May 29, 2016


One third of the way through this book: "How Artists Work - Daily Rituals" 

You get quick bites into the lives of some of history's most famous artists...easy read, odd and inspiring details and completely motivating for anyone who works in the creative field. 

Got a little bit of painting in the other day, redrawing some characters etc. Getting warmed up again after a few weeks break. It's sooo risky to take that much time off from something you love, at least that's my feeling. I don't like having to force myself "to get back into the groove" all over again, it's always so awkward the first day or two.  However, life happens and sometimes you're forced to take getting our house ready to put on the market.

With that said, we FINALLY put our house up for sale this past Friday. I really hope our home goes to a nice owner who will make a good neighbor. I will be sad to say goodbye to our neighbors... the Timberline Rim community we live in has been nothing but good to us. You can view our house on under Rhododendron, OR. It would make a wonderful starter/retirement/vacation home.

The other thing that has delayed work and social media usage was me and Jesse's trip to Hawaii. It was our first "real" vacation together, meaning we weren't going for an event, we weren't visiting family or friends...we went just for us. We both made a conscious decision to not be on our phones, not be on social media and not feel the insanely weird urge to share our trip, or how much we love one another.

Much of our conversation during our vacation [and still after] was about what kind of life are we living right now and are there things we can change to make it better, or why [seriously WHY??] like so many others, do we feel it necessary to share so much? Jesse and I both laughed at how silly it is that we feel like nowadays, if we don't share pics of the other on birthdays or holidays or vacations then oh my gosh, what will people think!? LAUGHING OUT LOUD RIGHT NOW GUYS!

And I confess, a huge part of me wanted to share pics of us smiling together on our hike, our kayak trip, swimming in the ocean etc. all because of whatever insecurity I have inside that feels like if I don't then everyone is going to think we didn't have fun, or that I don't love my husband or that my husband doesn't love me. ;-p Don't get me wrong, I understand that family and friends just want to stay in the loop and stay do I. BUT, before there was social wasn't all radio silence people found ways to stay connected...rememeber? Yeah, i'm still laughing about how weird all of this is...

 So... like what many of my friends and some family members have already been doing, living life through life, not through their phones...this is now my full time pursuit.  Sure i'll still share snippets on instagram [my occasional blogging is not included] will mostly be work related stuff, but if you're dying to know whether or not I still love my husband not only on his birthday, or Christmas or our Anniversary then I guess you'll just have to call me, write me or maybe just maybe we can meet up for lunch and meet face to face and I will tell you all. Yeah? YEAH!

Because i'm a tease, here is one pic from our trip to Hawaii...this was our second day I think, just before the sun was setting... I'll let you decide our feelings for each other....and happy Memorial Day weekend!


kisa said...

My jaw literally dropped when looking at photos of your home! Just beautiful. Best wishes for a quick and easy sale! I'm sure it will go fast! It's a real gem. xoxo

Suz said...

Your house is gorgeous! Can't wait to see how beautiful you make your next home.

Erin @comadiary said...

What a beautiful home! Also, the artist book seems really interesting, I'll have to see if my bookshop can score me one.
I know what you mean about over-sharing, I am definitely one of those. Except relationships, but for me, everything else is open season. I think it's because, actually. I don't know why. So thank you for giving me something to mull over :)


Roxy Marj said...

Kisa & guys are so nice! We've definitely put a lot of love into it. We got an offer today for the asking price so fingers crossed it goes through! :[) xoxo

Erin, Thank you! Do you work/own a bookshop? Yeah, the sociology of oversharing is fascinating...I really think it just boils down to wanting validation. Which is a natural and normal thing for humans...but when is too much too much.... either way, at the end of the day the more important thing is whether or not you're happy and contributing to other people's happiness... and that's all that matters. :) xoxo

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