Jun 10, 2011

Dear Friday,

I love you! 

Guys, this post is geared a teeny tiny bit to those who live here in Utah.  DownEast [where I work] is still having their tent sales. Currently they are at the Orem, Ogden & Logan stores and end TOMORROW! I should have mentioned this days ago but I have just been forgetful as usual. I mention the tent sales because there are DEALS to be had my friends! Yesterday I was helping out with Orem's tent sale and out of the corner of my eye I see a pile of dark denim on top of all the clothes [All DownEast Basics are 2 for $5 and everything else: Diesel, A&E, J.Crew etc. are $5 a piece!] I somewhat quickly [yes you have to be super speedy here] and moved in that direction, picked that pile up, and found myself an AWESOME pair of A&G coveralls! They are so cute with all it's little details.

I would say that my specialty in fashion design is in denim, outerwear, and accessories [mainly bags] and one of my very favorite clothing items is in fact a GOOD pair of overalls. In the last decade I have owned about 8 pairs and ironically all but 2 were from H&M! I don't know what it is but they seem to have the overalls perfected. They are clean, streamlined, and perfect silhouettes. A tiny little tip that I am going to assume you all already know: AVOID buying ANY denim that has obvious faded makes in the front/back [the ones that look like you peed your pants] tons of goobly gock hardware and crazy thick top stitching. With denim, just keep it simple and classic. :)

My overalls: sadly, I am not that tall so there will be some shortening and some taking in of the sides.

Other great pairs of overalls/coveralls:


Fun side note: Last week was Jesse's birthdaY as I had mentioned in one of my posts. Well one of the gifts I got him was this replica of a vintage Mercedes [he is a vintage car/motorcycle buff] at this cute little home decor shop Emilie Jayne [pic via Ashley Winn] in my neighborhood. I just noticed the other day that it has ROMa written on the license plate! It was meant to be! :) 

Have a great weekend! 

Hope some of you get to be doing some of this [below] and if so...Jesse and I are living vicariously through you!


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