Apr 29, 2016

Because I haven't done a "real" blog post in the longest time... and the reason being, I make excuses for not having enough time. Which is never true, we all have time for things that are important to us, which means that blogging has become less important over the years. However, in my heart and soul I still love it, I still want to do it, and because it has been a habit that I have broken...I need to figure out a way to get back into it without it being such an overwhelming ordeal. Overwhelming, meaning I make it take longer than what it really should. So I figure if I just write some quick bullet points every day, or every week on things that i've seen, heard, tasted, whatever...that's an easy way to get back into the swing of things. And this new print of mine "Haste Makes Waste" is a perfect platform to get the ball rolling don't you think?  I incorporated flowers in this illustration because flowers take time to grow, and I purposely flipped the S on waste - referring to going so fast on this design that I didn't even notice the mistake, but the mistake is there on purpose. Get it? When I explained it to my husband he seemed a little puzzled... anyways, that's my reasoning. 

So, the lately:

- We are putting our house up for sale [hopefully next week] and moving down to Bend, OR. 

- We want to be closer to good food, people, entertainment and lots of sunshine

- We have been binge watching Unbreakable, Kimmy Schmidt...trying REALLY hard to spread the episodes out this time. Ironically, the first season came out this same time last year [well in March] as we were getting ready to move here to Oregon, and finishing up some home projects on our house. So it's a little deja-vu to say the least. And I've woken up 4 nights this week in a row with the Unbreakable theme song running through my head, it's actually unbearable...and annoying, but the show is hilarious! :-[) 

- I've been off my thyroid [levothyroxin] medication for 9 weeks now and still feeling awesome! This is actually a whole week's worth of blog posts that will happen once I hit my 3 month mark of being off of medication. I've been trying many natural self healing methods and they have been working so well with almost instant results. I have been taking pictures of everything so when I'm ready to share my research, anyone dealing with similar issues will have a plethora of information to glean from. 

- Last night Jesse and I went and saw The Jungle Book [directed by Jon Favreau] the movie was fantastic and even better than I had imagined, brought back a lot of good childhood memories of listening to the Disney version on tape and jumping on my bunkbeds with my little sister and older brother. Kids jumping on beds is the funniest thing, how can parents ever get mad at that? :-p 

- This coming Monday I am launching my new Spring/Summer 2016 collection. I've worked so hard on this...I have so many ideas, I want to make all of them, but financially it's just not smart, so edit edit edit... which took me longer than I had wanted to...but the end result is a super cute collection! 

xoxo  Roxy 

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