Nov 17, 2008

Senior Thesis

A quick brief: My Senior thesis was inspired by the illustrations in the book "The Ox Cart Man" [illustrated by Barbara Cooney] <- LOVE HER! And a huge influence as well was "Little House in the Big Woods" I have probably read that book 15 or so times...a friend got the large Hardback copy for me this summer and so reading that helped with defining my overall look and aesthetic for my thesis collection. :)


stella im hultberg said...

omg roxy - i can't believe you're already doing the senior thesis!! i met you when you were applying for parsons. how time flies!!

i love your new bloggy.
miss you~~

Roxana said...

ay yai yai yai.... STELLA!!! Oh how I have missed your bloggy comments :[)

YES! Seniorita thesis! craaazy - just crazy I tell ya!

miss you too stella. :) hearts & hugs and slaps on bums!!! heheheh lol

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