Mar 22, 2016

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up for grabs:

Roxy Marj hand painted one-of-a-kind Heirloom Quilt.

Since running my business full time for the past 4 years, we've accumulated quite the fabric scrap pile. Some scraps are just too tiny to save and do anything with, but the larger pieces need some sort of home.  I've been wanting to make one of a kind quilts and random plush items with the extra fabric, and finally I am making a go of it! I would love to make something special like the quilt below every few weeks and give it away.... here's to hoping I can keep this up. ;-p 

The pattern for the quilt was inspired by one of my spring 2016 prints I designed:

"Flowers in Pieces" 

The design was inspired by my childhood of picking my neighbors flowers with my friend Jessie Wells [if you're reading this Jessie, remember how we would pick all the neighbors flowers, then leave them on their doorsteps, ring the bell, run away and watch them open the door? :-[) We thought people would be so happy to see their flowers picked for them, but we soon learned that excitement was anything but... uh-oh! ] I love how children are instantly attracted to flowers, wanting to pick them and then pick them apart, the leaves, the stems, the petals and pollen... that childhood memory lent itself to this print. So something did eventually come from picking apart flowers. ;-p 

The quilt:

The front and back are both bleached white muslin. This will have a somewhat "rough" feel to it, but one of the reasons I love muslin so much is because just after the first wash, the fibers become so soft and the weave tighter, then it just gets softer and softer from there. You can totally wash this in your washer, DO NOT wash in your colors load, wash in your whites load. The paint will not come off and get onto your other items, it has been heat set. The trim of the blanket is a black stripe painted on unbleached muslin... lastly, the top stitching was done with some black and white butchers twine. Normally I used crochet thread for this, but I ran out...and the butchers twine ended up being a happy accident! The quilt is 36" x 36" square. I recognize this is a more "feminine" looking quilt, and so the next one I plan on making a more boyish design...and just going back and forth, or gender neutral...basically whatever the mood i'm in for. :] If you love this quilt as much as I do.... then scroll down to get the questions you need to answer to win this quilt! Good luck! 

To win the above quilt, you need to answer these 5 questions, 
and the answers HAVE to be in the order of the questions. If you know the answers already, then that's amazing and we should be best friends...or maybe we already are best friends? :-[) BUT, if you don't know can find the answers on our website: in some of the product listings...the answers will be in color. 

1. What year was Roxy Marj originally est.? 

2. What were my Alphabet Girls ABC coloring book inspired from? 

3.  On my 2008 Thanksgiving day blog post, I made a plush item. What did I name that item?

4.  I majored in Fashion at Parsons School of Design in NYC, but what was my emphasis?

5.  2 weeks after graduating from Parsons I moved to Salt Lake City, couldn't find a job in the design I sucked it up, swallowed my pride and got at a Bed & Breakfast making $8.50 an hr. It righteously sucked...all my friends had these jobs in the fashion industry...and I was working at..... What was the name of the place I worked at for 9 months? 


1. When I moved to Salt Lake City, on the side of my retarded job, read above. I re-opened my etsy shop. The item below was one of the items I had for sale in my shop... if you can tell me the name of this plush girl, you will get an extra Roxy Marj item with the quilt...and trust me, it's pretty great!  <- answer="" be="" blog="" etc...="" etsy="" find="" gotta="" it="" my="" nbsp="" not="" on="" our="" p="" pinterest="" search="" this="""" will="" you="">


Sarah LeBoeuf said...


Steve madden ballet flats


4. I majored in Fashion at Parsons School of Design in NYC, but what was my emphasis?
Children's wear


Jenny Joussemet said...

1. In 2003

2. Steve madden ballet flats

3. Forx

4. Children's wear



Katy said...


1: Established 2003
2: Letters of the alphabet (+Little Women soundtrack😊)
3: The Forx
4: Children's wear
5: Armstrong Mansion Bed and Breakfast
BONUS: She was called Lil Runaway!

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