Nov 20, 2008

gift it

I have mentioned before many times [on my old blog] :/ ....that I love to give gifts, especially because I LOVE to decorate, wrap, tie, name it..anything that has to do with giving a gift. I love this season for that reason! Ah..what a cute rhyme. I want to encourage everyone this time of year and there after as well, to make your gifts or buy from those who do make handmade items... forget about the whole "I HAVE to get a gift for susie whats it or bobby who who" think more of wanting to get something for someone. We all have amazing people surrounding us that literally I am sure if we all had the means to do so we would be giften it up the ying yang! Anyways, here to the happy holidays that are coming close and a wish that we all look forward to them with the most positive attitude ever! ESPECIALLY in times like these, these times are when people are the most creative too! :) xo


brand-eye said...

i love to decorate gifts and wrap them as well. and it's even more meaningful when you've made the whole gift!
happy holidays!

Rachel Mallon said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog today. I am thinking about doing a post on creative ways to wrap presents and I really love this one.
Design Lovely

RO.MA. said...

totally agree brand-eye! i have saved ALL my gifts from family and friends that were bought..well that is another story 50/50 i think?

very welcome rachel! Your blog is super cute! AHHH do do do a post on wrapping! can never get bored of wrapped presents! :^)

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