Nov 16, 2011

You know you're a dork [me] when you get goosebumps and cry a little every time you hear  O.M.D's song "Messages". I can't believe this song is 31 years old! What's your favorite 80's band or song???

and then "So in Love" ahhhhhh words cannot describe the passion I felt every time I blasted this on our huge gray boombox in the backyard while jumping on our trampoline and doing flips! I wish I was a teenager when this song came life would have been soo different! :-[) hehehe lol 


dqb said...

Mine is

Congrats on your improvements! always glad to read you. Dominique from Buenos Aires

ROXY MARJ said...

DOMINIQUE! YOu are the best! Thanks so much for introducing your favorite 80's song to me! I LOOOOVE IT!!!! :-[)

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