Nov 19, 2008

Fred Flare

One of my favorite online shops FRED FLARE! opened their first ever shop here in Brooklyn last month!!! Over the summer I had the opportunity to freelance for Fred Flare, which was THEE coolest job ever!!! I hope that once school has calmed down or finishes, that I can pick back up where I left off.. :) *wink wink * hehe Above is a picture of me with Keith [co/owner and boss] at their Grand Opening last month! If you live here in NY or are visiting GO CHECK IT OUT! :)


Joanna Goddard said...

oh i had no idea, how fabulous! i LOVE fred flare!!!

RO.MA. said...

:[) Yes! Go check their store out when you get a chance! It is sooo great and such a lil gem in the neighborhood that it is housed!

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