May 12, 2010

Today's post is mainly a shout out to my boss Allison! Since I absolutely love and adore her, you will be reading about this awesome lady, talented designer, fantastic mother, good listener & advice giver on a weekly basis! ;)

Last week & the week before, were totally & utterly rotten for me. :( So sad, but that is life sometimes.... While at work >>> working on photoshop, Allison ran out for a bit to run some errands....she came back with this little treat for me:

Candy necklaces! Also, were some amazing coconut cupcakes that she got for the two of us that were devoured cookie monster style!

 At work the other day, taking pictures of jewelery. Will Post some of Allison's new pieces in a day or two. Also, my super talented and dear dear friend Jenny of Cut X Paste is redoing Allison's site. It is looking sooooo good! ;-[)

This was another treat for me:
Found this picture of my croqui sketches the other day while transferring my photos onto my external hard drive. Did this back in 2007/Spring semester! 


Rachel said...

I love your last sketch! Very cool!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Rachel! :)

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