Aug 21, 2010

Yeah.... so it is 2:27 am in the morning right now and I should definitely be in bed.  :/  Somehow I caught my second wind a half hour ago. Spending the night at my boyfriend Jesse's parent's place tonight and not too long ago we got here at 11pm and watched the movie "The World's Fastest Indian" ---well I should say Jesse watched it, I passed out in the first 10 min <- very typical of me.  However when he went to bed...I instantly woke up as soon as I entered the guest bedroom that I get to stay in every time I have spent the night. It has a fully functioning working computer with Photoshop and Illustrator! My computer is currently, yet again, on the fritz. Seriously, I cannot wait for the day when that is no longer an issue...basically I just have to get a new computer. My mac is 6 years old and counting... anyways, enough about that and back to me being awake right now.  Well as usual, I did the nightly checking of my email/facebook/blog run etc.  And on Once Wed I came across this super cute site Lovely Clusters and then through that site I came across THIS!!!!! >>> Romancing The Bling <<< First of all, LOVE THE NAME! Second of all, fake diamond jewelry anything makes my heart skip a beat!  How amazingly beautiful and fabulous are these ladies!?

p.s. Since I will be around a working computer this weekend, look for a couple more posts! Nighty! ;)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Those are super cute! I'm up too and it's 3am. YIKES! I better get to bed. :)

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