Sep 23, 2010

Excited about this Fork Fest next month, NOT excited about this poster's design! Yuck! :/ sorry.... Anyways, all you Utahn's should come and show some support - this seems like it will be fantastic!


Seriously, I can't get over how much the design of this poster drives me nuts.... I officially confess that I am a design snob...BUT A NICE ONE! [those of you who don't know me, MUST NOT take what I say seriously and taken all my criticisms with a grain of salt - really I am just being silly] I think most people don't realize how big of an impact typography can be, to the point of it turning into a make or break it kind of thing...something to think about.  I think someone should make a reality show of about fugly things [i.e. this poster] and then have designers [well known] on there redesigning the object, logo, brand etc. and then having judges etc.  Well, I can't just end this post on a sour note now can I.  Want to see a fantastic children's photographer? See below.

a commercial kids photographer takes some awesome photos! Totally hilarious, fresh and well styled. Seriously, how fantastic is this photo?????!!!!

Also, just wondering....but when's the last time you wrote a love letter/emai?l  I was thinking about that yesterday and decided to write my b.f. [boyfriend] Jesse a love email.... it went something like this :  "Dear Jesse, I love you so much etc. etc.  also, you are one of the funniest people I know and THEE funniest guy I have ever dated!" <- true story! He is off the charts funny....and someday if he is really cool and keeps up the funny then I think I will hand write him a love letter. Someday. ah wink wink <>  Really, though <> don't wait till Valentines Day to tell the one you love how much you adore them. Even if it isn't someone you're dating or married to.  There has to be at least 5 people you love - tell them today! :)  Now how beautiful is this letter below? :)


kaneischa said...

Thanks for posting about Fork Fest!

Just a heads up, this poster was graciously designed for free by a team of people, who aren't *actual* designers (since we are on a zero dollar budget) was the best we could do :) Want to volunteer to do next years?

But truly, thanks for your input, and we are excited, too. See you soon!

Robert said...


ROXY MARJ said...


I wanted so bad to go to Fork Fest! Was planning on it, but then ended up going to Cedar City, Utah with the boyfriend.

However, in response to your statement. I would LOOOOOVE to design fork fest's poster for next year - & of course pro.bono! I will not dissapoint!

+ Robert. you make me laugh you know +

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