Sep 18, 2010

My friend Juidiith Clawson showed me the latest cover of Pier 1 Imports catalog last week! Such a great cover, no?  Juidiith was saying how this would make a great Halloween costume, I couldn't agree more.

I love drawing foxes. period. nuff said. 

   But I also like paper mache foxes!  I made this "Fantastic Mr. Fox" last year in commemoration of Fantastic Mr. Fox coming out and for my first dinner party I threw out here in Utah. 

I was so in love with how he turned out that I decided I needed to make a mantel for him to hang above.  So I made a paper-mache fire place mantel as well.  One of my favorite craft projects thus far!

Gosh I LOVE fall and nature! That wreath above the mantel was easily made
from twigs just tied together and simply hung. Then I took my red maple leaves that I had collected and dried days prior and glue-guned a tiny drop of glue on the twigs and stuck the leaves on.  So simple and delicate.  It was great for last years fall... 

Ta Da! Thee finished product.   Click HERE  to see the original post on my MAN blog MEN FOLK  

This was in the apt I was living previously before the one I am in now. :) I just realized my new place doesn't have a fireplace..... :(



Laura Lee said...

I love your wreath!

I got that Pier 1 ad in the mail. I thought it was pretty awesome. Although I get their emails as well and it was really bizarre to open up an email and see a unicorn in the living room...they're really taking the fantasy angle this season :)

DanMonsterMan said...

I think the Mr Fox is fantastic! You are a natural paper mache artist.

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Laura! That is hilarious about the unicorn, I missed that - I would love to see it... gotta head to my local Pier 1 I think!

Thank you Dan Monster man! :)

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