Jun 27, 2011

Last week, I had the opportunity of driving to Idaho Falls for work. Since Jesse's Aunt & Uncle and Grandpa & Grandma Barrus all live in the Idaho Falls vicinity, Jesse decided to come along on the trip. We only spent one night there, but in the that short time we seemed to see/do a lot.  After I was done with work for the day, Jess and I headed to Idaho Fall's little downtown for dinner. They have quite a few old buildings with some great typography. The same night there was a beer fest happening, so a lot of people were scattered about.
We saw an AWESOME Indian motorcycle - see Menfolk for up close pics of that, and then we came upon what seemed to be an fantastic looking thrift store....sadly, the only thing fantastic about it was the sign outside. However, we did find a wonderful restaurant to eat at, The Snake Bite...where both Jesse and I were savoring every single bite of our meals! My grilled salmon sandwich had a yummy dill sauce inside, along with sprouts & cuc's that you can see. Their Italian sodas.... HALLELUJAH  MOMMA!  And then to top the night off, we spotted a neat tee-pee mural that I tried really hard at taking a serious picture in front of. :-[)

The next day after work again, we packed up our things and headed towards Jesse's Grandparents house for a quick dinner before heading back to Salt Lake City.  Ironically right after taking the photo of us and the humongous cloud, 5 min later happily driving away, we see papers, back pack, cell phone etc. flying in the wind. Yep, I left my backpack on the roof of the car. You can actually see it in the photo below.... luckily my camera wasn't in there. This happened on a pretty one of their rural roads...so no cars came whizzing by smashing everything. That didn't damper the trip what so ever. We laughed, sighed [my cell phone is pretty banged up now] and drove onward.

I always love visiting with Jesse's Grandparents. They have sooo many stories to tell about their little farm they had, and all the fun activities Jesse and his siblings and cousins did together. They used to have ho-downs in the barn with all the cousins and everyone would wear western costumes that Grandma Jo made! HOW FUN!  Before leaving, I asked Grandma Jo if it was okay if I took pics of some of the photos they have hanging on their wall. I especially love the one of Grandpa Barrus and Grandma Jo. Earlier, she had showed me photos of her mother and Aunt. They are so endearing.... I could just look at them all day long. :)

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