May 18, 2010

Riddle me this: What is in New York City, chock full of fabulous design & ends today???? THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE FAIR! OH.MAN!!! I CANNOT begin to tell you how bummed I am for missing this.... truly.RIGHTEOUSLY BUMMED! I am so bummed I will probably get a rash on my bum... <--- mmm was that too inappropriate to say? :/ Well you get how sad I am to miss this amazing show right? The last four years I would get there early and spend HOURS walking around and gawking at everything and talking to designers/salesman at the booths... TRUE STORY: Two years ago, I came upon the Denyse Schmidt booth and got to meet Denyse Schmidt herself, she wasn't friendly. I was totally disappointed. Just a reminder though that we only get one first impression... Yeah, to her I am a total nobody [i.e. student] but still...ALWAYS good to treat everyone equally....we just never know....

Below images found via: Design Sponge

Telephone wire sculpture by Ronel Jordaan this piece is truly inspiring!

Fabulous wooden stool from Shimna LOVE this print!!! Wood love it even more in a red,white,cream,gray blue, & charcoal black color way...yep..THAT specific!

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