May 12, 2010

Man...I gotta hit the sack, but first:

Fantastic painting by Sam Songailo + Acrylic on canvas. This amazing painting was found via art-milk, a wonderful site full of different works of art in different mediums. Check it out!

Self taught leathersmith Ken Diamond has some killer moccasins that I MUST OWN! These are seriously at the top of my fashion priority list! SERIOUSLY! I will be MORE than happy to pay the $425 for these puppies....just as soon as I get my bills paid & out of debt... I CANNOT wait for that day to come, because when it does.... all you amazing independent designers are going to be getting RICH off of MEEEEE!!!!! 8^[) my eyeballs are totally spinning now.... I think this is probably one of the reasons why I am either not dating or married. I have expensive taste. I do. :/ Where is this male version of me??? I would have liked to have met you yesterday FYI... ;)

House of Balenciaga has a new scent! Can't wait to smell it!

+ and now.....good night +

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