Jun 30, 2011

Two things:

1. It is one of my best friend's birthday today: Ken Kinoshita... HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY! I miss you!
PAAAALEEEASE come visit Utah again, and let's ride bikes. Especially since I think I may have a good chance at kicking your bootay this time [high altitude ma friend!] lol

* This picture was taken at my art/going away party. I moved to Salt Lake City a week later....

#2  Which is in relation to Ken.  Last Saturday, Jesse and I went with some friends to hear Ira Glass speak at Kingsbury Hall. It was such a fun night. Back in 2007, Ken introduced me to the wonderful world of podcasts, mainly This American Life & Radiolab. THANK YOU KEN!  Two AWESOME programs that you will instantly get addicted to. Ira Glass is the creator and host of This American Life. If you have no idea what I am talking about, do take a listen - you will become entranced! Plus, you can listen to all the episodes for free, and they started in 1995!  And don't forget to listen to Radiolab as well!

* After Ira was done speaking he opened it up to the audience for questions. I was lucky and was the last one picked. :-[) I asked him if he could play his "This American Life" music while I asked my question. Everyone in the audience laughed really hard as well as Ira and he asked if I wanted romantic or somber. I chose somber. The music started playing, I waited 3 seconds and then asked "Do you cry a lot?" The whole audience broke out in laughter. My question was actually serious though. Half the time I listen to T.A.L. I cry. The stories are so touching that it strikes a chord in me, and this was something that I wondered about Ira himself. His response... he is not really an emotional guy BUT you wanna know what movies do make him cry? PAUL RUDD MOVIES! Jesse and I almost fell off our rockers. We both can't stand Paul Rudd! lol We all laughed so hard.


This morning I recently came across music podcast by the New York Times. Excited to get my listen on today at work! Peace out my friends. :)


Laura Lee said...

Haha! I love TAL. Favorite episodes: Fiaso and What I Learned from Television. And anytime Mike Birbiglia is on.

I am devastated that I wasn't there to hear you ask Ira our question!

Annie said...

I love Ira Glass and TAL! I'm so bummed I missed him and would have LOVED to hear your question!

ken said...

Awww thanks Roxy! Let's plan to meet in UT soon!

ROXY MARJ said...

Laura! I too can't get enough of Mike Birbiglia! I will have to listen to your favorites - most of the stories I have forgotten... I think my favorite is the one of the dad and son living in Beverly Hills 90210 and he tape records his son's phone conversations.

Annie, I am bummed you missed it too! :(

Ken, I'll be here. :[)

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