!!! I CANNOT begin to tell you how bummed I am for missing this.... truly.RIGHTEOUSLY BUMMED! I am so bummed I will probably get a rash on my bum... <--- mmm was that too inappropriate to say? :/ Well you get how sad I am to miss this amazing show right? The last four years I would get there early and spend HOURS walking around and gawking at everything and talking to designers/salesman at the booths... TRUE STORY: Two years ago, I came upon the Denyse Schmidt booth and got to meet Denyse Schmidt herself, she wasn't friendly. I was totally disappointed. Just a reminder though that we only get one first impression... Yeah, to her I am a total nobody [i.e. student] but still...ALWAYS good to treat everyone equally....we just never know....

Below images found via: Design Sponge

Telephone wire sculpture by Ronel Jordaan this piece is truly inspiring!

Fabulous wooden stool from Shimna LOVE this print!!! Wood love it even more in a red,white,cream,gray blue, & charcoal black color way...yep..THAT specific!

May 14, 2010

I can never get enough of Waris Ahluwalia, I have a total crush on him. 1. Because he wears a turban everyday... and 2. He designs some amazing jewelery that I WILL someday own!!! Yeah! That awesome bracelet below... how gorgeous is that? $8,950 worth of gorgeous!

Waris has tried various professions (advertising, non-profit work, restaurant operations, he even attempted to make a music magazine) before he hired a guy in New York to make some jewelry for him. He then wore some of the rings into Maxfield’s in LA where the owner spotted them, promptly placed an order, and House of Waris was born. Fast forward a few years, he’s now also an actor (he’s been in two Wes Anderson films), his jewelry is sold at many prestigious stores including Barneys and Colette, and he’s up for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. The birds featured in this year’s collection were inspired by the wallpaper in room 503 of Paris’ Hotel Raphael. I love one of his quotes: “Follow your heart…If you are not willing to take any risks nothing is going to happen.” <- taken from Life Content

Waris images found here:
Town House Lady
The Langar Hall
Rushmore Academy
Hint Mag
Kai Juenemann Photography

+ night-o +
Just saying..... Happy Friday ya'll.... hope you got something fun planned!
found these awesome beauties via Barneys

And..... here's some Friday inspiration for you! These were taken a couple years back at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

May 13, 2010

More found artwork! It's like Christmas this week!!! 8^[)

May 12, 2010

Man...I gotta hit the sack, but first:

Fantastic painting by Sam Songailo + Acrylic on canvas. This amazing painting was found via art-milk, a wonderful site full of different works of art in different mediums. Check it out!

Self taught leathersmith Ken Diamond has some killer moccasins that I MUST OWN! These are seriously at the top of my fashion priority list! SERIOUSLY! I will be MORE than happy to pay the $425 for these puppies....just as soon as I get my bills paid & out of debt... I CANNOT wait for that day to come, because when it does.... all you amazing independent designers are going to be getting RICH off of MEEEEE!!!!! 8^[) my eyeballs are totally spinning now.... I think this is probably one of the reasons why I am either not dating or married. I have expensive taste. I do. :/ Where is this male version of me??? I would have liked to have met you yesterday FYI... ;)

House of Balenciaga has a new scent! Can't wait to smell it!

+ and now.....good night +
AHHHHH HUMAAANAH HUMAAANAH! I just stumbled across this Eley Kishimoto number on Just Plain Lovely's blog...only $680!!! waaaaa oh man... Can be purchased here
Today's post is mainly a shout out to my boss Allison! Since I absolutely love and adore her, you will be reading about this awesome lady, talented designer, fantastic mother, good listener & advice giver on a weekly basis! ;)

Last week & the week before, were totally & utterly rotten for me. :( So sad, but that is life sometimes.... While at work >>> working on photoshop, Allison ran out for a bit to run some errands....she came back with this little treat for me:

Candy necklaces! Also, were some amazing coconut cupcakes that she got for the two of us that were devoured cookie monster style!

 At work the other day, taking pictures of jewelery. Will Post some of Allison's new pieces in a day or two. Also, my super talented and dear dear friend Jenny of Cut X Paste is redoing Allison's site. It is looking sooooo good! ;-[)

This was another treat for me:
Found this picture of my croqui sketches the other day while transferring my photos onto my external hard drive. Did this back in 2007/Spring semester! 

May 11, 2010

AH YEAH! HELLO AWESOME QUILT!!! Stumbled upon this quilter through Susan's blog. :) Hittin thee ol sack-a-roo now...

but before I go... a sweet song for you -
just found this artist Lusine the other day, &
I'm totally digging his song TWO DOTS
Rainy day today here in SLC..... Have never been to Paris, I think I would love Paris, especially on rainy days like this.... :/

pic found via Deviant Art

May 10, 2010

+ FREE PRINT OUT + Just click on the picture and it will open up in a new window to 8.5x11" & then print out. Hang on your kid's door when it is nap time! ;) These two songs inspired this design.

  RYOKSOPP + EPLE & WHITE WILLIAMS + ROUTE TO PALM  and now...... I am going to eat some ice cream, with fococoa spread, read some milk, & slowly fall into a deep sleep! If you wanna meet me in my dreams, ill be by the fountain, the big gold one, the one with lucky charm water....remember? See you there? ;)

Allison reminded me today of New Cannan Connecticut.
A place I used to visit often with the girls I nannied for [Annie & Emily] + their cute grandma lives there. We would go up to New Cannan a couple times
a year to visit her.  Here we are one summer night
hanging out in the sewing room!  How neat is that wall paper behind us?
I have some pretty awesome memories of my time in New York. 
The majority of them consist of being with Annie & Emily. :)
I was pretty lucky!

I hope all the Mothers had a wonderful day yesterday! I wasn't able to be with my mom, but come this Saturday, she and I have a date! :) Yesterday was definitely a day of reflection for me + thinking about my mom and her amazing talents and qualities, my friends moms who had major influences over me while growing up, and my adult friends today who are mommies and whom I look up to in so many ways. I love Mothers Day & look forward to the day when I get to be a mom....hopefully?

Isn't this picture the greatest! If I am ever living in New York again, and have children...TOTALLY doing this! Can you imagine the space one would save! Also, how funny would it be to have triplets, and all 3 lil babies lined up in a row watching me cook/bake/make etc. Toooooo funny!
pic found via corbis 

& on a shiny note:

Having a gold rush to the head right now....

May 9, 2010

The last couple nights I have been having some hard-core interior design dreams! HA! Seriously! I loooove these kinds of dreams because I really only get them when I move..[I moved quite a bit while living in NYC] the crazy thing is though, I wake up feeling sooo exhausted..because I have been rearranging things in my mind all night, sewing, painting, hanging pics etc. These types of dreams also ALWAYS happen to me when I breakup with someone...but I am only cleaning...& it is deep cleaning. 90% of the time I wake up with super-mega sore arms. Isn't that bizarre? I know I am not the only one who has experienced this... supposedly it is quite normal, says the dream book! :)

My design aesthetic is a mixture of a lot of things. Old+new slick&rustic graphic+delicate... The majority of these beauties are totally out of my price range...but luckily they will be easy to mimic!

Here are some items that have me drooling:

Accessories from Anthropologie

Major lovelies from Ebay, just type in vintage curio cabinets & industrial floor lamps. :)

Fabulous Angela Adam's rugs.

These items below are from Jayson Home & Garden and the bed is from Ikea

+ finishing touches + plants: succulents! :)
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