Nov 29, 2008

Ahhhh...haven't really posted so much this week so I am gonna do a GRAND SLAM all at once of everything I meant to post. :) YEE HAW!

My sister Sarah just got back from Arizona and brought back these two Abuelita items! She scored them at the Walmart there, of all places too! I loove the Abuelita chocolate for making homemade hot cocoa that comes in the disk shape...The family I use to babysit for introduced me to it years back...but my favorite way to use it is in cookies!!!! :) heee!

found this book in an antique mall back in Sept. while visiting family in Utah... cute story and cute pictures, would make a great gift! :)

Something else I picked up at that antique mall was this precious old photo of this couple! I have it taped up on my wall above my just warms my heart.. :)

Lastly, some teeny tiny little patches that I have added to my etsy SHOP They are made from leather... and seriously, so cute! hehehe lol and the patch that says "Loup De Maman" means mama wolf in french! A nickname that I have independently given myself...yay!;)


Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo

Nov 23, 2008

little by little

Thank you so much to lena for spreading the word about my little items in my etsy shop. :) xo

Nov 20, 2008

gift it

I have mentioned before many times [on my old blog] :/ ....that I love to give gifts, especially because I LOVE to decorate, wrap, tie, name it..anything that has to do with giving a gift. I love this season for that reason! Ah..what a cute rhyme. I want to encourage everyone this time of year and there after as well, to make your gifts or buy from those who do make handmade items... forget about the whole "I HAVE to get a gift for susie whats it or bobby who who" think more of wanting to get something for someone. We all have amazing people surrounding us that literally I am sure if we all had the means to do so we would be giften it up the ying yang! Anyways, here to the happy holidays that are coming close and a wish that we all look forward to them with the most positive attitude ever! ESPECIALLY in times like these, these times are when people are the most creative too! :) xo

Nov 19, 2008

Ohhh man oh man! I just came across some EXCITING news! For those who are huge OMD fans like here HERE :) One of my most favorite album of theirs and of all my music is "Dazzle Ships" I have never gotten bored of this album even after listening to it hundreds and hundreds of times [ok not hundreds but very close!] :) And a cool OMD Dazzle Ships memory I have was about 6 years ago when I was married at the time, Hiro [my ex] and I were hanging out in Sheeps Meadow in Central Park around dinner time in the summer...we happened to be sitting by this group of French people who were doing a fashion shoot. Their model they were using was of course beautiful :) and I could not keep my eyes off of her, not because she was so pretty but because the jacket she was wearing [her own] was this long light weight green army jacket with a HUGE patch sewn on the back. The patch was of OMD's Dazzle Ships album cover! I was drooling...I kept trying to rev up the guts to go ask her where she got that, but because of all the highly "fashionable" people surrounding her I was to intimidated! :/ But I think of that coat often and want to create my own version of that someday....soon someday. :)

Fred Flare

One of my favorite online shops FRED FLARE! opened their first ever shop here in Brooklyn last month!!! Over the summer I had the opportunity to freelance for Fred Flare, which was THEE coolest job ever!!! I hope that once school has calmed down or finishes, that I can pick back up where I left off.. :) *wink wink * hehe Above is a picture of me with Keith [co/owner and boss] at their Grand Opening last month! If you live here in NY or are visiting GO CHECK IT OUT! :)

Nov 18, 2008


the bottom picture is total motivation for me come winter break :) Plus I LOVE the leggings she is wearing. The backpack I just really adored when I came across it the other day, good design!

Nov 17, 2008

Side Stuff # 1

Senior Thesis

A quick brief: My Senior thesis was inspired by the illustrations in the book "The Ox Cart Man" [illustrated by Barbara Cooney] <- LOVE HER! And a huge influence as well was "Little House in the Big Woods" I have probably read that book 15 or so times...a friend got the large Hardback copy for me this summer and so reading that helped with defining my overall look and aesthetic for my thesis collection. :)

Nov 16, 2008

soft. friendly. & possibly shy.

my latest obsession....stuffed animals wearing the cutest outfits ever!


Hello Hello! :)

Mamma's Back! Oh dear dear friends... it has been a sad last couple of months for my lil ol bloggy Cocoon. :( Back in August, I somehow deleted some html code and replaced it with a code [?] I have NOOOOO idea what on earth I did.... all I know is that I cannot post anymore and if you click on any past entries, it will take you to a white page with my playlist I was listening to at the time... ohhh it makes me so sad.. Entryhost [my provider] supposedly fixed it but nothing has changed...I have been dying, dying I tell you to blog about so many things. I even made a new blog under wordpress...but it is soo fancy over there that I just couldn't do it...anyways I hope hope hope to retrieve my old blog back > 3 years worth of ranting and raving < thats a lot o talk. :/ But I am looking forward to getting inspired and hopefully adding to the inspiration that all the amazing blogs have to offer.

fondly and friendly
>>> roxy m. <<<
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