Jun 16, 2011

Good morning - good morning! I have lots of fun things to touch on today. Guys..errr Ladies [?] if you are itching for another easy design project, need some graphic design inspiration, or would like to know of a new band? Today is that day. Actually, I do try and make every day that kind of day for us all...but today is especially chock full of design funness! Let's begin:

My tutorial I promised I would post a couple days ago - see directions after the photos :)

  • Take a photo of your silhouette. 
  • Open your photo up in Photoshop. ::: If you do not have Photoshop on your comp. no worries. Simply take the photo of yourself/husband/child - print out and make a B&W photocopy [enlarge if needed] then using your light box or window, put the sticker paper over photo and trace the outline on the sticker paper. 
  •  Photo is opened in Photoshop. Now go to Image > Grayscale > Discard :::: Then click Filter > Sketch > Photocopy :::: play w/ detail and darkness. Detail should be under a 5 and darkness around 50
  •  Print out on sticker paper - if you are using words, MAKE SURE THEY ARE REVERSED! :)

  •  Take a cotton ball and dab some surface conditioner on it. Just like when you are using nail polish remover. Smear your plate with the cotton ball making sure the entire surface is covered. A light coat is all that's needed. Wait about 5 min or less to dry. REMEMBER:  you have 4 hours to paint your image on your plate before having to condition it again.

  • With a dark pen, trace around silhouettes making sure to emphasize the small details. Using your tiny sharp scissors, cut from the inside of silhouette out :::: remember, you are making a hole. Some people forget this and cut around the silhouette if that makes sense? 
  • Place sticker paper on plate [Also, make sure that the silhouette fits the size of the plate] and with your finger nail go over the inside edges real good. 
  • Using a nylon brush, paint from the edges in. Try to use thin even coats of paint...this helps in preventing your silhouette for getting a bubbly line. Wait about an hour for the paint to dry completely. Peel off sticker SLOWLY and then using the same nylon brush [make sure to clean with cold soapy water after applying paint] paint over silhouette with glaze. Then wait 10 days for plate to FULLY dry. Plate should then be dishwasher safe.  Surface cleaner, paint & glaze can all be found at Michaels.

Another thing I am really excited about and looking forward to getting back to is my man blog : Menfolk! 
November was the last time I posted anything due to trying to plan a wedding/reception. I have given him a little facelift, where I will be continuing to work on through the next couple weeks and adding back all my favorite men's blog links to the side.

So if you are a little tomboy like me or an actual man, might I suggest taking a look at today's post? It is all about my favorite men's magazine:  "Free & Easy" - if you would like to read the post, click .HERE

<><><> Lastly <><><>

I came upon this interesting looking book last weekend. Besides the awesome graphic design inside...I love that what IS inside doesn't match the cover at all....very misleading, but in a good way. So this book is a collection of all the Friend magazines from 1956. 

I opened the book and saw all this! Love the graphic design so much, that when Jesse and start a family someday I want to cut these out and frame them to go in our nursery. 

These are just some of the cute activities, poems, and stories that can be found inside.

And when I came across this little story "Old Sockeye" this morning, I almost choked on my cereal from laughing so hard. 
"Peeved" ?!?  lol - I find it funny because these old magazines are from the LDS church publication offices [if your are Mormon, did I word that correctly?] and I doubt you would peeved in any of the Friend magazines today. Sooo funny!

<><><> VERY lastly! <><><>

A new band [Miami Horror ] I came across via my friend Riley's blog : Keepin it Epic


Sanne said...

i love the illustrations too!

ROXY MARJ said...

:) sooo soo cute they are!

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Wow - those illos are too cool. I love them! Thank you for sharing!

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