Dec 13, 2013

Today's giveaway if for EUROPE ONLY!!! Because of time differences around the world and wanting to give everyone everywhere a fair chance, I will break some of the giveaways up into continents!  :-) Later today, in about 7 hours I will do another painting giveaway for Australia.. :)

This painting is of my character "The Traveling Salesman by Day, Golddigger by Night" and the quote basically means that you appreciate things more when you work hard for them, the "warming twice" is about feeling good about yourself when you're working hard i.e. chopping wood and then feeling good again when you get to enjoy the rewards, like a fire or whatever it may be... :) At least this is what the quote means to me.  First person to answer all three questions correctly on my instagram wins! Good luck!

Please answer these three questions:

1. Who was this fireplace designed by? 
2. What school did this person study at?
3. Where is the person singing from? [see video]

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