Apr 28, 2016

So I am giving away another one of a kind quilt! Yeehaw! This design is inspired by my someday dream to own a cafe, I would call it Cold Cake Cafe, after my love for refrigerator temp cake. There would be a bounty of desserts supplied by different bakers, and the atmosphere would of course be cozy, with an Art Deco/Moroccan aesthetic, jazz playing in the background and the menu would be small, but every week it changed!

 Over on my instagram fee: @roxymarj you can find details on how to win this quilt. The deadline is actually tomorrow, but you still have time to dream up your cafe or bakery of your dreams. Use the hashtag rmsweetspacegiveaway for your entry. Judging will be based off of creativity. Good luck, and I hope whoever wins this quilt will take good care of it... I feel like i'm letting go of a child or something... I mean it did take me about 40+ hrs to birth the thing! 

This quilt was hand painted on muslin using my own illustrations 
with organic cotton batting on the inside. 

The illustrations of desserts include cake, ice cream sandwiches, pie, [all with cherries or cream on top]  hot cocoa/coffee and a fizzy drink AND oranges which happen to be silver on the quilt. 

cold cake cafe "bathroom" wallpaper 

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