Aug 13, 2010

Recently saw on The Selby the home of writer Glenn O'Brien who is also a creative director,  Gina Nanni - a public relations executive and their son Oscar, an artist....of course! :)

They live in:


Their house is very modern inside and out. I prefer the modernity to stay inside for me with a Tudor/Bungalow/Cottage on the outy out.

There aren't a lot of interiors of homes that strike me enough to want to mimic everything...this home, comes pretty close.  My favorite interior color palette is white/cream/gold/silver/honey mixed with blond woods & THEN pops of muted primary colors!  This family does a terrific job of combining all those. A very modern Scandinavian aesthetic. My favorite!

White floors = swooning over here RIGHT NOW!

cool boys room!

I want to have a family photo like this one day. :)

One of the greatest things on earth.... being married to your best friend!
and an outdoor pool like this who could complain about that?!


Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

It's pretty much perfection! I love it!!

xo Mary Jo

ROXY MARJ said...

RIght!? Yeah, their place is heaven like! ;)

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