Jun 20, 2011

Tomorrow I will roll out my giveaway that you don't want to miss - was supposed to be last week, some weeks it is so hard to find time to make/sew big projects when one is working full time as well as keeping an orderly house and being with friends and family. But...the item is almost complete.

Till then,check these lovelies out:

Loeffler Randal Shoes! found via Refinery 29's pictures of NYC's coolest dads! 

Gioia Mignon Sandals - perfect for summer, and by the looks of the soft cording...there would be no "breaking in" to these ladies....

Blaise Flat Moccasins - don't you just want to rub them? These ladies or from his pre-fall collection

and then the best looking bucket bag evah...from Steven Alan - look how hearty this is, definitely would not
be falling apart any time soon! 

and oh oh oh oh if I was in New York right now I would be hitting this up Lauren Moffat's 
sample sale tomorrow! That dress...I have to say, that is the most perfect dress for someone born on the 4th of July!  :-[)  But you guys don't care about all that.... you just wanna see the giveaway! Well I don't blame you!

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