Aug 11, 2010

My friend Laura took this photo of me two months ago? Funny picture of me right? :/ Well, at the time it was fun...but now for some reason when I see this photo, all I can think about is how I have the worst tendency to ALWAYS take on more than I can handle. About an hour after that photo was taken, all those sparklers spilled out of my vest...go figure. This last month has been a huuuuge eye opener for me. Lately I feel like I have been disappointing people one after the other. And honestly, I have. It is weird, but somehow I could do soo much all at once when I was in school. I think it was because of the fear of getting flunked by my teachers. Even though Parsons fashion faculty will say that they don't weed people all reality they do, and they have to. I think having that fear always in the back of my mind somehow developed some kind of work-aholic adrenaline. All I know now is that I am now 29 years old and no longer have that crazy in the head stamina. I have thought about it long and hard these last couple weeks and have realized that in order for me to GET IN ORDER, I need to start saying no to a lot of projects, freelance work, sewing favors, etc. Yep...I think I am gonna start getting selfish pretty soon and start putting more efforts into my endeavors, speaking of which...a couple rough drafts I have for some childrens books. These guys aren't gonna go and publish themselves. So my friends, come Sept. 1st you will be seeing more of my bloggy blogness, more Roxy Marj items for sale, more random advice for free. Basically, you will be seeing a lot more of me. And that is a promise I WILL NOT BREAK! xo

p.s. any advice on multi-tasking for the non-diagnosed a.d.h.d lady? :(


Laura Lee said...

Haha, I LOVE this photo!

I can't wait to see your children's books, that sounds exciting.

Advice for multitasking? Hmm...I've been out of school too long. For me, the hardest part about doing a project is just getting started, but then I get on a roll. And I usually have to have everything around me clean before I start, otherwise my eyes wander and notice things that need to be cleaned :)

Robert said...

make a list of your main distractions and time-wasters!!

and you never let me down! your advice yesterday was brilliant.

-Pained in Paris

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

I think you gave yourself the best advice. Start saying no. I've had to do this A LOT since I started SSP. And I do feel like a selfish spoilsport or stick in the mud a lot of the time, but that's what it takes to make your creative endeavors succeed. You can still find ways to give back, but you've got to prioritize putting food on the table....and doing it in a way that you can live with.

I'm so excited to see more about your childrens' books!

ROXY MARJ said...

Laura! YOU TOOK THIS PHOTO! SOOOO SORRY I DIDN't TAG YOU! Doing that right now!

I think you will really like my children's books...they are, how should I say, cute-funny-and a lot WEIRD!

Robert! I love your idea! Totally going to do that!! So glad you feel good about my advice.. :) xo p.s. house sitting for my boss till Tuesday...she has a legit working comp. let's SKYPE!

How is the baby in the belly!
Yeah... saying no to things I think will be the best thing for me, plus no one is looking out for me but me...and when I am not even looking out for me, then things get crazy and retarded! :/

You too will like my childrens books I believe! :) xo

inkysocks said...

i've been using this free application to block the internet for 2-3 hours at a time; you can also use a related app to only block social apps. It's not the surfing that kills time as much as it breaks flow and concentration. i really look forward to my writing time and my internet time, when i keep them more separate. both feel like a treat, instead of my feeling i'm failing at both.

and the same developer wrote a program called "anti-social," too. i know the names are heavy-handed, but still...!

can't wait to see your children's books. as usual, you inspire.

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