Nov 16, 2008

Hello Hello! :)

Mamma's Back! Oh dear dear friends... it has been a sad last couple of months for my lil ol bloggy Cocoon. :( Back in August, I somehow deleted some html code and replaced it with a code [?] I have NOOOOO idea what on earth I did.... all I know is that I cannot post anymore and if you click on any past entries, it will take you to a white page with my playlist I was listening to at the time... ohhh it makes me so sad.. Entryhost [my provider] supposedly fixed it but nothing has changed...I have been dying, dying I tell you to blog about so many things. I even made a new blog under wordpress...but it is soo fancy over there that I just couldn't do it...anyways I hope hope hope to retrieve my old blog back > 3 years worth of ranting and raving < thats a lot o talk. :/ But I am looking forward to getting inspired and hopefully adding to the inspiration that all the amazing blogs have to offer.

fondly and friendly
>>> roxy m. <<<


Joanna Goddard said...

oh, that's so sad! my friend just did the same thing last week. your blog is so cute, though, and i adore your header. xoxo

RO.MA. said...

:( I know... sad for your friend! But the most upsetting part of it all is that blogger/blogspot are the worst at trying to get in touch with..there is literally no way to get a hold of anyone in the "tech" department, they just kept rerouting me to message boards to post my problem. :(

Thank you for your sweet compliment Joanna! :)

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