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Parson's Senior Thesis "Tween" Collection : Based off of the book "The Ox Cart Man" 


Roxy Marj [ROMA] vintage bike caps ::: summer 2009 collection


Hand painted ROMA print drawstring sacks
[tea stained muslin] 


ROMA summer 2009 "roxbox" tops 
[L. Liberty print  R. cotton grid] 


Junior fashion show - each student was allowed one look. Depending on what section you were in determined the section's theme. I was in Children's wear and our theme was "Japanese Street Fashion" which I felt was super cliche and overdone.  I decided to do my own theme within our them which was "Cowboy Bebop" Ezra [pictured below] is my friend's son. He was the cutest/coolest model. I gave him the outfit afterwards which he then wore into the ground, specifically the jeans. Awesome!! :-[)


Fusion Fashion Show - A competition between Parsons and F.I.T. students. I had never made/designed menswear clothing before. 10 students were chosen from each school and each student's collection was not worked on while in class. Everything was made outside of school.  I did 5 looks. As you can see, my style at the time was veeeerrry graphic and the prints were overly involved. I have calmed down since then. :)

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